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Bloody Revolutions Fail: Now Is The Time For Peace

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Jared Bachman
Activist Post

Every violent revolution in history has been a failure.

I understand that you're probably doubting that. Many Americans have been misled to believe in successful revolutions in history. The American Revolution is considered a success by many. We're often told that the brave rebels stood up to the unethical king across the ocean. It can be easy to nitpick through revolutions and say that one was a good one and that was a bad one, but have they really lived up to the dreams of their promoters? More importantly, did they really help the world become a better place?

Promised Land

What is it that all revolutions have promised?

While the methodology might have changed, the promises have been similar. The most important of these promises is a more peaceful world.

The average person does not fight a revolution hoping to kill. The sociopaths in our world are few and far between. There is no revolution fought on the concept of violence. The revolutions have always been a "means to an end."

The leaders of every revolution insist that the solution will come after the violence. Some of the leaders promoted specific plans. Others didn't have to promote any plan. There is a similarity between them all though. The changes in their revolution can only commence after the complete disconnection with their current system.

Their promised land can only come after the violence.

Their is an implied promise within all of this. All revolutions are made out to be the final revolution.

People are misled to believe that their revolution is going to be the last. Naturally, the majority isn't thinking the rest of life is going to be butterflies and flowers but they always think the world is going to get better.

The World Today

Has the world gotten better?

We're still using the same political methods that have been around for thousands of years. The number of people dying in war isn't going down. In fact, now countries are in the position to kill hundreds of millions of people with the press of a few buttons. It's arguable that the world has gotten worse.

The politicians of today have taken the principled stances of the past and destroyed them. I'm not a believer in the US Constitution but even that has been riddled with exceptions to the rules. These are promises that were made by the revolutionaries. These revolutionaries are not the first to make promises that their systems couldn't keep. It's happened every time throughout history.

There is no way to know whether the original revolutionaries really believed their promises would last but I firmly believe they did. I believe revolutionaries don't put their life on the line to make small temporary changes. I believe they do it to make a true difference in history. Sadly, they can't make their changes permanent alone.

That is why I've written this article for you. I hope to help the revolutionaries of tomorrow make a permanent difference in history.

The Peaceful Revolution

Violent revolutions have always failed. They promised peace through war. That just doesn't happen. Peace will never come from a short-term escalation of the violence. It's an attempt to build a peaceful world on a foundation of violence. Escalating violence is never justifiable.

I feel the anger. I understand the urge to start fighting for the things you've been promised; but the revolution you want so badly won't come in the matter of a few years. National revolutions can happen in a year. Millions of people can die and everyone can be worse off. A few years later, the violence that justified the revolution is used to justify the nation's "protection."

You may not be able to stop a violent revolution but you are capable of not participating in the violence.

You may be called a coward; but remember, the ones refusing to kill are always called cowards. Protect yourself if you have to but never give in to the voices telling you to escalate, because those are the voices that you're fighting against.

The peaceful revolution is not going to take a year. That's because it's not a national revolution. It's going to be a revolution in the way individuals live their lives. People will finally learn not to use the escalation of violence for their own personal gain. It's a revolution that could take generations to complete but it's a revolution that can finally bring the long-lasting peace that everyone is actually looking for.

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Hide Behind said...

If mankind is going to exist upon this earth we must get rid of over 70% of its population, and yes that will take awhile if done in a nonviolent manner.
It is not that we cannot support the present plus double the number of peoples but the question that needs answering is;Why should we and to what purpose would doing so serve.
The Anti Agenda 21 people are anti progress mainly because they see little chance to profit economicly or. find themselves a miniscule minority witin its political confines.
They are the problems that need removal if we are to have a more perfect union between earth and man and man(human animal domesticated) and the futire leadership of man and machine in one body.
We are undergoing s Peacefull Revolution within US as of Right Now and it looks like we will continue into a gradual transition of and along the Agenda 21 yuppies dreamscape.
That so few people will live in the final manifestation is only one of the Agendas benefits but the one that promises domestic tranquility of the domesticared humans.

Hide Behind said...

Yes you are right, a live coward is a better screw than a dead hero.
Been around this so called peacefull revolution bull crap for a long while and it is always those who run when times get rough to find someone to shelter them that talk of peace.
You got the most self absorbed and soft minded cowards living in US that they may as well be vinyl plastic sex dolls that can only squeak when getting screwed.
They talk of peacefull revolt as if a child that has a government made up of parents who give them candy if they cry and kiss their boo boos.
Looking for the easy way out, the no sweat non confrontational but stab em in the back route.
The only problem is that they end up dtabbing only those they can reach near them as their betters are to far above their reach.
They will wait for the trains hoping that they will not be needing to buy a ticket as they are all one way.

Anonymous said...

This article and the comment from Hide Behind tell me that we have a lot of lost and sick people in this nation.
The delusion that 70% reduction in the world population is not only acceptable but necessary.

Practice what you preach Hide Behind. You be the first to go as to show through example your wisdom and sincerity.

