Friday, August 30, 2013

America Totally Discredited

Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

A foolish President Obama and moronic Secretary of State Kerry have handed the United States government its worst diplomatic defeat in history and destroyed the credibility of the Office of the President, the Department of State, and the entire executive branch. All are exposed as a collection of third-rate liars.

Intoxicated with hubris from past successful lies and deceptions used to destroy Iraq and Libya, Obama thought the US “superpower,” the “exceptional” and “indispensable” country, could pull it off again, this time in Syria.

But the rest of the world has learned to avoid Washington’s rush to war when there is no evidence. A foolish Obama was pushed far out on the limb by an incompetent and untrustworthy National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, and the pack of neoconservatives that support her, and the British Parliament cut the limb off.

What kind of fool would put himself in that vulnerable position?

Now Obama stands alone, isolated, trying to back away from his threat to attack without authorization from anyone–not from the UN, not from NATO, not from Congress who he ignored–a sovereign country. Under the Nuremberg Standard military aggression is a war crime. Washington has until now got away with its war crimes by cloaking them in UN or NATO approval. Despite these “approvals,” they remain war crimes.

But his National Security Advisor and the neocon warmongers are telling him that he must prove that he is a Real Man who can stand alone and commit war crimes all by himself without orchestrated cover from the UN or NATO or a cowardly US Congress. It is up to Obama, they insist, to establish for all time that the President of the United States is above all law. He, and he alone is the “decider,” the Caesar, who determines what is permissible. The Caesar of the “sole superpower” must now assert his authority over all law or Washington’s hegemony over the world is lost.

As I noted in an earlier column today, if Obama goes it alone, he will be harassed for the rest of his life as a war criminal who dares not leave the US. Indeed, a looming economic collapse could so alter the power and attitude of the United States that Obama could find himself brought to justice for his war crimes.

Regardless, the United States government has lost its credibility throughout the world and will never regain it, unless the Bush and Obama regimes are arrested and put on trial for their war crimes.

Obama’s destruction of US credibility goes far beyond diplomacy. It is likely that this autumn or winter, and almost certainly in 2014, the US will face severe economic crisis.

The long-term abuse of the US dollar’s reserve currency role by the Federal Reserve and US Treasury, the never-ending issuance of new debt and printing of dollars to finance it, the focus of US economic policy on bailing out the “banks too big to fail” regardless of the adverse impact on domestic and world economies and holders of US Treasury debt, the awaiting political crisis of the unresolved deficit and debt ceiling limit that will greet Congress’ return to Washington in September, collapsing job opportunities and a sinking economy all together present the government in Washington with a crisis that is too large for the available intelligence, knowledge, and courage to master.

When the proverbial hits the fan, the incompetent and corrupt Federal Reserve and the incompetent and corrupt US Treasury will have no more credibility than Obama and John Kerry.

The rest of the world–especially Washington’s bullied NATO puppet states–will take great delight in the discomfort of “the world’s sole superpower” that has been running on hubris ever since the Soviet collapse.

The world is not going to bail out Washington, now universally hated, with currency swaps, more loans, and foreign aid. Americans are going to pay heavily for their negligence, their inattention, their unconcern, and their ignorant belief that nothing can go wrong for them and that anything that does is temporary.

Two decades of jobs offshoring has left the US with a third world labor force employed in lowly paid domestic nontradable services, a workforce comparable to India’s of 40 years ago. Already the “world’s sole superpower” is afflicted with a large percentage of its population dependent on government welfare for survival. As the economy closes down, the government’s ability to meet the rising demands of survival diminishes. The rich will demand that the poor be sacrificed in the interest of the rich. And the political parties will comply.

Is this the reason that Homeland Security, a Nazi Gestapo institution, now has a large and growing para-military force equipped with tanks, drones, and billions of rounds of ammunition?

How long will it be before American citizens are shot down in their streets by “their” government as occurs frequently in Washington’s close allies in Egypt, Turkey, Bahrain?

