Saturday, July 27, 2013

Under New Proposed Internet Laws, We Will All Be Felons

Their word could soon become law
Dave Hodges
Activist Post

Did you know it is a misdemeanor to use your work computer to email your friends? If you check the score of the ballgame from work, it is also a misdemeanor. If you make reservations for dinner from your work computer you have also committed a crime. If you check your Facebook account on your lunch break from your work computer, you could be fined and could go to jail.

The law which criminalizes such behaviors is called the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; and if the Department of Justice (DOJ) gets its way, they want to make misusing your computer in any way a felony under the “exceeds authorized use” of any computer including your own personal computer. For all of the above offenses, you could be prosecuted and most likely play a fine. However, if the DOJ gets its way, you will go to jail because they will prosecute you as a felon if they convince Congress to strengthen this 1986 law!

Facebook Becomes Fascist Book

Facebook has joined in on the debate. You know Facebook, the company started up by the CIA so they could spy on us. Many on Facebook already refer to it as Fascistbook because they “punish” users for sending friends requests, despite the fact that Facebook sends these potential “friends” right to your page and invites you to do so. And if you send too many shared messages out at one time, they will suspend your account. Yet, nobody could tell you how many messages and shares can you send before you are in trouble as Facebook keeps this a secret. Technically, you have committed a misdemeanor by violating Facebook’s vague user agreement.

Now, the police state surveillance grid wants to interject themselves into the enforcement of Facebook policy and begin to prosecute violators of the fake name rules as written by the legal scholars at Facebook.

Around the first of the year, Facebook suspended the accounts of activists Michael Rivero and Jon Rappoport presumably because they did not follow some obscure Facebook editorial policy. And if that was not bad enough, now the DOJ wants to go after Facebook users who break Facebook rules and they want to prosecute violations of Facebook policy as a felony, especially if one uses a name other than their real name. The intent is obvious. The dossier being prepared and updated daily by the NSA on your personal threat matrix score will not be as accurate as they desire if you use aliases in the social media arena. Big Brother has to know where you are at all times and what you are up to or the police state surveillance grid will be compromised if you are allowed to use an alias.

The Tyranny Does Not End With Facebook

Have you ever registered to an online dating website? Do you think anyone has ever understated their weight on a dating website, or have shaved a few years off of their age in an online profile?

If you submitted a slightly embellished resume to a prospective employer, via the Internet, you could soon go to jail as a felon under the new proposed DOJ rules.

Technically, under this proposal, if a male lied to a female about loving her in an email, solely for the accused purpose of having sexual relations, the male could soon be guilty of a felony.

Under this new proposal, anyone lying on any website could go to jail no matter how innocent the “white” lie.

Richard Downing, the DOJ’s deputy computer crime chief, delivered the request to criminalize any kind of misrepresentation on the Internet and to criminalize, as a felony, any violation of the proposed new rules. The DOJ argued that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), which is an amendment to the Counterfeit Access Device and Abuse Act generally used to prosecute hacking and other serious cyber-crimes, and which went into effect in 1986, must give prosecutors the ability to charge people “based upon a violation of terms of service or similar contractual agreement with an employer or provider.” Not only that, how many of you have ever signed a terms of service agreement before you could log in on a WiFi or access a website? Did you really read the user agreement that you signed? Would you even know if you had ever violated a terms of service or user agreement form? The answer for nearly all of us is a resounding no.

If Congress were ever to give in to the demands of the DOJ and criminalize every inaccuracy on the Internet, then the legal question of ex post facto laws comes into play. Ex post facto means that the government cannot criminalize a behavior for what happened on Monday by passing a law outlawing the behavior on Tuesday. Because the vast majority of postings on the Internet are in perpetuity, something that you posted five years ago, way before any law was passed, could still come back to haunt you because the “crime” was still in progress since the posting is still active on the Internet today. This could represent an entire undoing of due process procedures in court.
Good News, Bad News and Very Bad News

The DOJ lost their bid to criminalize every Internet inaccuracy in December of 2012. This is the temporary good news.

