Saturday, June 22, 2013

Heroes, fake hope, and real hope in the Matrix

Jon Rappoport
Activist Post

The occasion for this article is the controversy swirling around Edward Snowden, who recently exposed secret programs of the National Security Agency.

It’s about one corner of that controversy: should we accept him as a hero even if the possibility exists that he isn’t?

The Matrix is designed to stimulate certain emotions.

For example: “We had a hero. Then he was taken down. Now we will feel sadness, desolation, and eventually nostalgia for what might have been.”

For example: “We have a hero. Let’s not look too closely at what he is. Now we will feel hope, a joy at his victories, and a confirmation of our deepest dreams.”

In both examples, the vast majority of people are an Audience. They experience a vicarious sequence of emotions, by proxy.

Proxy equals passivity at the core of consciousness. It is in that deep passivity that the labyrinthine Matrix maintains its hold.

And to disturb the passivity in any way brings out complaints and protests. Their ultimate translation is: “Don’t bother me, I’m sleeping. I’m the Audience.”

Understand that we’re not talking about a person who, inspired by a hero, takes stock, and then swings into powerful action. No, we’re talking about spectatorship.

True inspiration leads to action.

The Matrix is about a round of feelings that dead-end.

Whereas real hope rides on the back of action.

But for most people, action is out of the question, because they can’t imagine what it would be. Nor can they find within themselves a profound and stirring desire that ignites imagination.

Working in toward the center of themselves from either desire or imagination, they draw a blank. The motor spins, but there is no traction, no signal that takes them out into the world.

They settle for fake hope, and when the source of that hope (a hero) is impugned, they boil and rage. Then they stifle those feelings.

They settle on: “Don’t bother me, I’m sleeping.”

If you tell them the world is being run by criminals, they say you are promoting futility. But what they really mean is, their pipe dreams that keep them in a hopeful state of suspended animation are being disturbed.

They are in a quiet war with themselves over the question: Can I create something powerful and meaningful?

Up until now, the only thing they’ve been able to create is a reaction against anyone who intrudes on their core trance-sleep.

But I’m the exact opposite of a pessimist. I know, as in KNOW, that the INDIVIDUAL has freedom and power. Because, when all is said and done, that’s who he is.

And who he is can never be eradicated.

The requirement that significant and sweeping change for the better must happen in the next six months is the fantasy of a self-entitled child. It is the whine and the complaint of a person who has already given up, but refuses to admit it.

Short-term battles for a good world were lost a long time ago. The long-term battle never ends. It is going on right now.

Groups begging at the door of entrenched power for crumbs are going nowhere. That is no revolution. That is no liberation.

It’s a pathetic stage play.

Every individual is free, whether he wants to be or not. This freedom isn’t given to him or made legal by any mechanism.

Freedom is something you take because it is yours. You don’t ask for it. You don’t wait for it. You don’t long for it. You don’t inquire about it.

Neither do you interfere with the freedom of another.

With these two facts established, your life is your own. Your life is yours to invent. If you don’t invent it, it becomes a habit, a routine. It becomes an occasion for false hope, with which you can entertain yourself forever.

Freedom isn’t just a steady-state hum. It is the opportunity to imagine without limit and then create futures and realities that would otherwise never exist.

It is the opportunity for endless and deep and high and wide Desire, which you can fulfill by making it fact in the world.

To deny these things in the service of some other aspiration leads back to the core trance and the big sleep, by whatever name.

All entrenched and monopolistic power is a crime. Its opposite is decentralization, the nemesis of kings, monarchs, and fascists.

To understand how decentralizing can be accomplished is not merely to understand a program or a system. The understanding comes through unchained imagining, and then uncompromising action based on it.

“But I can’t!”

Then you stay in the trance, the land of false hope, the worship of heroes, the need for nostalgia.

This is neither unfair nor fair, neither just nor unjust. It simply is.

