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Courts Rule Vaccines Containing MMR and Thimerosal Caused Autism and Brain Damage

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Joe Martino
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All information containing new and unprecedented conclusions begins by being violently opposed by those who create the prior information and those who subscribe heavily to it. This is very much the case with the link between Autism Spectrum Disorder and vaccines; mainly the MMR vaccine and other thimerosal-containing vaccines.

It is clear that the stance from mainstream science is that there is no link between vaccines and autism. You can find more about that here. But for many people this does not dispel all concern. Dr. Hooker, PhD, PE says that the recent U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study on vaccines and autism is “perhaps the most flawed and disingenuous study” he has ever encountered.

Given the number of firsthand cases that make their rounds stating that children are immediately affected by certain vaccines, and parents are noticing something is ‘wrong’ suddenly with their child, it is easy to see why people are still concerned. In every vaccine and autism link article we have on CE, there are many comments from parents stating that they watched their child change within hours and days of getting certain vaccines. So is there truly reason to be concerned? Are we just paranoid? Or is there something we have not figured out completely yet?

Regardless of the droves of faithful people hanging onto every word the CDC gives them about the safety of vaccines, I think it is incredibly important that we look at all of the information that truly exists and make our own educated decision. Many claim it is dangerous to question vaccines, and I have been threatened on many occasions for writing about it, but it isn’t going to take away the fact that people are being damaged by vaccines. That is a cold hard fact that every parent needs to know before deciding to vaccinate their child.

The truth is, there have been several court cases where families have been granted damage payouts due to what vaccines and their ingredients have done to their children. The cases are directly linked to autism and brain damage, and each injury has been deemed "caused by vaccines." Below I have supplied three links to court cases. Please take the time to check out each one to understand them further.

Is there more evidence linking vaccines to autism? Yes. While some studies exist to state that there is no link between vaccines and autism, I have found several that do show a link. Given the existence of these studies and their results, I think we need to truly examine whether or not vaccines are safe and if it makes sense for us to blindly follow what we are told to do when it comes to vaccines regardless of the dangers. I can already hear the comments that will come in from people stating the dangers of this post and that this is some conspiracy, but it is not. Realize that this is much more of a real and serious issue than many think.

Below is what I have come across in terms of studies, thanks to the tireless research of people out there who care about uncovering the truth.

Viral / Immune studies:

Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism

Autoimmunity to the central nervous system (CNS), especially to myelin basic protein (MBP), may play a causal role in autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder. Because many autistic children harbor elevated levels of measles antibodies, we conducted a serological study of measles-mumps-rubella
(MMR) and MBP autoantibodies.

….over 90% of MMR antibody-positive autistic sera were also positive for MBP autoantibodies, suggesting a strong association between MMR and CNS autoimmunity in autism. Stemming from this evidence, we suggest that an inappropriate antibody response to MMR, specifically the measles component thereof, might be related to pathogenesis of autism.

Serological association of measles virus and human herpes virus-6 with brain auto-antibodies in autism

This study is the first to report an association between virus serology and brain autoantibody in autism; it supports the hypothesis that a virus-induced autoimmune response may play a causal role in autism.

Hypothesis: conjugate vaccines may predispose children to autism spectrum disorders

Conjugate vaccines fundamentally change the manner in which the immune systems of infants and young children function by deviating their immune responses to the targeted carbohydrate antigens from a state of hypo-responsiveness to a robust B2 B cell mediated response.

This period of hypo-responsiveness to carbohydrate antigens coincides with the intense myelination process in infants and young children, and conjugate vaccines may have disrupted evolutionary forces that favored early brain development over the need to protect infants and young children from capsular bacteria.

Effects of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis or tetanus vaccination on allergies and allergy-related respiratory symptoms among children and adolescents in the United States.

The odds of having a history of asthma was twice as great among vaccinated subjects than among unvaccinated subjects The odds of having had any allergy-related respiratory symptom in the past 12 months was 63% greater among vaccinated subjects than unvaccinated subjects The associations between vaccination and subsequent allergies and symptoms were greatest among children aged 5 through 10 years.

Neurological Complications of Pertussis Immunization

Review is made of 107 cases of neurological complications of pertussis inoculation reported in the literature. The early onset of neurological symptoms was characteristic, with changes of consciousness and convulsions as the most striking features. The question of aetiology is considered and contraindications are discussed….as is the grave danger of further inoculations when a previous one has produced any suggestion of a neurological reaction.

Hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and autism diagnosis, NHIS 1997-2002.