The bad news is that both the DOJ and the FBI have been back up on Capitol Hill with similar proposals since that time. Congress may have extended the illegal surveillance powers of the NSA, but they have not had the guts to pass laws that would make it a virtual certainty that one day, intentionally or not, every Web-surfing American will violate some type of a "terms of service agreement;" thus, rendering you vulnerable to prosecution as a felon. At least they have not until now. This is the bad news.

Assume you were a dissenter and becoming an annoyance to the administration. To get you out of the way, all they would need to do is to assign a small team of Internet forensics investigators who would investigate your behavior for every site you have ever visited. And one day, voila, they discover that you used a copyright protected downloaded Google image for an article you wrote and you are busted. This is the very bad news.

Subsequently, the selective prosecution team of the DOJ knocks down your door in a SWAT team raid, seizes all of your computers and takes you to prison after running you through a kangaroo trial. Federal trials end up in over 90% conviction rates. During the time you are railroaded through the legal process, additional charges of domestic terrorism are added for what you have written on the Internet, thus increasing your prison time served. This is the very, very bad news and it will have a chilling effect on all citizen journalism on the Internet.

How pervasive could this DOJ approach to selectively persecuting journalists be? Just ask yourself how many times you have read an article by a popular journalist regarding government corruption, and their YouTube video has subsequently been taken down for a violation of copyright or for some other specified reason that is listed as a dead link within the article? Under this new approach, that event just made a felon out of the journalist. And if you as a website operator, who routinely runs articles related to government corruption, publishes an article from a contributor who knowingly, or unknowingly, has violated some service agreement somewhere along the line, you have become an accomplice to a felony and you would be charged with facilitating a felony . . . you would be facing up to five years in a federal prison. These are the goals of the DOJ.

There is another compelling reason why the DOJ wants to push this draconian legislation through. In the aftermath of the Snowden affair, the government is scrambling to severely inhibit ANY form of whistleblowing. You can bet your bottom dollar that future service agreements are going to become more specific, with more hard-to-understand legal terms, in an attempt to stay out of trouble with the government. This will undoubtedly lead to even more violations of service agreements and more prosecution of “undesirables.”

There Is Always An Opposite and Equal Effect.

The DOJ is very shortsighted and is only focused on the short-term goal of more successful prosecutions and furthering the agenda of the police state surveillance grid. However, the Internet is actually a safety valve for the globalist agenda. As long as people feel that they have a voice and an outlet for that voice, they are unlikely to go to the next level of protest which is civil disobedience.

Once a significant number of the population reaches the level of civil disobedience, that society is only a trigger event away from a civil war, whether it open civil war or guerrilla warfare.

As the DOJ and the FBI move to lock down the Internet and protest articles through selective prosecution, they will funnel people in the direction of civil disobedience and worse. I am left wondering if the globalists don’t know this already and have that as a goal. Time will tell. In the meantime, always make sure you accurately report your age, weight, height, professional accomplishments in a resume and never misrepresent your romantic intentions, because the FEDS -- or as I lovingly call them, the new American breed of the Federales -- are waiting to take you down. And when the FEDS show up at your door, invoke your Fifth Amendment right to not answer their questions until you have a lawyer present. Martha Stewart went to prison for lying to the FEDS, not for what they said she did. Most people in these situations, go to prison for lying to the FEDS and not the crime that they are being investigated for. So keep your mouth shut and your Bible near your computer as we move one step closer to the inevitable bifurcation of American society.

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.


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Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] Recently, Facebook temporarily suspended my account because they claimed that it was phished. Anyway, I never trusted Facebook.

I wished that people would read through Facebook's terms of use thoroughly before joining. As a matter of fact, I think that they should ignore Facebook entirely!

Veri Tas said...

I doubt very much that men lying to potential women victims on dating site or elsewhere, nor predators going after children on the internet will ever be held to account under the proposed new laws.

Surveillance has not, nor will it ever, 'catch' any truly destructive crims; surveillance is designed to keep free-thinking and dissenting people under control.



Anonymous said...

I always wondered why obama kept hanging around Facebook in Menlo Park.

Anonymous said...

I guess that being banned from Facebook for some unknown reason (unknown to me anyway they won't tell me) could end up being a good thing.

Seen said...