Infiltrated through the culture, there are many so-called spiritual teachings and maxims that excuse and even glorify the human need for passivity. These teachings (propaganda) have their roots in ancient societies that were built on the injustice of a rigid caste system.

These teachings were imported into modern civilization to soften the blow sustained by the widening separation between the haves and the have-nots.

“If it was meant to be, it will happen. Otherwise, it won’t.”

“The universe will tell you what to do. Wait for its message.”

“Remove desire from your life. It’s the source of suffering.”

“Live your life by accepting what is.”

“Happiness is achieved by being satisfied with what you already have.”

“Above all: patience.”

The popularity of these and other similar teachings are a testament to the big sleep.

The elevation of so-called heroes, at a distance, is merely another strategy to extend that sleep.

“But we need heroes.”

Nothing I’m writing here refutes that. If we need heroes, it’s to inspire action. ACTION.

Otherwise, people elevate heroes as a reason to a) hope and b) then do nothing.

Jon Rappoport is the author of two explosive collections, The Matrix Revealed and Exit From the Matrix, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at


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Anonymous said...

I disagree that the spiritual teachings mentioned above necessarily promote passivity and inaction. Rather, properly understood, they encourage acceptance of what is (i.e., clarity of perception), and action from a state of compassion and understanding rather than aggression and anger. Actions that arise from anger and agression only lead to anger and aggression. Actions that arise from understanding and compassion lead to understanding and compassion.

Jason Fowler said...

BRAVO! Goddamn that was a good article. I just about jumped up and punched something; very inspiring. Modern day religion truly IS the opiate of the people. Where are the Vikings? Where are the crusaders? The Magellans, Alexanders, and Spartacus'?

Anonymous said...

Clearly the NSA was unhappy with what people were saying in their conversations, so they trotted out a whistleblower to remind people that they're listening 'responsibly', as they do regularly, and to indoctrinate people into deeper mind control as the new normal. "Watch yourselves. We're like God and Santa Claus - we know all your secrets." One thing that's sure regardless of all the hot air people expend on them: these engineered scandals won't change the status quo.

If information is power, then the NSA is a powerful gang operating in secrecy with no oversight, or at least a branch of one. Thus you'd better hope they're absolute saints - they're your new gods. They can blackmail people in the highest positions of power to edit society at will, besides merely killing people, controlling media, etc. Use your imagination. Effectively, they are running the world (look at the world's condition, and how people are treated, if you want to know what these NSA people represent). Such gangs are not threatened by terrorists - they create and use terrorists, wars, financial collapses, organized crime, corporate power, engineered environmental disasters, GMOs, drugs, and so forth to further their agenda. What is that agenda? Look at the fruits this tree is producing ("Know a tree by its fruits"). It's not hard to figure out all you need to know about them. You can thank them for the world as it is. They've even convinced you that it's difficult to simply end wars and make friends by treating people well.

Rather than fighting for privacy (which is more something to be honored than enforced) it might be wise to turn the tables, and work toward visibility and transparency in EVERYTHING - government, banking, corporations, court proceedings, spy agencies, etc. Open all the information. Turn a mirror on them, a camera, and a mike. Open up their secret doors and see what all these three letter gangs have really been doing to people, and what they've been spending the people's money on for real. You want snooping, let's see who has the most to hide and shine some light in there. Watch the roaches scurry from that light!

Compared to the dangers of a secretive cabal controlling the entire world, a few terrorists are nothing to be afraid of! Americans are sadly witless - even the NSA must be disappointed in their enemy. But don't be deceived by whistleblowers who are given a megaphone by the big money MSM - wake up. They're just reminding you of what anyone should already know at this point - they are criminals who will stop at nothing to enslave you and attract all your attention and energy (they're always hungry, have you noticed?) Listening in on your conversations is the least of it. Don't be so naive. Instead look deeply at what they're accomplishing with such 'leaks', and get to know your gods a little better. After all, where did you think all this 'elite' stuff was headed? You won't like it.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who knows even the basic history of the NSA, CIA, etc., and how they have treated 'their citizens', there should be no question of who you're dealing with. No leaks are required. Yet most Americans cannot admit their infection with Nazi germs regardless of evidence, they merely cling to the belief that even though these people are impossibly cruel and break the law at will, and even though the govt has grown out of their control and even out of its own control, with protestors beaten and bloodied, they're 'on our side' so it's okay. (Seen the world lately? You think powerful govt agencies are on your side??) But denial is what it is - it's all most people can muster as a response to such great evil.