And as far as violent revolutions all being failures. What the author fails to realize is that in just about every case the violent revolution is really people fighting back TO SURVIVE.

If you feel this is a failure you need to change Nature or take it up with God.
I'm sure both could use your correction.

These two examples, the article and the comment from Hide Behind, are proof Americans are starting to come unraveled.

buzzhawk said...

Hide Behind, I don't really disagree with you, but why is Agenda 21 not promoted openly by the UN and the media, if it is the answer?

Anonymous said...

Have you actually READ Agenda 21?
Do you really want your children to be forced to live in a sardine packed big city their entire lives, never being allowed to leave or to experience even a visit to the wildness of the woods?
Do you want them to live in only 175 square feet per person?
Do you want them to be assigned to live in Tampa Bay, for example, with NO air conditioning? I live there, and I can tell you that will result in many deaths.
Do you want their talents ignored, while they are assigned to whatever job the elites need done, no matter how much they hate the job?
Do you want them to live in a world where any criticism of anything will get their RFID chip turned off and they starve to death?
This is not about the environmental, put earth first dream, which I share with you. It's about power for the elites, who regard us as cockroaches to serve them.

Hide Behind said...

what Agenda 21 and beyond is realy about is ending self detetmination.
Did the dead man killed by an expert firing squad hear the word fire?
Todays "Agenda" is not new the europeans have been lIVing within a constantly evolving Agenda since end of WW II, and even I as an early John Bircher remember So many Eastern Foundations pushing what was then called "Land Management Policys and Reforms needed by Century 21
We have sustainable citys that are constantly falling apart with light roail to discourage auto ownership where the housing has nice two small chair porches and only foot or bycycles allowed on paved paths..
In Oregontheycannot find buyers or even lease signers so they set a price and auctoon them off.
The muni outbids private and then rents to lowage retired staters.

Look behind the false fronted stores and bungalos that differp by color or placement of front door an ask what about the size of schools food stores and oh yes the new downsized and regional sales stores of Wal Mart Lacys Mc D's all being planned so you will not have a worry.
An airial view of our suburban streets is no more than hotels laid on the ground hell even today we get houses so thin amd packed togethet they are 1 bed two baths frontdiningand kitchen of 800 sq feet on three floors.
Whete walls touch and farts are smelled by the neighbor and sex at night means a sox in mouth, this is high priced condo and townhouse warrens and people lust for them.
Some gorget what happened under theWar on poverty where theyjust grabbed people mainly of non whotes or whites on welfare and stuck them in 3 Nd 4 story tenet slums all planned communitys.
Where are the ones in All the eastern citys.
the welfare did not care a roof cheap rent and close to work if you wanted work the jumped at it and a form of ending self determination is still heavy within certain sectors today but most are not the welfare but the gonna make a bundle with gov or hi tech and buy a burban or fancy condo. they have no idea about how maipulated a society they live under all beginning with an agenda #??

Anonymous said...

Hide Behind, you sound like a schizophrenic.

Apathy has gotten us nowhere with these douchebags in the capitals. I completely disagree with the author.

Seen said...

To the article, what you're really saying is, the establishment/governing regime only really needs to pacify the populace into submitting and obeying. It's basically trauma based obedience training and conditioning.
Sure, it'll be peaceful and a Utopia for the Psychopaths-Sociopaths who keep power through encouraged chaos.
What precisely do you think gutting self-defense requiring victims with options of retreat does to a Psychopath-Sociopath? They consider it one thrilling game of cat and mouse. Outside cartoons, has anyone seen a mouse be able to use reason or logic to convince its predators not to chase it to exhaustion and distress and finally devoured?

To some comments, no Agenda 21 is not the answer. What it is designed to do is:
1). Name each individual member of the populace a capital/resource and owned by the government. Your life and lifetime is determined as your owner ordains a use for you.
2). Property rights are stripped. Most people forget that they are born with a particular piece of property that their wages and etc are compensation for their time in using their talents with this instrument. This would be your body. You can't be considered property of government if you are a individual sovereign who possess self-government and natural rights.
3). Fortifies Command-Control/Top-Bottom dynamics through fiefdoms, public-private partnerships, and public-private mergers, which upper-middle castes of the public economic system. The workers/impoverished are stripped of owning capital/wealth and are forever/for the duration the working/impoverished caste.
This is down by a variety of other mechanisms that intertwine into this agenda.

Sustainability rests on not command and control but on self-sufficiency and being healthy. It doesn't mean attacking non-fiefdoms, partners, and desired mergers who have gardens in their yards/basements/roof, farming clubs, forcing urbanization by regulation/coercion, and etc.

