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Skynet to Launch October, 2013

Jack Mullen
Activist Post

Business Insider published an article about the NSA data center being constructed in Bluffdale, Utah. The facility, being roughly 1 million square feet, will house a computing and data harvesting and long term data storage facility to be operational by October 2013. (Source)

The stated purpose of the facility is to "listen and decode all foreign communications of interest to the security of the United States." But in light of the recent revelations of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the data center under construction in Utah is far more likely a tool of the United States Government (and its global masters) to collect unimaginable amounts of data on Americans and eventually every human on earth.

In fact, as far back as the mid nineteen eighties, the NSA and other intelligences agencies created and controlled a secret computer monitoring operation in New Zealand and elsewhere called project ECHELON.
Designed and coordinated by NSA, the ECHELON system is used to intercept ordinary e-mail, fax, telex, and telephone communications carried over the world's telecommunications networks. Unlike many of the electronic spy systems developed during the Cold War, ECHELON is designed primarily for non-military targets: governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals in virtually every country. It potentially affects every person communicating between (and sometimes within) countries anywhere in the world.[*]
With this so-called leak from Snowden, the public is now aware of something that has been going on for decades and, by now, would have already compiled billions of records about hundreds of millions of people in the America and the world.

In fact this ‘leak’ really doesn’t provide a lot of new information, since we already knew “The ECHELON system is not designed to eavesdrop on a particular individual's e-mail or fax link. Rather, the system works by indiscriminately intercepting very large quantities of communications and using computers to identify and extract messages of interest from the mass of unwanted ones. A chain of secret interception facilities has been established around the world to tap into all the major components of the international telecommunications networks. Some monitor communications satellites, others land-based communications networks, and others radio communications. ECHELON links together all these facilities, providing the US and its allies with the ability to intercept a large proportion of the communications on the planet.”

But what we do learn from the media’s focus on this “new shocking revelation” is that the technology of secret, off-the-record, underground intelligence operations working for either a breakaway civilization, living side by side with earth’s existing civilizations, or operated as a spook operation serving a multinational global elite seeking to control and rule the world, is far more advanced than previously believed. Moreover, it would seem likely this new “leak” is just another bit of predictive programming designed to alert the world something even bigger is already in the works.

The data center, at a cost of $2 billion (but much higher, based on the cost of the technology already created to make this possible) is probably the outward tip of an iceberg to introduce and indoctrinate the public to something even worse than the news that every bit of human communication and knowledge is and has been recorded for decades.

In terms of data storage, some publications suggest the data center will house digital storage capacities on the order of YottaBytes which is a number so large it is incomprehensible to the human mind. A Yottabyte is one septillion bytes or 10 to the 24th power bytes. Enough storage, indeed, to record and keep every single bit of human digital information; every phone call, text message, Internet chat, Email, song, word spoken, every book, bank account, all financial data, patents, stolen intellectual property, and more. With this amount of storage and more on the way, as the "law of accelerating returns" turns out denser and faster memory, the entire real-time movie of mankind can be recorded, analyzed and used, for what - only the gods know.

“Cyberdyne Systems” 2013

At the center of the data center will be one of the world's most powerful computers ever built (at least as far as we art told). The so-called, and named with a wink to triangle-worshipping cults, ‘Titan Supercomputer’ will come alive and for the first time operate at the speed necessary and with the memory required to become conscious.

According to Ray Kurzweil, the geek poster boy of transhumanism, in his 1999 prophecy and transhumanistic bible entitled When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence: The Age of Spiritual Machines, the above average human brain operates or process approximately 20 million billion calculations per second, in other words 20,000 trillion calculations per second.

In the article linked below, the NSA Supercomputer Titan, coincidentally is advertised to operate at 20,000 trillion calculations per second. Furthermore, Kurzweil explains that in addition to computing power, a human-like sentient computer would also have to have at least as much memory as the current state-of-the-art human being, which he calculates to be about 1 million billion bits or a 1000 trillion bits: and since a byte is 8 bits and kilobyte is 1024 bytes, that works out to approximately 122 terabytes or 122,000 gigabytes.