Findings suggest that U.S. male neonates vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine prior to 1999 (from vaccination record) had a threefold higher risk for parental report of autism diagnosis compared to boys not vaccinated as neonates during that same time period. Nonwhite boys bore a greater risk.

Aluminum Studies:

Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?

Our results show that: (i) children from countries with the highest ASD prevalence appear to have the highest exposure to Al from vaccines; (ii) the increase in exposure to Al adjuvants significantly correlates with the increase in ASD prevalence in the United States observed over the last two decades;

and (iii) a significant correlation exists between the amounts of Al administered to preschool children and the current prevalence of ASD in seven Western countries, particularly at 3-4 months of age.

Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration.

…A second series of experiments was conducted on mice injected with six doses of aluminum hydroxide. Behavioural analyses in these mice revealed significant impairments in a number of motor functions as well as diminished spatial memory capacity.

Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants: Are they Safe?

Experimental research, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences. click for entire study

Thimerosal studies:

Integrating experimental (in vitro and in vivo) neurotoxicity studies of low-dose thimerosal relevant to vaccines.

There is a need to interpret neurotoxic studies to help deal with uncertainties surrounding pregnant mothers, newborns and young children who must receive repeated doses of Thimerosal-containing vaccines (TCVs).

Information extracted from studies indicates that: (a) activity of low doses of Thimerosal against isolated human and animal brain cells was found in all studies and is consistent with Hg neurotoxicity; (b) the neurotoxic effect of ethylmercury has not been studied with co-occurring adjuvant-Al in TCVs; (c) animal studies have shown that exposure to Thimerosal-Hg can lead to accumulation of inorganic Hg in brain, and that (d) doses relevant to TCV exposure possess the potential to affect human neuro-development.

Neurodevelopmental disorders following thimerosal-containing childhood immunizations: a follow-up analysis.
The present study provides additional epidemiological evidence supporting previous epidemiological, clinical and experimental evidence that administration of thimerosal-containing vaccines in the United States resulted in a significant number of children developing NDs.
Neonatal administration of thimerosal causes persistent changes in mu opioid receptors in the rat brain
These data document that exposure to thimerosal during early postnatal life produces lasting alterations in the densities of brain opioid receptors along with other neuropathological changes, which may disturb brain development.
Persistent behavioral impairments and alterations of brain dopamine system after early postnatal administration of thimerosal in rats.
These data document that early postnatal THIM administration causes lasting neurobehavioral impairments and neurochemical alterations in the brain, dependent on dose and sex. If similar changes occur in THIM/mercurial-exposed children, they could contribute do neurodevelopmental disorders.
Maternal Thimerosal Exposure Results in Aberrant Cerebellar Oxidative Stress, Thyroid Hormone Metabolism, and Motor Behavior in Rat Pups; Sex- and Strain-Dependent Effects.

Thimerosal exposure also resulted in a significant increase in cerebellar levels of the oxidative stress marker 3-nitrotyrosine…. This coincided with an increased (47.0%) expression of a gene negatively regulated by T3,… Our data thus demonstrate a negative neurodevelopmental impact of perinatal thimerosal exposure.

Administration of thimerosal to infant rats increases overflow of glutamate and aspartate in the prefrontal cortex: protective role of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate.

Thimerosal, a mercury-containing vaccine preservative, is a suspected factor in the etiology of neurodevelopmental disorders. We previously showed that its administration to infant rats causes behavioral, neurochemical and neuropathological abnormalities similar to those present in autism.


Lead Gardasil Vaccine Creator Confesses to Clear Conscience

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this very informative and well-sourced article.

Brendan R

Anonymous said...

My husband drew home plans for a woman who received a million dollars from a vaccine payout. She had a few children with multiple disabilities. This was in the 90's before it all became so political. If vaccines are harmless, why did she collect?

Anonymous said...

Go to and download "Vaccine Media & Excipients ". Who would put aborted fetal cells in their child? Eleven vaccines have this. Aluminum & formaldehyde[carcinogen-embalming fluid] are substituted for Hg now in many vaccines.
Few know that the common Tetanus shot has mercury, aluminum AND formaldehyde in it. When you combine toxins they become 100-1000X more damaging. I never had allergies. Got few vaccinations as a kid [1950s] ; got a Tetanus shot when I was 50 and became gluten intolerant immediately after. Fluoroquinolne antibiotics [Cipro,Levaquin & Factive 7] took away my career as a triathelete; gave me FM/CFS and insomnia.
Stay away from doctors & dentists if you can.Fluoride is industrial waste from phosphate fertilizer industry and causes lowered IQ and fluorosis, kidney damage & arthritis.

