Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pediatrician Says 5-in-1 Vaccine Pushed by Bill Gates’ GAVI, WHO Will Kill 3,125 Babies

If the whole purpose of vaccines is to ‘save children’, why give a shot that statistics indicate will HARM more kids than it will HELP?

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Activist Post

At least 70 infants across five developing nations have died shortly after receiving a World Health Organization- (WHO) and GAVI-backed pentavalent 5-in-1 vaccine that combines the Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus (or DPT) shot with the Hepatitis-B and H influenza-b (or Hib) vaccines.

According to a recently published editorial in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics by St. Stephens Hospital Head Pediatrician Dr. Jacob Puliyel, thousands more babies are expected to perish for what will be a negligible impact in the supposed campaign to stop disease.

The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice reported:
In a hard hitting editorial, the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME) has accused the WHO of promoting Pentavalent vaccine ‘by stating falsely that no adverse event following immunization (AEFI) has ever been reported with the vaccine.’ The journal says this is contrary to facts. 
The IJME editorial by Dr. Jacob Puliyel, head of pediatrics at St Stephens Hospital in New Delhi, is based on his detailed investigation into the deaths of children in Bhutan, Sri Lanka, India and Vietnam following use of Pentavalent vaccine. 
The IJME editorial says that On 4 May 2013 the Ministry of Health of Viet Nam suspended Quinvaxem — the Pentavalent combination used in that country — after 12 deaths and 9 other non-fatal serious adverse events. According to local news reports, all the babies who died were in good health prior to vaccination and had serious trouble breathing before dying shortly afterwards.

This vaccine — that IS NOT approved for use even by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (which seems to approve almost anything, let’s be honest) — is specifically being pushed only in developing countries. Infant deaths have been repeatedly linked to the pentavalent vaccine’s use. Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Vietnam have already banned the vaccine; Bhutan had banned it once after four babies died, but apparently reinstated it at the WHO’s urging, then banned it again after four more babies died.

Even though all the evidence points to the pentavalent vaccine being dangerous at the very least, the Bill Gates-founded GAVI (formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) plans to shoot up even more kids with it:
By the end of 2013, with GAVI support, pentavalent vaccine will have reached a projected 200 million children in 72 developing countries… By February 2013 this amounted to a total of 550 million doses shipped. Following its replenishment meeting in London June 2011 GAVI is now committed to immunising a further 224 million children with pentavalent vaccine by 2015.
As Dr. Puliyel stated in his editorial asking India to protect the nation’s children from this vaccine, “Trivialising all these deaths as coincidental deaths, or deaths due to SIDS, amounts to obscuring the real picture.”

He also crunched the numbers and found that giving Indian children this vaccine doesn’t even make any logical sense from a health care standpoint because, “It is apparent that to save 350 lives from Hib disease, 3,125 children will die from the adverse effects of the vaccine.”

Dr. Puliyel previously studied the data from India’s National Polio Surveillance Project and blew the whistle on more than 47,500 cases on non-polio paralysis also linked to WHO and GAVI vaccination campaigns in the country. Although it has been pointed out that poliovirus rarely even causes symptoms in most people with a healthy immune system, Bill Gates believes vaccinating the world is, in his words, doing “God’s work“.

While neither the WHO nor GAVI (nor Gates for that matter) will likely ever admit the pentavalent vaccine is behind all these infant deaths, coincidence alone can’t explain why so many otherwise healthy babies across so many countries were given this particular type of vaccine, and subsequently, all got fevers, went into crying jags and convulsions, and died.

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Anonymous said...

I dont believe Bill Gates started Microsoft (CIA backdoors from day 1).
I dont believe Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook.
I dont believe vaccines are designed to benefit anyone.
I dont believe mercury in my mouth, fluoride in my water, or gmo in my food is designed to make me healthy.
I dont believe 911 was done by boxcutters.
I dont believe a bomb in boston placed on an outside sidewalk can make storefront glass blow outward.
I dont believe the russian kid who is alleged to have committed the boston bombing, who is clearly 5'6-5'8" tall in all his home movies, is now over 6' tall at his first court appearance.
I dont believe the puppet-in-chief is an American.
I dont believe the US gov is legitimate.

I do believe all major technologies are stolen/hoarded/researched n run by the NSA/CIA/DARPA/MIT/Gov labs then marketed thru stooges n fronts to control n further a sick global agenda.

I do believe the world will rise up against these cockroach punks livin in the dark.

Anonymous said...

RE: "I don't believe Bill Gates started Microsoft" – This is true. I do not doubt the CIA but don't specifically know. I DO KNOW that IBM was facing anti-trust litigation concerning the creation of both the physical computer and software...

so they decided to license the software platform. The president of IBM at the time John Opel served on the United Way (charity) board along with Mary Maxwell Gates, mother of Bill Gates, and clearly tapped the young geek due to this relationship, and Mary Gates' pedigree as an old line anglo-establishment family from the Skull & Bones Whitney family line (including Eli Whitney). Mary Maxwell's father was a prominent banker to boot.

Bill Gates admittedly purchased MS_DOS from a Seattle programmer for a fee and sold it to IBM with no direct role in its invention. This is dramatized and literally freeze-frame bragged about in the Hollywood flick "Pirates of Silicon Valley."

Little wonder how Bill Gates turned out, since IBM is the old line Eugenics-tech firm, having aided the concentration camp punch card number system, as well as the 1927 Jamaican race study, etc. (Truthstream Media.com)

Anonymous said...

I neglected to mention that Gates' Seattle programmer, who created QDOS which became MS DOS, but this was allegedly stolen from California programmer Gary Kildall, who claims that made minor "shallow" changes to his program CP/M, and sold it to IBM. The irate Kildall later licensed his program, but IBM sold it for $240 and undercut him –drastically – with Microsoft at $40... even from here there's much more to the story. Gates is very likely just an agent of "The Cartel"


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Even the East Indians are smarter than North Americans. At least they see and acknowledge the racket before it kills millions. They probably don't fluoridate their drinking water????

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