Thursday, June 6, 2013

Obama is Big Brother and a Bold Faced Liar!


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Hide Behind said...

About as interesting as a realy rotten fart in a packed theater, everyone knows the place stinks and the guy not saying anything is the cause but you want to finish seeing the movie so you shut up, hold your nose and hope that he doesn't cut another one.
In Obamas case he will cut em until out of office, and you will continue to smile as if nothing is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Finally. Finally Cenk gets it concerning Obama. Finally.

NickelthroweR said...

This has all been known since 2002. The bigger question is: why bring it all out now? I suspect that there is some infighting going on which is why all this dirty laundry - dirty laundry that everyone was aware of, is being aired out now.

Anonymous said...

I wish it were that easy to say this is all Obama's fault, but it never is.
I don't like Obama. I didn't like Bush.
There are many running the country in and out of politics that don't deserve the power.
Anyone trying to convince you of a left right, conservative liberal conflict is either lying to continue the distraction and chaos, or is just delusional.

This is about what is RIGHT, and I think most people in their hearts KNOW what that is.
Don't let someone make up your mind for you.
Look at all the facts and think for yourself.

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