Wednesday, August 28, 2013

China and Russia Walk Out of UN Security Council Meeting: “This Isn’t An Exercise”

Mac Slavo
Activist Post

As Jerome Corsi warned earlier today, “this is one of the most serious moments that we’ve ever faced in world history.”

Events are happening quickly and as it stands, the United States, Britain and other western allies are preparing a missile strike on Syria.

Russia has been the most critical opponent of the possibility of Mid East military action, but now China has also stepped in.
Russia and China have stepped up their warnings against military intervention in Syria, with Moscow saying any such action would have “catastrophic consequences” for the region. 
BBC via Zero Hedge
And moments ago the Interfax news agency announced that China and Russia have left the negotiating table in response to a proposal for Britain’s David Cameron on pending intervention in Syria.
Russian and Chinese representatives have left the UN Security Council session that discussed the draft resolution on Syria proposed by Great Britain. 
We could be days away from the start of a conflict the likes of which the world has never seen before.

The United States and Britain are pushing forward with plans to execute a “brief and limited” strike on Syrian targets, but all signs suggest it will turn into much more than that. In January of 2012 the United States positioned 100,000 soldiers off the coast of Iran, and just last weekend it was reported that hundreds of US soldiers and intelligence assets had moved into Syria ahead of the attack.

In response, Syria has warned it will immediately target Israel with Russian supplied advanced weaponry. Syria’s closest ally in the region, Iran, has echoed the threat and warned that it, too, will turn its military capabilities on Israel.

This is a game changer. Any response by Israel against Arab nations would turn the entire Middle East against the US-led coalition.

According to a report from the LA Times, that’s exactly what Israel intends to do.
“We are not part of the civil war in Syria, but if we identify any attempt whatsoever to harm us, we will respond with great force,” Netanyahu said after huddling for a second consecutive day with key Cabinet members to discuss the possible ramifications of a U.S. strike against Syria.
Armies are mobilizing, and that includes Russian troops, who are reportedly now being deployed in Syria to help Assad defend against “rebel forces,” which adds additional strength to the 160,000 Russian troops mobilized in the region earlier this summer. Furthermore, the Russian Navy deployed nearly its entire Pacific fleet to the Mediterranean in May.

Moreover, after a meeting with Saudi Arabia in which the Saudi head of intelligence directly threatened Vladimir Putin with terrorist attacks during the coming winter Olympic games in Russia if they didn’t let the U.S. move forward with their plans in Syria, President Putin has reportedly responded with the threat of a massive counter-strike against the Saudi Arabian monarchy.

This isn’t an exercise.

The writing is on the wall.

The militaries of the most powerful nations on Earth are preparing to engage.

If President Obama initiates a missile strike on Syria, however limited in scope, it could set the whole world ablaze.

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Anonymous said...

O is the piper and we are the children, needlessly, mindlessly, obediently following. Inaction is STILL FOLLOWING!

Anonymous said...


Is it too late to impeach Obama? Biden wouldn't be any better. Both are puppets of the real shadow government.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey!

winston99 said...

The blood from all the victims of this armed robbery and mass murder you call war is crying out against you. Your individual motives for participation are bare before the Overmind. Winston99

Richard Asselin said...

Hey hey, Obama is not plastic. He i standing in the middle of the storm for all of us. He knows he can be fed disinformation. But he knows that screaming disapproval is the worst form of management. If some one could write a doctoral thesis about multitasking at work in the Office that he holds and all the events that he needs to intervene in. Well, i am sure that his mind does get blurred. Just like the boxer in the ring taking the punches and studying the situation and then decide when he will make his move. Thank you President Obama for your fortitude !

mijj said...

the stark situation that should have emerged over Libya. But, better late than never.

At some point, the gangsters ruling the US/Europe need to be stood up to. The sooner we realize these gangsters work against our (as the People) best interests, the sooner we'll realize this isn't just a matter of cheering on our military-massacres like it's some kind of football game.