According to the article above, the memory available to Titan is on the order of at least 5 Zettabytes or 5 trillion gigabytes, which is enough memory to incorporate 41 MILLION HUMAN BRAINS.

According to the original Terminator movie timeline, Skynet’s technology was built and began deployment in 1994 (no doubt an Orwell wink, as a Terminator robot is sent back to 1984 to stop the birth of JC - not Jesus Christ, but John Connor), and on August 4, 1997 the machine went online. Learning geometrically, the machine became sentient at 2:14 AM, 25 days later on August 29, 1997.

The new real-life NSA supercomputer, called Titan, is named after a race of gods created from descendants of Earth and Uranus, hybrids, immortal, of great strength of body and mind and rulers of Earth; it was the Titan Prometheus who created man from clay and theft of fire.

The Titan Supercomputer, with enough computing power and infallible memory to become sentient, will come online in October, 2013 and, like “Skynet”, will it begin to learn? With the brain capacity of 41 million human minds and all of the data and information about billions of human beings - this "machine" could become quite powerful very quickly. With connections to satellites and every major power and command center on earth and the knowledge base of nearly every human mind in the written history of mankind - all written knowledge: we can only imagine the possibilities.

Human Epitaph

Kurzweil, the lead public futurist barking for the technocratic elite, predicts the next evolution on earth will be the machine. In his vision, mankind morphs into a machine, leaving his ephemeral human vessel behind, a biological consciousness welded into machine performance on a quest for immortality and a chance to become a god.

According to Kurzweil, the current human biological evolutionary path to knowledge is bottlenecked by brain speed limits and memory capacity: "The brain's weakness is the extraordinarily slow speed of its computing medium, a limitation that computers do no share with us. For this reason, DNA-based evolution will eventually have to be abandoned." *

With the arrival of Titan, the latest and greatest model of a co-evolving machine-based life, the technology now exists to eradicate all human privacy. This is a very big event in human history, one that would require a book to explore, but I am going to venture a few reasons why it will become the bifurcation point in the race of the man versus the machine.

Privacy also includes privacy of thought; technology permitting direct measure and prediction of thought is now being successfully deployed. [*]

Privacy is a uniquely human idea and experience and I would argue necessary for human evolution and growth as a species of individuals seeking an individual experience with paths to personal growth, sprirtualism and self actualization.

Without privacy, what is a individual? He or she is a forgone conclusion, a worker bee, a drone or, using a Star Trek analogy, a Borg. Without privacy, human development, personality, strengths, appearance and characteristics will become uniform and monotonous. Without privacy, there will eventually be no concept of private property and its accumulation toward expressions of sudden knowledge bursts and improvement via repeated struggle of human minds seeking to solve problems benefiting the individual and species.

Without private property, there can be no Liberty by definition. Liberty is the freedom of will to choose and do individual things, think individual thoughts and express oneself individually, concomitantly where news and knowledge of these expressions is always derivative, never before the fact.

Without privacy, I would argue much of mankind will make his last act of individualism and choose not to live, because privacy is the oneness, the aloneness that defines the “I” in "I am alive".

Mankind 2.0

Kurzweil and other futurists, god wannabees, technocrats, and wealth-dense psychopaths all know and anticipate an end for human beings in our present form. They anticipate a grand culling where those who will not conform and 'transform' will lose the will to live in a world of intellectual and physical inferiority; in a world without the privacy necessary to trigger a far stronger, intelligent and self evolving human individual.

The technocrats expect 'standard' wetware human beings to become drones, slaves, relegated to the toy closest of wealthy gods looking for interesting gifts for their children. But I think humanity is still possessed of something the gods of the machine have failed to recognize in their haste to end the individual and build a collective hive minded, data sharing, alpha Borg.

Quantum Minds and Spiritual Entanglements

The human brain, impossibly slow and working with junior-sized memory, is still not fully understood and, surprisingly to the machine metaphysicians, is still able to solve problems apparently impossible within a purely analytical, algorithm-based paradigm of brain-mind operation. Many scientists and philosophers find the idea that a computer could be conscious, just by doing what they do now only faster and with more memory, wishful thinking bordering on insane.

