Friday, July 12, 2013

DHS Head Janet Napolitano Resigns! Lieberman Tops List Of Replacements


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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, tribal connections??

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how few truely loyal agents of satan there are. You see the same names over and over (even President Bush followed by President Bush). Their 'long illustrious careers', for which they give themselves awards and prizes, are really just their being recycled from one government or corporate post to another, to continue the agenda.

This is one vulnerability of their system. This is why so few are ever allowed to fall from public favor in the MSM, no matter what about them is revealed. There don't appear to be many suitable replacements available (small, elite families, etc). If there were more, they would use them rather than desperately recycling such used facades.

This is also why fictions like 9/11 are defended relentlessly regardless of how obvious they become. If they give an inch, the house of cards would fall hard. Everyone in power is stacked tightly against everyone else. They are chained together - take one down and the rest fall.

Time to give Lieberman a new paint job and pass him off as a security expert.

Anonymous said...

We are going to see more of this kind of thing as the foul stink wafting down from the top of this pyramid of manure reaches the noses of those lower down it's steps.

Let the chain reaction begin.

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