Saturday, July 13, 2013

Propaganda on NSA Spying and Snowden Not Working


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Anonymous said...

Criminals will be Criminals, and Some Spies and their Bosses will Act Illegally, and the Law or Proper Principles and Ethics do not matter in the slightest to those with No Conscience who have Government Immunity from Prosecution, because their Crimes are Covered Up.

They invent new ways to be Illegal Spies, and the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal could Classify these People as Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, and Edward Snowden, has made Reference to the Nuremberg Trials.

There could be People who think that there could be American Politicians in the Future, who want to set up Huge Bureaucracies, because this could be their way to Launder their Dirty Tax Free Money, and the Dirty Tax Free Money of their Friends, and Masters.

These Methods in the Future in America could be by using innocent looking Job Searching or Employment Placement Agencies, and even Excessive Government Spy Agencies or Government contracted Private Spy Agencies, or even Carbon Tax Systems.

If People make Foreigners and their Fellow Citizens understand that their Country is Wasting their Hard Earned Tax Money on Snooping on Foreigners because All Foreigners are Patriotically Avoiding Surveillance on Commercial, Personal, or even Criminal Matters, then that will mean that the Only Purpose of Wasting Large Sums of Money on too Many Snoops and on Mass Surveillance is to Set Up a Military Dictatorship in America.

Many American Voters consider this Matter to be of Genuine Public Concern, and they want their Congress and Senate to conduct an Honest and Unbiased Review of the current State of their Surveillance State (SS), and to hold a Public Debate on this Matter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Young Turks! Great vid!

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