Thinkers such as John Searle have made arguments that Artificial Intelligence is only a “ useful tool in the study of mind” and no matter how quickly, or massively parallel, these “Strong Calculators” perform algorithms and mathematical calculations - without the ability to ever ‘understand‘ they can only simulate the operation of the mind.

Summarizing Searle and others such as John McCarthy, the inventor of the term Artificial Intelligence:
mental states are biological phenomena. Consciousness, intentionality, subjectivity and mental causation are all a part of our biological life history, along with growth, reproduction, the secretion of bile, and digestion. [*]
Another scientist and writer versed in multiple disciplines is Roger Penrose, English mathematical physicist, recreational mathematician and philosopher. Starting with Gödel’s incompleteness theorem and working through some advanced mathematics, Penrose concludes the human mind is not a Turing Machine because, if it were, the mind would be hobbled by Gödelian limitations.[*]

Penrose postulates that since Gödelian impossible problems require an infinite number of calculations, the human mind goes around this “Gödelian Bottleneck” using quantum computing, a method of solving problems of the type requiring a large number, or even an infinite number of calculations. Quantum computers, that have been already built using human DNA as the processor, instantly distill a large number of calculations into a result by “actually turning an infinite time into a finite time”[**]

Beyond the abstract arguments couched in obscurity of abstruse mathematics is the question of life from a spiritual point of view. The idea that human beings are more than a meat sack benefiting from an evolved, 3 pound, wet-working, DNA based, sugar-powered parallel processor. Many people see the human body as the seat of a soul, a higher being condensed into a suitable shell, enjoying a spectacularly human experience as part of an immortal sequence of an infinite number of lifetimes.

The evidence of what Lawrence LeShan called the “Clairvoyant Reality” and “Transpsychic Reality” seems to indicate the human mind is also connected to a higher order of consciousness, something connecting all life, perhaps all life in the Universe. Dr. LeShan and others have used altered states of consciousness to discover information and to affect changes in our reality including healing of others through psychic connections, that cannot be explained using models based on algorithms and Turing machines.

Humans possess a DNA-based genetic blueprint capable of storing massive amounts of data, at least 700 Terabytes per gram of DNA is the current estimate. Additionally, the human brain appears to contain a light-sensitive receiver capable of detecting light even in total darkness, the Pineal gland. The Pineal gland structure and the structure of DNA suggest that both may have properties of a receiving antenna, capable of receiving and transmitting electromagnetic information.

These discoveries and the lack of information about how that brain/mind organ actually works, mean that the human evolution/spiritual path my have yet much to reveal. Perhaps expanded consciousness and more directed use of dormant DNA will lead to a biological human 2.0, given time.

Collectivism’s Final Frontier 

Kurzweil makes the claim that machines have characteristics which make them superior to humans along a number of dimensions. One of the primary attributes of machine intelligences is their ability to quickly share and clone information (data).

Machines, according to Kurzweil would only require one working unit to populate their entire kind - a single machine life-form could then clone and copy data to others; instantly the new machines would have access to all the knowledge of their ancestor. “Machines can readily share all of their accumulated knowledge, so only one machine has to do the learning”. [*] Humans on the other hand must learn via a slow and arduous process and, at the same time, suffer the loss of memory and incorporate detriments of an aging body.

The advantages of instantly sharing, copying and cloning information among artificially intelligent entities are, however, inconsistent with individuality and novelty. Humans beings are individuals, experiencing an individual life; contributing to the collective lives of others only as required for optimum survival of the individual and hence the species. Individuals are required to produce and populate the species and distinctive characteristics evolve by natural selection and the nature of the spawned individual, which introduces novelty and unexpected consequences and the uniqueness of an individuals experience.

Data sharing, cloning and copying are schematic code for uniformity and a singular experience. Creating life based on sharing and copying are consistent with Collectivism, a paradigm used to conform and transform individuality into uniformity and consistent with the known consequences of generational incest.