Anonymous said...

War is ridiculous! Stop perpetual war.

Anonymous said...

Richard I suspect you are not hopelessly naiive, since you are visiting this website; therefore I conclude you are a troll. Aww, warms my heart to think Obama is just fightin- the good fight for us up in the White House. Fortitude? Looks more like betrayal to me. He knows exactly what he is doing. Such convenient timing too - blame the inevitable collapse of the fake derivatives economy on brown people with WMDs. Where have we heard that before? WW3 will shoulder the blame of the collapse of our fake derivatives economy after it has been wrecked by Obama doing offshore bankers' bidding, just like every other president since the last 100 years.

Jacqueline Page said...

nah, i agree with richard. people need someone to blame for everything. that person is usually the president. its funny how people who bitch about him never seem to know the names of the officials actually making all of the decisions -.-

Anonymous said...

Why can't we spread love and peace instead of violence and destruction? When will we wake up. Don't we all want happiness? We can find that within

Anonymous said...

Unusual to see trolls on this site. Richard: it is not difficult for Obama to know what is right in this situation. All of us have to 'multitask' in our jobs and our lives. Obama spends most of his time golfing and glad-handing financial elites. It is too much to ask of him to simply do his job and listen to the voice of the people he supposedly represents? It's really not that hard.

Jacqueline: No-one give a damn about the names of official. Besides, we hardly ever get to know their names when the shit comes down; it always "a senior official (asshole) at the White House said..." This is done so that no individual is identified with the responsibility of the horrors they unleash on the world. You are damn right we need someone to blame when someone causes massive destruction, death, displacement, and horror across the world IN OUR NAMES when we specifically told them we do not want that! It is not about scapegoating, it is about forcing powerful people to take responsibility!

Anonymous said...

YES, blame Barry because he should be the hero, an example for the people. But, instead he is a liar, a psychopath, with no morality or integrity. A son like Trayvon or he could have been Trayvon. Are you kidding me?? I expect much more from a leader a leader of weapons that can end the world as we know it. Enough of the lies that is all anyone does anymore, there is no integrity left. It's time for a large purge.

Anonymous said...

Do I smell a draft coming?
I'm not ready for this shit...

Damn shadow government turning the world so damn dark. This isn't how life is supposed to be.
So much greed, hate, & apathy. They just keep implanting propaganda into the mind of the young.

One of my wife's friends is really young. Hardly eighteen and into her first year of college, and I can hear/see how the propaganda has effected her. She thinks she is doing the right thing by being "informed" by CNN or other constant negative news network. However, when I show her the truth about why OUR government is the bad guy and we have been living in an Orwellian world for some time now...
Just laughs.
So young... so naive.

Anonymous said...

Wow if the united states launches a attack on Syria then the American people should launch a attack and bare arms against Washington its time for us to step down from other peoples affairs and deal with are own and if the people up rise and stand there ground then maybe our government might take us seriously i mean really do we want to be in the middle of world war 3 and look at Israel they have no then to do with it yet there going to be bombed people don't realize that this time the war will be brought to our homeland not just somewhere else there will be troops from Russia and china being dropped here in the United States the fight will be brought to our front door i guarantee you they have the means and the way do you think they would threaten us if they didn't already have a plan

Angel Writer said...

PLANTED trolls (Richard and Jacqueline) by the US Government to spew the kool-aid for King Obama. There is NOTHING about Obama that is statesman-like, he is just another Megalomaniac given a scintilla of power. What does he do with his 15 minutes of control? He travels luxuriously on the taxpayer's dime, campaigns, doesn't lead, has scandal after scandal (NSA, IRS, Benghazi to name a few), stirs the Race Pot and divides the country further, Pushes thru Obamacare WITHOUT understanding ALL of the negative ramifications, and God only knows what else that we don't see.

Obama isn't a President, he is a Dictator, period.

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