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Can Google Glass Be Modified to Read Your Brain?

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Nicholas West
Activist Post

It's no mystery that tech behemoths Microsoft and Google have been developing gadgets for the augmented reality consumer space. Nevertheless, Google Glass has met some resistance over privacy concerns, even  reaching the halls of Congress.

If turning the average person into a roving snitch isn't bad enough, another concern was revealed recently: Google Glass can be hacked and modified for facial recognition capability. Stephen Balaban, founder of Lambda Labs stated his intentions to design an alternate operating system outside the control of Google:
By supplanting Glass' original operating system, Balaban has already managed to create a feature that can perform facial recognition using the forward-mounted camera. 
According to Balaban, Google did not react well when he announced his intention to modify their device to recognize human facial features. In response, the company changed the terms of service to ban the practice, though developers at Lambda Labs seemed undeterred. 
"Don't worry, we think it's a core feature. Google will allow it or be replaced with something that does," tweeted Lambda on June 1. (Source)
However, the latest modification could make facial recognition look like child's play; a compatible brainwave sensor that can evaluate mental state, opening yet another pathway toward a brain-computer interface.

While privacy advocates and Congress are trying to iron out the basic implications of wearable computing and some of the functions that go beyond mere entertainment, a company named Walnut Wearables is trying to bring us closer to "an imminent cyborg future."

To see the basic features of Google Glass, as well as Microsoft's concept, please view the videos below:

The Walnut concept goes much further, using a built-in EEG to offer a "window into the mind" - in real time - then connect various mental states to Google Glass functions. The video below shows a scenario featuring a driver who can observe his "focus and attention."

Certainly this could be a good thing, but with the recent revelations of the ease of hacking Google Glass, as well as unknown backdoors that may or may not be built in, it's not hard to imagine how this could one day be used to remotely monitor people's habits and behavior. Think insurance companies, at the most benign.

It's clear that consumer items like Google Glass (and other augmented reality gadgets) need to be thought through at every level before being fully released into the public domain. However, where there is the will and the funding, it might be inevitable that this technology becomes an integral part of everyday existence.

Google is already talking about directly embedding a chip in the brain. But, for now, it is up to each of us to make the decision whether or not to augment our own reality and make Google Glass "an extension of our mind" . . . then share it with the world.

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Hide Behind said...

The "Why" of such devices, do tje designers of such tech ever ask that question outside of if you build it some other asdhole will buy it?
You build possabilities and care not effects and you know that to the first goes the green

What type world do these nerds live in that money is not the main driver but the work environment and challenge of finding new ways of arrangeing l's and O's that woll chain future genrrations to being no more than protein l's and 0's.

Anonymous said...

Can Google Glass Be Modified to Read Your Brain?

Not if you don't use it...Duh


Can Google Glass Be Modified to Read Your Brain?
No... Too much aluminum.

Anonymous said...

You know, if it weren't for all the assholes (including, and especially the security agencies, police, government agencies, etc) that will use this technology to spy on and even control people, this technology wouldn't be so bad. Many fail safes could be programmed/ built in to ensure people only use it between each other, with no kept in the background record, only with both parties full consent without being accessible to anyone else.... But the spy agencies wouldn't hear of that, they want backdoor and the ability to turn it on without consent whenever they want, they won't just let people use these devices in thee privacy of their own lives.... I have been watching the tech being developed and brought out, and I am sure many disabled people would want access to them because it could help them... but the jackasses will use the same tech to spy on people, manipulate their minds, electronically leash/ track and cage them. If it weren't for these control freak elite bastards, most of this wouldn't be an issue. I don't mind if I walk by someone making a video on their cellphone, I mind that it could be used by police/ government agencies to track and spy on me and others in the area. Most people who make these vid or take pictures aren't in the same headpsace as these agencies or the elites... they have no intention of causing harm. Most people when they love this tech aren't thinking about manipulation of others or control of others, it is the damn elites and their puppets, as well as the corrupt "security" agencies and corrupted military (let's not forget the robot soldiers and cyber soldiers) that are screwing. everything up! A cyber suit which allows a paraplegic to walk is great... a cybersuit that allows soldiers to attack helpless civilians is NOT great, it is a horror. These brain implants show great promise for people who cannot speak or move, to be able to communicate and even move again.... but it also makes it possible for people with those implants to be spied on, manipulated and controlled. If it weren't for the damn control freaks and corrupt evil bastards, we wouldn't have to worry about all of this crap.

This is dangerous because those in power and in positions of authority demand they use it for control... Don't give them an inch and when it is revealed they plan ion spying on people with it, PUNISH THEM! Same as now with all the spying through our digital and telephone communication... WHY are we still putting up with it? So what id it's been going on a long time, it's a breach of our right to privacy and has to stop! Once we refuse to put up with the corrupted uses of any technology, this will cease to be a problem... but we have to actually refuse to let them do these things, and we haven't been refusing them so far so they have gotten away with alot of crap in so many areas of our lives. Time to say enough!

Anonymous said...

"A cyber suit which allows a paraplegic to walk is great... a cybersuit that allows soldiers to attack helpless civilians is NOT great,"

You don't get it they show you the paraplegic being able to walk to get you to pay for the soldiers suit to kill you.
You stupid people better start thinking soon or you might as well get your frickin implant and be happy.

Every so called "good" is just the carrot on the stick to get you to pay for the evil intended. They get you to pay for your own demise.

Your living in an illusion and your playing along so quit crying you are what perpetuates this situation by your participation.

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