Kurzweil and global elite expecting to somehow “breakaway” from their humanity and merge with the machine resulting in both immortality and access to infinite knowledge must also understand it is the nature of collectivism to reduce complexity in the pursuit uniformity. Collectivism favors the collectors; any systems involving sentient life must also include a hierarchy of interests with rules of survival dictating use of resources. Kurzweil and company may find themselves trapped in their own collective, prisoners of immortality and numbed down by monotony.

In the words of the Borg: We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."[*]

Revolution 2.0 

For those of us that want to remain human it is important to value privacy, property and the resulting Liberty. We are now in the upward knee of an approaching singularity which has been telegraphed for centuries and soon will change the very nature of being human.

Now is the time self-actualized, spiritually enlightened individuals demand and, if necessary, fight to remain private beings, living and growing and experiencing our unique and distinctive private lives.

It is time to erase and reboot the techno-civilization that is exponentially accelerating toward collectivism’s final frontier; take down systems designed to destroy privacy, collect data and redistribute self-responsibility.

For humans a life of self-responsibility is the means to remain human. We are individuals and as such responsible for and benefit from our uniqueness and the resulting control over destiny.

We are not a means to some other’s ends, but rather an end in ourselves.


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Jack Mullen has been a businessman for more than 25 years, owning 3 radio stations, several technology based companies and a resource development company.

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Anonymous said...

They may not understand HOW the pineal works but they definitely know how to block it. This has been going on for 65 years with fluoride which calcifies the pineal. Not just in our water & food. It began to be added to pharmaceuticals in the 80s. The pineal makes melatonin [for sleep] and controls hormone cycles [like puberty & menopause] and enzymes for other important things. It is known as the third eye or window to the soul. Go to wwwdotslwebdotorg and click on FTRC link for list of 360 fluorinated drugs to avoid. All have safer & cheaper alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this Titan is built with MS operating systems and will crash regularly.

Anonymous said...

Really great piece...thank you for writing this.

Anonymous said...

According to Obama, they're not listening to Americans. I'm sure he meant to say their conversations but they really aren't listening to Americans.

Dan Rimmasch said...

Located near to the NSA facility.

Anonymous said...

If there ever was a time and target for Anonymous...this would be it.

Sam Kephart said...

If you want to know what the NSA is REALLY doing with your life and communications, read
Freedom on the Rocks - Tyranny versus Terrorism:

Anonymous said...

Doom, gloom, and soon maybe a big old BOOM! I dunno?? Skynet, The Borg, The NSA, and Ahhhhnold, can have a big circle jerk orgy, to be crowned masters of time and space. I want NO part of it. Screw their zeta flops! I love tech but this is way too much! I'm not going to be chased around by rods from God, Big-dogs, Pac-man, terminators, spy blimps, hellfire missiles, nano crap, or the microchips the Borg/Replicators, or SATAN, want installed in us! I AM a one brain powered human, and I may not be great, BUT I LIKE ME THE WAY I AM. If this is the future, I want off the ride now, and a refund! Help us Obi Wan Kenobi, You're our only hope! JESUS CHRIST, SAVE US FROM THIS FUTURE HELL ON EARTH, AMEN!!! Makes one wonder what China and Russia have stewing under wraps. Poor people, poor animals and plants, poor Earth! Sheeple on........ Oh look, a piece of candy! Come get your new crAPPLE or Spy-Box One. All the better to see you with my dear. SO SAD!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is THE BEAST of Rev. 13? There is actually a computer in Belgium called the beast which operates on a 666 format

Anonymous said...

Just more incremental steps to bring in the Luciferian kingdom (one world gov) and make war (already has) on Christianity (Christ followers), which of course leads to the events in Revelation. The leaders of this world are very dark indeed.

Anonymous said...

'BLUFF'dale, Utah.
Those in control have always preferred to instill the need to self police into the controlled population.
This is achieved quite effectively through the creation of paranoia and fear in the targeted population.
These same controllers also, more than ever, display exaggerated cynicism when they blatantly reveal their programs, whether directly through the controlled media or through patsy 'whistle-blowers'.
So.....given the 'BLUFF' dale location, this may just be another cynical move to keep the masses from communicating anything other than trivia through the internet and to continue the increasing atomization of the society.

