Thursday, August 29, 2013

BREAKING: UK Parliament Votes AGAINST War in Syria

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Prime Minister David Cameron recalled parliament following reports of a chemical weapons attack against Syrian citizens.

Reuters is reporting that the British Parliament narrowly voted down a measure to authorize military action in Syria.

From Reuters:
In a humiliating and unexpected development, Cameron and his coalition government failed to pass a motion that would have authorized military action against Syria in principle by 285 to 272 votes. 
Cameron said afterwards he would not override the will of parliament and approve military action, saying it was clear that lawmakers did not want to see a military strike on the Syrian government to punish it for an illegal chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus last week.
Below, George Galloway gives a heated speech on Syria and how he is against military action against Syria. George Galloway speaks as The British House of Commons holds an urgent debate on possible military action against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Since Obama said he is still pondering his "options" on Syria and the US Congress home on vacation, does this development effectively prevent Western intervention in Syria?

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Score one for global consciousness rising. NWO - zero.

Anonymous said...

To be fair i think the NWO has a higher score than 0.

Anonymous said...

Well, only the AMERICAN, western MSM news outlets are trying to claim that these chemical attacks are from the Syrian Assad controlled government. If you go online and look at any foreign news outlets, they are saying that the chemical weapons are being used by the Al-Qaeda in Syria rebels and not the Syrian government.

We can only listen to what information is being force fed to us by the lame stream media and then try to form our own opinions based on what we really know. Although.....It is kind of hard to really know what is going on, because we are not over there to see and most of us do not speak the language.

All that I really do know is.....Don't believe the "news" talking heads! They never tell us the truth of the matter.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! I was becoming more hopeful as it became apparent that the majority of the American public strongly opposed any attacks against Syria and much of the commentary on MSM articles was quite blunt reflecting a rising public consciousness.

I was also relieved at the strong stance taken by the Russians and Iranians. Particularly sweet was what Putin told the Saudi who threatened to send terrorists to Russia to disrupt the winter Olympic games. If only revolution would come to that hell-hole of a rat's nest K.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, British MSM have been feeding us the same lies as the Americans MSM. All specualtive lies. I for one being British am overjoyed at this decision, I truly believed we were diving head first into another illegal war with america by our side. It was reassuring today to see the politicians debating live, that not all of them are corrupt people without hearts, ready to believe the first sight of a shred of evidence if it gets a war. To know that the majority of our parliament disproved of camerons war mongering is great. As the BBC reported camerons reputation as a leader will now be diminished due to the fact he had already made the plans for war without the evidence. I really do hope the sheeple of Britain open their eyes to whats going on, the more people that fight for these things the better. The fact that the members of parliament actually dont even believe the rhetoric our prime minister is spewing is saying something, an i hope this paves the way for all future resolutions. No hard concrete evidence. No intervention. Simple. I do still believe that Assad is a crazy person who really shouldnt be in power, but we know hes not stupid. Hes not going to instigate a war in his own country via chemical weapons when he was winning. Just doesnt make sense. Great win for Britain, our troops, our people and our consciences.

Wish i could say the same for America but, lets be serious, if they want war, they'll make war. Simple as. Their idea of democracy is "so what are you going to do to stop us?"

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the British Parliament. Apparently over there not everyone is fucked in the head like macho man McCain.

Anonymous said...

aaah a breath of sanity and a strike against the would be tyrants

Anonymous said...

Is congress really on vacation? while governments world wide prepare for possible all out war? Also, I read an article about SAS troops already out and around Syria doing rounds. Maybe they have been stationed there from before? I don't know.

Angel Writer said...

@Anon 6:03PM - Don't lumpt all Americans in with the government. Many of us didn't vote for King Obama and many of us DO NOT WANT WAR. Some of us even believe that he should be impeached for the scandals that are taking place right now under his watch. I am glad your government said NO, and I hope our government follows suit. Now, with Obama's enormous ego, it is going to be hard because he has to save face (if they cross the redline). Besides, I think Obama is Pro Muslim Brotherhood (just look at his actions with Egypt, Libya, etc), he can't leave them hanging...

Cal said...

@ Angel Writer, "Don't lumpt all Americans in with the government. Many of us didn't vote for King Obama and many of us DO NOT WANT WAR. Some of us even believe that he should be impeached for the scandals that are taking place right now under his watch."

If you do not fight to stop the wars, iof you do not fight for impeachment it will not happen.

By the way, impeachment is NOT enough. many criminal and civil crimes were committed by Obama and his adminstration, and the military brass part of fake "nongov". (Yes, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and their administrations also)

We need to fight for prosecution for the crimes committed agaisnt the USA and her people; Murder in the First Degree - what? you thought assassination powers are legal here in the USA? Treason - you also thought that giving authority over the USA and the US military to the UN and NATO, declaring that they get their authority from the UN and NATO is lawful here in the USA?
Oath breaking - yes, it IS a crime; criminal and civil. It is perjury also. It also breaks the CONTRACT that those who serve within governmental areas - state and federal - making them no longer meet the requirements of the contract and able to be immediately fired and replaced. Much different then a "recall".


Veri Tas said...

I wouldn't put it past this war mongering nation to covertly send in troops to Syria....

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