Americans have neglected the requirements of liberty. Americans are so patriotic and so gullible that all the government has to do is to wrap itself in the flag, and the people, or too many of them, believe whatever lie the government tells. And the gullible people will defend the government’s lie to their death, indeed, to the death of the entire world.

If Americans keep believing the government’s lies, they have no future. If truth be known, Americans have already lost a livable future. The neocons’ “American Century” is over before it begun.

This article first appeared at Paul Craig Roberts' new website Institute For Political Economy.  Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts should be congratulated for this forthright, hard-hitting, and courageous statement. President Eisenhower warned of the "military industrial complex", as did President John Kennedy (the secret government), and now this is where it has all lead. The world is either on the brink of WW III, or at the turning point where the hubris and incompetence of these psychopathic warmongers will finally be brought to the light and justice be done.

Hide Behind said...

Hgwash and white wash; np more tjan a means to set up the american public to vote next elections as if all of a sudden they got religion and are born again in the american spirit.
Pbama van order, and those drad head military will obey, for an all out full bore air. Land sea and space attack on Syria and the only thing that would matter in world politics is; "Hello Mr President, what can we do for you."
BBill Clinton killed far more people in just Arkansas than Obama has in all of US nevrr mind Clintons lying assault upon Balkans and killing more people in Iraq by dropping more tonnage of bombs in last 6 MONTHS IN OFFICE THAN IN ALL gulf war 1 and all of afghanistan including when Russians were there.
O BAMA WILL LIKE GORE AND PAST PRESIDENTS MAKE MORE THAN ENOUGH TO KEEP HIS WIFES 10 MIILLION A YEAR EGO TRIP ONGOING PLUS BANKS OFFSHORE AS ARE THE clinton and real Bush and Pelosis is in Israel where her dads was and inwell cover Ny offshoreing firms.I
US losing face in world what a pile of liberal weeping willows and little willys touchy feely bull crap.

Anonymous said...

This article hit me like a ton of bricks, and it's all true. Thank you Dr. Roberts!

Anonymous said...

Why the fk is Susan Rice still in politics? That pos lied straight to Americans when she said Benghazi was caused by a muslim video protest! She was ousted as a joke, but brought back as a fkn foreign advisor to the fkn prez? Now she's lying again, without a shred of any evidence, quoting that Assad gassed his people, n pushing Obama for immediate war. Are u fkn kidding me?

She's the daughter of a guy that ran the Fed n World Bank, so we know she's just banker mafia. She's done nothing her whole life other than spoon fed pittly lil gov jobs.

And btw, how does a chic thats only worked gov jobs become worth over 40 million? Ya, banker mafia at its best.

This is what u get when u vote in garbage, then they appoint garbage. Get that lying pos out of Washington. She's treasonous scum that needs to be put in prison. Makes me puke.

Anonymous said...

Great article by Dr. Roberts but many Americans will never own up to the truth in it.

As to the commenter regarding Susan Rice, I think she is the perfect representative for the American government since she exudes deception, hubris and propaganda all with a lack of tact, respect and common sense. As a bottom feeder, she typifies and echos all the disgusting qualities of our government and is thus an excellent choice who actually represents Washington honestly.

Anonymous said...

The western democracies have been taken over by very, very, dark forces. Psychopathic barely human puppet master things. Obama/Politicians are just their minions, their mouthpieces, their means. This is what evil looks like.

Anonymous said...

I love how people still claim the US is the sole superpower; say that to China and Russia when the U.S. government keeps pissing them off.

Anonymous said...

The sheeple are so asleep. Many refuse, absolutely refuse to wake up. When the SHTF, they will be shocked and wonder what happened, when many of us have been trying to tell them all along.

Thank You Dr. Roberts for sounding the alarm bells.

Anonymous said...

