Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whistleblower Reveals World Bank Corruption in New Interview

Joe Wright
Activist Post

Whistleblowers continue to endure an increasing level of targeting and prosecution by an administration that touts its commitment to transparency. Despite this, many brave insiders continue to come forward to reveal the extent of corruption at the highest levels.

Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are taking center stage at the moment. Yet, former World Bank Senior Legal Counsel, Karen Hudes, seen in the video below with Sean Stone, and a new video interview with RT's Abby Martin is revealing equally important information about corruption at the World Bank, and a tiny group pulling the strings of politicians and the media to suppress knowledge of their activities.

The World Bank is already notorious for its wide range of human rights violations, land-grab schemes, environmental destruction and economic attacks on sovereign nations and local communities. Hudes offers some additional details about what she asserts is one single group controlling world financial markets and media. She also offers names of people who were involved in blackmail surrounding a 2007 prostitution scandal. Hudes has been charged by Attorney General Eric Holder with trespassing after being arrested May 13th at an office of the World Bank. Hear the story that corporate media is ignoring....

Hudes' bio highlights her 21-year experience at the World Bank as Senior Legal Counsel:
She worked in the US Export Import Bank of the US from 1980-1985 and in the Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007. She established the Non Governmental Organization Committee of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association and the Committee on Multilateralism and the Accountability of International Organizations of the American Branch of the International Law Association.
It is worth noting that much of what Hudes discusses from her perspective shows the level of compartmentalization that takes place in large governmental organizations. For example, she states that she believes the World Bank is "finally fulfilling its mandate" by stopping the next world war. However, the deliberate destablization campaigns with subsequent destruction and reconstruction projects, as documented by other insiders such as John Perkins, call this idealistic view into serious question. Hudes maintains that it is exactly this type of corruption that is being rooted out, and why people like her are being targeted.

Regardless of one's view of the World Bank as an institution, Hudes' information highlights that there are people who get into this type of work with good intentions, believing the propaganda they have been given. At the very least, her assertion that there is a network of insiders that will continue blowing the whistle about World Bank corruption bears watching. Lastly, it is worth noting her comments on the possibility of martial law in America and the steps being taken to avoid it. Time will tell.


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Read the report about the network of global corporate control here:

For a full treatment of the depth of World Bank corruption, please read John Perkins' book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

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Updated: 6/27/2013

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Anonymous said...

Basically it's an endorsement if Eric Holder goes after you. She seems a bit over the top, but maybe that's exactly whey they want to get rid of her. We are so used to little mouses who don't want to ruffle people. Stand up no matter what position you are in!

PERSON said...

It is imperative that those intertwined 147 groups be exposed, otherwise no one will trust anything, including the IMF, World Bank, UN, etc. etc.

So, if the world organizations are not corrupt, they will go after the rogue entities and eliminate their powers.

Makes one shudder about the au courant "Globalism"

Mark J. Novitsky said...

Manifest, Institutional, Massive Fraud and Corruption Top-to-Bottom. Need not matter which "party" is in power...the corruption stays the same. Vote this way or that way, this guy or that guy...end up with the same result...perpetual corruption, Wars, cover-ups and blame the other side. While the true power tells who we can vote for, pulls the strings and controls the narrative, optics, metrics, talking points. Truth telling / Whisteblowing is CRIMINALIZED...just like now "journalists" are being attacked / Criminalized. God Bless Karen Hudes. The average person has NO IDEA how these people attack those that dare tell the people the truth.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a Muslim pushing Sharia Law. He is a liar and a fascist pig, representing the most violent means possible for a takeover of America. When whistle blowers are harmed, imprisoned, discredited and killed, and yet they continue to come out hoping that Americans will listen and pay attention, you have to admire their spirit.

Anonymous said...

We have to do more than admire their spirit. Every American should march on the trial of Bradley Manning and demand that he be declared a hero, and compensate him for the torture and illegal imprisonment. To hell with this dam 'government'. Our Whistleblowers are our true Patriots. When is the trial, and where? Time to round up and imprison the true criminals: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Obama, the Clintons and Holder for starters. And the 71 Senators who voted against our right to have non-GMO foods that other nations don't even allow in their countries, and we are told we can't have the truth on the label. Basic human rights violation. Forward...

Anonymous said...

The World Bank was supposedly to help underdeveloped nations come into the modern world. As usual when there are too many people with their hands in the cookie jar, cookies go missing!
It is easy to call President Barack Obama a Muslim and blame him for the world's ills but the issues are multi-national corporations whom are the ones who tell the leaders of the worlds' governements what they want and then the country is sold out to mega-corporations. Look at the water comanies who steal water while we suffer through a drought.
Why do politicians allow this? Because of massive amounts of campaigning funds they give to the parties running for leadership.
Face facts, corporations are running the countries around the world, not the people whom we have elected into our governments.
Time to unite (increase union membership) and become one united force to let these fat boardroom suits know who is running the governments... the people we have elected not some shampoo company.
The neo-cons have done a great job of turning the middle class on itself by demonizing the unions. Remember this; it is because of unions there is a middle-class. As unions have lost ground, the middle-class is shrinking too. Unions gave us the 40 hour work week, pensions, benefits, vacation time, stat holidays and the list goes on to the number of benefits because of unions. As in anything, there are bad seeds whom commit criminal acts but, nothing to the degree that the fats suits in the boardrooms commit.
Be careful to bash unions, this is how the 1% has chocked us out! We must stop them!
Protect all whom are the whistle blowers against the criminal acts of these mega suits!

Anonymous said...

Why is she still alive? The world bank would have your executed or suicide.


Let’s face the facts here, asset control over all banking was handed over to a bunch of hard-line neoconservative Zionist radicals and those people have been given carte blanche by the US government.

Obviously, the hardline Zionists in the West know very well that if there is a free flow of ideas, they will lose. And that is why they've shut down free speech in major international networks.

Anonymous said...

Her revelations are more important than Snowdens.I hope the moneychangers are exposed.They are the reason forv all these unnecessary wars. said...

Know your 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') roots no matter where you are from from around the world. We are seeing a boil of colonialism pop but the infection is throughout the human & world body.
Capital, Currency, Social-Security, Education, Communications are meant to come from intimate human relations in fractals or memes continuing with the presence of human empowerment at all levels.

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