Anonymous said...

Very well put together. Thank you!
Bottom line is that parents have no right to subject their children to any external substance as a preventative when the disease it is supposed to prevent is rarely life-threatening and in fact will strengthen the child's immune system if handled naturally. Parents have no right to gamble with their children's lives on the say-so of strangers who stand to make millions from people being sick. It's always the kids who pay the price when parents are cavalier...

Anonymous said...

Mmm. And just imagine what happens when you combine these known poisons with GMO and chemtrails...It's enough to make an old man like Bill Gates wet his pants.
Something not mentioned is the complete fraudulence of the entire Vaccination Hypothesis. The woman who did research on the Gardasil vaccine points out that the vaccine only targets 4 of the 40 viruses associated with this disease; so what about the other 36 that are not targeted? The same thing of course is the case with the "flu vaccine"; only a very few of the causative viruses are targeted; thus all the others then have a clean sweep to go in and infect. This is what happened in the now-legendary case of Piers Morgan being assured by Dr Oz on national TV that he would not get flu after the vaccination.
Guess what? He did.
The rationale for this seems to be as follows. A group of cystic fibrosis sufferers was given the flu vaccine as being an "at risk" population; they have problems with sticky lungs, and so the flu on top of this can be lethal. They were then compared with a group of non-sufferers who weren't injected.
The difference turned out to be in their CD8 white cells. These cells remember exposure to antigens, and thus can react quickly to re-exposure to identical or similar antigens. But in the CF case, this population was decimated post-vaccination, thus a temporary and highly suspect "immunity" to a small group of potentially infectious entities is traded for long-term protection by these white cells, which only comes when natural exposure and response to the antigen occurs.
Do you imagine that the pharma companies know all this but do nothing, in fact ramp up the production of these poisons, as they have government immunity from class action lawsuits? The evidence seems to be that they do. Merck's Chief Scientist, Maurice Hilleman, from a few years ago can be seen on YouTube laughing at the fact that he knows that the polio vaccination contains carcinogenic SV40 monkey virus; Merck itself kept selling Vioxx for years after it knew that it caused heart attacks, ( 100,000 are estimated to have died as a direct result of this criminality ), indeed, all the pharma companies are regularly fined billions of dollars because of fraud and systemic criminal activity.
So the only response to government demands that you vaccinate yourself or your child can only be NO!!!
This is a war being waged against humanity. if you look at the ownership mof these companies, it is the same people who own the banks, and profit from us by counterfeiting currency and then demanding with menaces that it be paid back in real money with interest attached.
See for an expose of these vile brutes.
Tim Webb.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I struggle every day with questioning whether vaccination 'stunted' the development and health of my first child. His perfect APGAR scores turned to elevated bilirubin/jaundice, immediately following the 1st hep. B vaccine. As time has gone by, it has been skin conditions, allergy, illness, and mild behavioral issues. Though I live in a state that allows philosophical declination of vaccines, I was led to believe that I had no choice; that my public insurance for him would be terminated should I not vaccinate. It appears that this tactic is used commonly.
Second child, no vaccines at all. Perfect APGAR, zero jaundice, and while she may have had an occasional sniffle, NEVER sick (my first nearly died of RSV at four months) and the pediatrician can hardly believe how healthy she is... Long story short: vaccination is not immunization and "herd immunity" is fancy talk for "silent vector."
In fact, when registering my son for school, I never even bothered to try to get his shot records; just signed off on a form for complete exemption, and his doc. signed off on it in a snap.

Anonymous said...

Add your vaccines to a water supply illiegally contaminated with Fluorosilicic Acid here is the manufacturers Information Pack. Its industrial waste folks contaminated with lead antimony cadmium arsenic etc etc.

Chronic illness is very lucrative and we must achieve "growth" say the decietful bankers and their prostitute politicians.

Anonymous said...

It just seems WEIRD to live in a world where companies (and people) are TRYING TO SICKEN AND KILL US daily, of course, all in the name of PROFIT and CONTROL.
What have we become??
Not very impressive!!

Anonymous said...

This is not to mention the many cases where it appears weaponized viruses are present in vaccines. It is now well-documented that all the way back to the Salk vaccine, cancer viruses, and more recently aids-like viruses have commonly been present.

Bunty Hoven said...

This article is full of absolute pseudo-scientific drivel. Meta-analysis of trials involving millions of vaccinations have shown no link between vaccines and these conditions. We are extremely fortunate to live in a society where diseases such as polio are a thing of the past but if you guys want to go back to the dark ages where potentially fatal or permanently disabling illnesses are commonplace then go for it. Just don't expect any sympathy from anyone when your child dies from a completely preventable illness.