Right on 8:54. I was going to say, the missing of the story is why does Russia allow the massacre. The Chinese have the same position of the West when Iraq-Iran were slaugthering themselves. But, the West was feeding the madness from which all this present hell came from. Payback? Well, they are like us. They like justice. But to be pushed into an artificial war, is asking for a major post-traumatic stress syndrome on all of humanity. The killing has definitely stop. USA has been the cavalry of our modern age. Russia too. But in those times, the Americans felt that the Europeans were still a bunch of despotic monarchs which they dealt with permanently with some bonuses but still sucked in by them. By George, anyway, i think that instead of fueling tribal difference. As, i said, i don;t know what is the stake of Russia with that clan but their is a reason. For Russia to allow slaughter is sad. Not Assad, but to support such irrational behavior should not tolerated anymore. Maybe they do live in the medievial ages, and for that reason the condescending evolved ones say it would happen anyway. But, i think the reality is. Very simple. The way life seems so expandable can make us feel bad. We don't want to be at the wrong end of the gun. Nobody does. But, too many people live like this or are forced to on this planet. For me, i know it is intentional. Because the ones that control that realm and they come from many different parts of the world. They promote it, to protect themselves. You know what i mean !

Anonymous said...

More chaos and everything goes out the window. I mean as some people have brought up the asymetrical American vision of the world by the Americans. Is the same as everywhere. I call it, the #1 culture! Who is #1 me ! The bombing of Bagdad twice making tons of concrete fly in the night to crush innocent humans. Is more worst the 911. 911 was bred from those arrogant, inhumane actions that killed normal people. Do you get it ? It is like Bosnia or the snipers of Sarajevo. Why did not the Americans send black ops and terminate the beginning of an atrocious war. The answer can be simple. If commanders of the war theater have seen blood drawn. They are psychopaths. Any killer of any sort, that is allowed freedom will promote that kind of behavior. I think that the closeness of the American army with defecting German secret service officers infected more the American mentality. I am pretty sure that the American Civil always weighs heavy in your collective consciousness. It is those survivors of wars that propagate that culture. It is obvious. Like when the South poisoned the tobacco as revenge for their defeat. But, as ironic and crazy reality is. I have to explain it to you. Even after the atrocious American Civil war, the blacks were still living like slaves. Of course Lincoln knew so. We needed real man to stand and bring reality to the true law. But look now. It is still all upside down. The only reasons the present US government wants to go to war is to forget the domestic problems. But also actually, aggravate them. But most Americans feel not go to war because they are some people that feel that it can allow things to get out of hand. I don't know who is subsidizing who for what reasons and for which outcome that they can decide. How is the world divided seems to be a big mystery. It seems technically if i am not mistaking there are 4 camps. (USA and natural friends (Russia-China-part islam) (another part of Islam) (dope at large)).Forget the BRICK, it has its purpose but not now.

Anonymous said...

Time to snap out of the Iron Age. Time for science to command.

Anonymous said...

It's exactly what the cabal wants: discredit the politicians. Don't the Protocols state that as part of the plan: "Give bad advice to politicians and rise to power in the ensuing chaos"?

madranger said...

Very good article, Dr. Roberts...but I am tired of comments that speak of "this administration" or "the conservatives". The entire HILL OF CRAP is dominated by NEW WORLD ORDER whores,and their madam is the world banking cabal.

Anonymous said...

Obama doesn't stand alone (yet) another moron (president Hollande of France) is still on his side...

David A. Laibow said...

If "Anonymous" (above) is talking about that ridiculous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", my late paternal grandfather, the terrorist Dov Aharon Elkin, helped write them as a joke, to hoodwink the Czarist secret police. The money he was paid helped bring his family to the U.S. If I were you, I wouldn't pay any attention to the "Protocols" whatever, and it's always chancy taking any single sentence from a work you haven't read "cover-to-cover" seriously, anyhow.
Even if both houses of Congress vote against any sort of U.S. military action in Syria, those cruise missiles (and probably nuclear missiles, too -- the radiation cloud will hit Iran, but no Israel) are going to fly, and the commanders of the vessels will "disappear". Obama's owners want WW3 to start in the Middle East, and if you die, that's your tough luck.

Anglo Saxon said...

Urgent message for the lying David A. Laibow ... go f**k yourself. Same goes for all your colleagues in the disinformation business.

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