If you cup this with the 'interests' in determining who is and is not a journalist and protected by the First Amendment, the continuous push and shoving or game theory in which people are forced to make a move/catch-22, and the continued two faced legislation, orders, and action, virtually everything is just about set to move from passive or passive-aggressive police state to aggressive-active police state or soft to hard.

What I mean by game theory is, lets look at the FBI leaked document targeting Occupy Wall Street leadership/vocal activists, it's designed to set a past precedent or normalcy, chill free speech, or spark an outraged and decentralized protest/response.
Each scenario puts each and every individual into a situation in which they must decide a side in which is hoped and believed to set the stage for the next phase. That is game theory, it's also tempo/momentum of balance of power.
The principle purpose is railroad the past precedent into normalcy through tempo/momentum.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you do enough research you will find that just about everything you do CAN be twisted as "against the law".

In the big picture, there is a lesson being taught here to both sides engaged in this behavior.

The abusive, immature, and irresponsible people in power are being provided free access to more power and abuse to see if they will continue this self destructive path or correct themselves.

I think we know the answer to this one.

Second. THE PEOPLE, who should be stopping the first problem from occurring, with the means and law to do so, are being tested to see if they have the courage and WILL to stop the first problem.

Example. Woman has two children who have scared and bullied her into allowing them the house keys, car keys, checkbook, and make her continue paying bills and giving them money.

Do you feel sorry for the woman?

Unknown said...

Never could understand why people would put up pics of themselves, their families, there pets. etc., for (all) the world to see? You might as well leave your front and back door open day and night, and any other sensitive private info about yourself. I've always thought it was uber stupid and careless, and dangerous to be on FB. There are many other ways to communicate eletronically. I have called it Fed Book since I knew about it!

dan said...

....maybe a prosecute fake name in the White er POTUS-house ...

Paul Panza said...

Facebook collects photos of people so that the government will be able to beam you with HAARP and other technologies to neutralize you.Wake up and smell the FEMA camp inside your head.

Anonymous said...

lol none of this is true. jesus christ

Anonymous said...

Total paranoia. The DOJ and all government agencies do NOT get it that may be they are the ones seeing their own reflections. We can, but the people can't. A hypocrite is usually blinded by his/her own hypocrisy until he, she, or they see it in others. It is a sign of fear and insecurity on the government's part of losing control of the people that they have to over control the people which is the problem. People who are constantly looking for other people's dirty laundry definitely need to clean out their own closets. Take the log out of your eye before you accuse others of having a speck in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

This is such crap and not REAL at all! Sorry to tell you this site is DISCREDITED once again for being full of shit

Anonymous said...

The entire DOJ staff should be imprisoned, they are nothing but criminals and ignorant morons too stupid to find a real job.

Holder parties with the drug cartel bankers and gives their drug buddies guns to shoot Americans with. Holder is a traitor.

Average Joe American said...

To those trolls and shills here calling this paranoid nonsense: Do you actually imagine anyone else here thinks you believe what you are writing? Aren't you the same idiots who said that our phone calls and emails weren't being recorded? That drones would never be used domestically? That US citizens would never be targeted for assassination by our government? That the IRS would never be used for political purposes? That Homeland Security would protect our freedoms? Or were those a different set of trolls...

What I'm beginning to see is a pattern, the "canary in the mine" pattern. Government tries (often repeatedly) to subvert some part of the Constitution, some alternet journalist notices. Trolls jump all over him/her for being a wingnut tinfoil conspiracy theorist. Government proceeds to do exactly what said journalist warned about.

Journalist reports on next thing the PTB is up to, trolls come out of the woodwork and cry "Paranoid!", Government does precisely what journalist warned about.

Journalist reports on next...etc. For over a decade.

Remember? Twelve short years ago? When we still had a semblance of a Constitutionally-based Republic? With free speech, the right to assemble, freedom from unwarranted search and seizure, habeas corpus, trial by jury, legal home defense, States rights, at least the appearance of adherence to International Law and the notion of a press at liberty to question Power?

My how time has flown. And some anonymous trollsters have the temerity to challenge this And think anyone is paying attention to you?

Anonymous said...

facebook is a IRS , fed gov trap.

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