Bunty Hoven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bunty Hoven said...

How can an inactivated or part of a virus be a weapon?

dale said...

When courts make scientific conclusions regarding causation, we are in deep trouble. I think the cases in which petitioners are successful and cart off lots of money are part of an industry plan to buy off trouble.

The govt pays for these Special Claims Courts with a tax on each vaccine. A few cases of million dollar awards..............and suddenly, it's a just world. Throw money at outrage. Vaccines are now a 27 billion dollar business (mostly spent by govts) so whats a couple of million dollar settlements?

Anonymous said...

Bunty Hoven, if you look back at the prevalence of polio and measles, you will see that these diseases decreased majorly before mass vaccination of them. And in times when the vaccine program was well underway here in America but not in Europe, the disease went down just as in America even though they weren't being vaccinated.
As a mom of a child with Autism and DS, the reality is that there is a genetic predisposition coupled with environmental trigger. For some who have a robust immune system, they can handle the vaccines without too much incident, at least as can be seen in their developing years. However no long terms studies have been done to see what the long term health effects are. Meanwhile the kids like mine who have poor methylation and other immune system issues get a vaccine that does nothing to one child, and our kid gets sick. In neurological issues, the terrain determines the reaction to the poison, not the dose itself. This is why some get sick and some don't. So if we keep looking for dose related studies showing an accurate picture, we will be sadly left without much. Take a look at this study:
The immune system is key, and the causes of autism (yes, causes...vaccines being part of the picture) are varied. But vaccines are pushing children over the edge who are already in danger of being overloaded.

Bunty Hoven said...

So how come when vaccination rates fall such as in Wales recently there are sudden outbreaks of measles which resulted in fatalities? I understand your point about rates of these diseases falling naturally but they are now virtually non existent which can only be due to vaccination. I also understand that as a parent of a child with this condition you want answers as to why it happened but as you correctly say the causes are multifactorial but there is new evidence to suggest that natural antibodies during gestation may play a predominant role. Also there are a significant proportion of the population who a slow methylators but this has little bearing on the response of the body to a vaccine as it is a metabolic not an immune function. As I said previously single studies prove little. You have to look at the large body of pooled data that categorically proves vaccines are safe.

Anonymous said...

No vaccine has ever cured or a eliminated a single virus.The entire "program" of vaccination is fraudulent,quackery.Its' only function is to weaken,and undermine human immune systems.Bubonic plague,smallpox,thyphus,polio,
tuberculosis... all of them still exist and thrive under favourable conditions.The very notion that by breaching the greatest of human defense systems-the skin,via loading the bloodstream with toxicity will somehow add protection and immunity is absurd.Western medicine is founded and grounded in allopathy,by its very definition it contradicts the idea of health and well-being.My response to those that doubt the obvious facts regarding vaccines...enjoy your mental conditioning and your decreased quality of life!

Bunty Hoven said...

How is not contracting a serious life threatening or disabling illness decreasing my quality of life? Surely by definition it can only increase my quality of life. Some of diseases you list do thrive under favourable conditions - in populations of people where there is no vaccination programme. Except smallpox which has been wiped from the face of the earth due to vaccination.

Anonymous said...

bunty haven

i know a rock smarter than you

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with your article. My now 26 year daughter in my opinion was damaged by the MMR.

Bunty Hoven said...

That isn't really a rebuttal. Is that rock a friend of yours? Is it able to evaluate and think critically about a subject? Because you obviously can't.

Bunty Hoven said...

An opinion isn't really a fact though.

Tao Cipher said...

uneducated news and information is the downfall of society please take a moment to educate yourself and understand this is a way bigger issue than you care to take the time to understand. It has taken over 20 years to finally get some truth out, but it continues to get covered up or misdirected in the media, as parents who question all the time of what is going on and we never get the truth, we know and we are not scientists or doctors, yet they agree behind closed doors and try to figure out how to cover it up! Why to keep the billions of dollars flowing, yes pay out millions to make billions world wide profits of vaccines ! Take note who is paying who for what data and facts, and then look to who they try to silence and not speak up about the truth, as I can pay someone to say most anything ! But very people can can say no to money and stick up for the truth!

Anonymous said...

Stay away from the mmr shot. I personally know several cases of autism after the shot.

Anonymous said...

WHY have the 3 PDF link (court cases) been removed?? Anyone have a clue? Gee that's not suprising...

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