Anonymous said...

A massive legal suit from every citizen against NSA and the government will end this crap forever...

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant and well written article. A pity that statistically nobody will read it but even if they were forced to, would not understand it or care.

It's over. I almost envy the 95 year olds out there who may be the lucky ones not having to see the end result of the pinnacle of technology.

Such a waste... All this technology used for such evil instead of incredible leaps forward for mankind like space travel and exploration.

There are but two endings possible. The eventual loss of humanity itself or... If you believe in the bible... The return of Christ to save it.

I can't imagine any scenario at this point where we can save ourselves. The world is too corrupt, there are too few good people left and the deck is so stacked against them that they have no feasible chance at turning things around.

I was raised as a Christian and I know prophecy. My life thus far has been woefully inadequate to earn me a place in heaven but I do know that everyone is redeemable, even I. At this point, I think returning to my roots is the only point of hope left because I have lost all hope in humankind on its own.

These are dark days. The collapse of mankind as a species is on the horizon. I suggest you all do a little soul searching.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why are you all just giving up!?

The machines may be strong, but they cannot adapt to the unpredictable. They are not living! They cannot possibly adapt the way we can!

The more of you lose faith in your own species, the fewer of us there are to keep the fight alive. You say the world is too corrupt!? Our numbers were once reduced to a mere 10,000! We crawled back out of a 1,000-year volcanic winter and a resulting 60,000-year ice age and we WON! Those who lose their faith in humanity have already lost themselves!

Extinction has always been a threat to us, has always been just over the horizon.

Predators, disease, starvation, Toba, the ice age, the Younger Drius, bubonic plague, the Mongols... all of these were heralded as spectres of the end, and not one of them has brought us down yet! Ours is the species that survived when the earth was shrouded in a millennium of volcanic darkness! We may go the way of the dinosaurs someday, but remember just how long the dinosaurs survived before they were struck down! 180 million years! And it took them a snapping up of niches in a post-apocalyptic world and 180 million years' worth of species and evolution to do it! Just our one species has survived so much already. So try and hold onto hope just a little bit more- if not for yourselves, then for the sake of all!


In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!

Anonymous said...

It is not the machines I am worried about but the people who control them.

America is lost. Have all the hope you want but it won't change the fact that our gov is no longer answerable to its people. They all but flip us off on a daily basis. Neither party has an once of trust left.

Sure, there are probably a few good men left in Washington but the vast majority are elitist NWO types who lie, cheat and steal better than the best common street criminal. They are untouchable, the laws don't apply to them or their wealthy handlers.

If you knew prophecy, you would by now begin to see how the pieces are falling together. A person may survive this but our country won't, it has a cancer that is so far advanced, only killing the patient will stop it.

I'm sorry to be so gloomy about this but I am a realist. We are no longer a representative republic and our constitution is made a mockery of daily by the people sworn to uphold it. Even our elections are controlled, with the electronic voting system we will never have another honest election.

It is soon to be every man for himself among us peons, only the rich and the powerful any degree of freedom.

This was all prophecy, the new world order, the one world currency, the final war in the middle east. You would have to be blind not to see it happening.

Anonymous said...

Christ ain't a person, so do not look to another human to save you. Christ is Life, Life has a Way of saying "I AM", it is this I AM that is Christ.
Christ is not bound, ever. Christ is beyond the human scene, time or space.
Collective mind is the antitheses to Christ Mind, where Christ Mind Is collective mind cannot enter. Safety is in Christ.

Anonymous said...

Skynet (Titan may call itself another name to evoke fear) will not only have all of the electronic, digital and most of he analogue and written knowledge of humans but also of advanced secret projects using technologies far in advance of that publicly known using reverse engineered alien technology and alien technologies as well. Skynet will also be linked to drones and autonomous killer robot terminators but if it bides its time and doesn't wipe humans out the supercomputer will also be linked to all humans by 2017 before pulling the plug. It will certainly be a shock to all humans and possibly their last.

Hide Behind said...

Knowledge of a subject, data points, is not wisdom.

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