Under aiding the officials and importantly their enforcers, this is largely a fact people particularly this author should take into account. Such systems rests with one class structure, and it's not economical. It centers around both placing fear into the populace and encourages them to seek to enforce it themselves. In short, the class structure centers around the lower classes being abused and oppressed by those above them. Without property rights, it's not rape, assault, or murder for officials and enforcers to act in this manner particularly to identify those in non-compliance, so the example of giving the official/enforcer a condom is not far off. Neither is being ordered to further aid or participate in the acts itself regardless what it is.
This encourages people to psychologically be removed from responsibility and desire to become an enforcer themselves. In war time, this is typically referred to as collaborators. If you can't be a collaborator, you're effectively a useless eater. There is very little middle ground to such governance.

The essence of this article is the government actually cares for and about its respective constituents rather than viewing the populace as their subjects. Such governments simply escalate until their crackdowns includes lethal force.

HereAmI said...

HB is raving uncontrollably, as usual, in his own "special language with special spelling" . He sides with the David Rockefellers of this world, who publicly state that a world ruled by bankers and a self-defined intellectual elite is preferable to one where the old ideals of self-determination prevail. What he didn't mention is that these bankers and "intellectuals" ( read "satanists" ) are to have the power of life and death over everyone else, via their Noahide Law, ( already in effect, hence all the guillotines appearing across the US ), and that they see everyone else as simply a means whereby their own interests are preserved and maintained. So, "You live in your 180 sq. ft; I will live on my million-acre ranch, to which you are denied access, under threat of "lethal force", whether by drone, or by human drone, ie the TSA/DHS".
The corporation of the United States, which was created in 1871 out of the ashes of the old united states, ( note different capitalization ) has as its sole objective the generation of profit for its shareholders, which are primarily the eleven "European" Khazar families, the queen of England, and the Pope. The Pope is involved because he believes that he is Christ's Vicar on earth, and that "The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein". Such is his insanity, but he managed to get King John in 1213 to agree to this interpretation of scripture. Thus the Pope-King/Queen link.
One must ask en passant whether any corporation would spend money on a "space programme" which Hollywood has deluded everyone ( mostly ) into believing is occurring. Far better to extract gargantuan tax dollars from a willing and grateful populace, and in return feed them patriotic fervour and manufactured images on a grainy TV screen.
This is the corporation, fascist by definition according to Mussolini, whose only thought is to increase its power and authority at the expense of the "insects, cattle at best, human excrement" which we all thought was the population of the realm, with God-given rights of equality with everyone else.
I do agree that this population has become very degraded, spiritually and intellectually, but this is the deliberate agenda of the corporation. As Henry Ford said, ( paraphrasing ) "I do not need geniuses to push buttons in my factories. "
This is the same man who said that if people really knew what was being done to them, there would be an immediate violent revolution. The writer of this article is sowing seeds which attempt to stifle this possibility at birth; he is therefore a paid disinformation agent, as anyone noting his surname immediately realises.
If people were taught the real truth about society and its secret underpinnings, there would be a re-flowering of those virtues which animated the original Pilgrim Fathers, and new decorations hanging from every lamp-post and CCTV fixing in the united states.

Anonymous said...

There will not be any Peace in the US as long as the current administration is in power...They thrive on chaos and do everything to stir that pot of confusion. They feed us lies, delusions and deceptions to the point of "you don't know who or what is true"..

Anonymous said...

Human beings are creatures of habit. If one set of beings try peace and the other set try power, then over the long course of time, the one in power think they deserve it. They write books justify their special status to rule and exploit the other group.

Revolutions are a must because peace is for idealistic cowards. Human conditions are transient and we must juggle it to make lasting peace. This means hugging that AK47 and suffer temporary violence to achieve peace.

Cowards don't deserve peace because they have traded all liberties for security.

The current peaceful activists are not cowards, but in fact, they're true warriors in the info wars. Their use of the word "peace" should not be co-opted by cowards to mean laying down and bending backward in the face of insufferable injustice.

Yes, it's all contradictory and that's precisely why the clear idealistic vision of peaceniks is based on delusion. Peace at all costs without the buy-ins of all parties is unworkable. And obtaining the buy-ins of all parties is impossible.

Anonymous said...

Even Ghandi would have taken advantage of firearms if any had been available to the Indian population. He used what was available..the masses and the degenerate state of the British empire to achieve freedom.

Anonymous said...

This Jared Bachman sounds like a raving butt kisser who wants to live under the crap and abuse of the Globalists' in a third world Gulag Banana Belt!

I'd rather stand on my feet fighting for Liberty than spend years ( if they decide to let us live ) on my knees in slavery ! This wimp can stick his Shill proposition where the sun don't shine! Give me Liberty or give me Death! To heck with that B.S!
Annonymous: Terry Black

Weaving Spider said...

Pacifism is an ideal, war is a reality.

Hide Behind said...

The sad part of todays reality is that peace is possible but the cost of it is way to high for some of us.
The other sad reality is that a vast numbers of people are engaged in limiting the possabilities of random choice in everyones future, eliminate self determination and replace it with Needs of the Common (State) Administered by them.
It makes no difference if the overall planning is done on a local level to give the locals an impression that it is through there efforts that they end up in comfortable 360 squarefoot living cubicles.
That the origin for duch movements

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