Saturday, August 3, 2013

Drones Inside US to Be Armed with Non-Lethal Weapons


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Hide Behind said...

I don't give a damn if they ateatmed with fn squort guns filled with tea or warm chocolate with maeshmallows in ot, grpun allfn droned and fire all the ego tripping bastards tjatare calling for their use.
What the hell happened to thosewith balls who said no drones, simple they hot neutered by the sheep who talk with and for the establishment shed order.
Wake tfu and see that you fumb fs have given up any and all chances for true libertys and freedomsto ever exidt in US.

They like having it inserted into what ever orifices by an onch at a time.

Anonymous said...

The obfuscation and subterfuge and dissimulation ( OK, the lying; let's call a spade... ) constantly alluded to in this video is intrinsic to the modus operandi of one particular group of dual-passport holders resident in the United States and now occupying all of its top governmental committees.
The Final Lie will be:
"I'm not going to kill you now".
Will you believe them?
Blood is soon to run....

Anonymous said...

Hide Behind said... ?

This anonymous guy said... what?

Hey, really need to slow down your typing by a lot. I cannot understand what you are trying to say in most of your posts.

Regardless.....These drones being armed with ANY kind of weapons will be a bad thing for us poor American citizens who have no defense against them up in the sky. If any indication is to come from those "non lethal" weapons that have already been used on the ground by law enforcement.....they can be very lethal indeed.

This does not bode well for the US people at all.

mijj said...

non-lethal means prolific use.

Eg. pepper spray is non-lethal, therefore it is used at every opportunity. Ah .. thugs and their toys. Looks like they got a new one.

Hide Behind said...

It is not the arming, it is the flying; They do not provide policing functions beyond what we already have if and when needed.
What level of criminal activity. outside of ""Government, Military, Civil Police and office holders along with Corporate and Financial. Organizations" have been of and increasingly more prevalent by the day?
The Drones and those who man them are there to protect those ctiminals

Yes the police and military are criminal organizations, the military by and large is so far out of its role as protector of liberty to one of oppressor and the police adopting the military tactics of the lowest sort, grunts, are abusing the populace in ways foreign nationals are by those military forces.
The military Industrial complex has overtaken all national recognition of american citizenry.
That a nation of peoples could be so fn stupid and in case of gun owners fn dumb as rocks as to of "PAID AND NOW CONTINUE TO PAY FOR BOTH THE HUMAN OPPRESSORS. PLEASURES AND NOW THE FN IMPLEMENTS THAT ENHANCE THEIR PLEASURES " makes me wonder if there are any non- S&M people left in nation.

Anonymous said...

This an oxymoron told by morons.

There is no such thing as a "non-lethal weapon."
ANY WEAPON can be deadly....that's why it's called a weapon! How stupid can anyone be.....

Semantics are told by idiots for morons to accept, bullshit concepts.

Anonymous said...

Pepper Spray can't be used by the Military (like hollow point ammo) outside the USA! Inside, 'You Betcha Life'

PS All Americans Are Terrorist Now!

jaxon said...

more lies from the liars, and yes the american government has from the day those illegals forced there way onto america are TERRORISTS! instead of just the heathens and Africans they are now out to terrorize every singe human being on this planet. They want everything and lie, cheat, rape and murder. They are the borg, run people, run sheeple. They are out to conquer it all. Its either stand up and fight or be assimilated into the devils throne.

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