For the rest of us, it's just a question of how do you stop a headless monster which has grown so impossibly large? Simply, you don't. You can only wait for natural consequences to assert themselves, and be part of that here and there. Infinite patience is a wise approach, but stop lying to yourself about What Is. It's ugly, and it's powerful, and it creates tremendous suffering in this world. Yet the beast will devour itself, collapse under its own arrogance and size (if you can't see this, you can't, but it's not a law that can be broken - karma is). In the meantime, focus on what really matters to you, whatever that is, and don't go down with the ship. Swim into open waters and make new beginnings, better beginnings. Stop creating monsters to protect you. Create some friendships instead. It's called "sharing".

Anonymous said...

"The requirement that significant and sweeping change for the better must happen in the next six months is the fantasy of a self-entitled child. It is the whine and the complaint of a person who has already given up, but refuses to admit it."

REALLY? People who demand sweeping change in the face of such growing tyranny are demanding the freedom they INSTINCTIVELY KNOW they should have, rather than the ever-tightening cage. You mistake that instinctive demand for immaturity. Perhaps it is that they haven't been as numbed as many of us have, nor as jaded by the continual negativity/ wearing down the PTB have done over the generations? Oh, and if people have been conditioned over generations to look to authority, not realizing they have been PSYCHOLOGICALLY conditioned, you also believe they are childish? It is not childishness, it is conditioning. Mind manipulation/ rape. It sounds to me like you are letting your frustration lash out at people because you are frustrated they haven't shaken the conditioning.

The instinct is strong, but some are being led the wrong way by the conditioning, which has been going on for many generations. There is no childishness or "entitlement" (as the word is being used in negative meaning these days) in wanting to be free and wanting to get rid of corruption. It is our RIGHT to be free. Calling such an instinctive railing against our enslavement childish and entitlement is bloody nonsense!

Entitlement seems to be a new word being bandies about these days by people claiming others demanding what they feel those people do not deserves. But those people using the word don't often realize that in other ways they feel "entitled" to enforce their will (or contempt) on people who they disagree with.

Why can't we all just accept that not everyone lives their lives the way we expect they should? Or doing things the way we expect they should? If we want people to be individuals, we must recognize that not everyone does things, or learns things, the way we think they should, including methods of activism. The only concern I have is that the elites infiltrated and lead people down dark paths, tricking them into thinking it is a good path when it isn't. When they do so, expose them. If there is no elite infiltration, as long as what people are demanding do not violate individual human rights, then live and let live.

We need people to be active in fighting against corruption. IF some are called by instinct to push fast and hard for the eradication of corruption, and others are called to act slower so be it. Every action helps and we shouldn't be dumping on people so dedicated, which would cause them anger as well as a sense of being alone against a huge enemy, which might cause them to give up in despair of our rejection and contempt, rather than helping to fight the enemy (the elites). Which would mean we would be weaker in the fight, as our numbers would be less and those who give up because they see our hate might not fight anymore because their supposed allies spit on them.

Sounds like a division trap to me. I am sure the elites love when we all spit on each other and look down on each other like this. Drive each other to frustration and despair. Be warned, be wary.

Anonymous said...

> We need people to be active in fighting against corruption.

Why? What have they accomplished? Maybe it's better to move toward something, rather than always fighting against an endless sea of greed.

I'm not very impressed with activists, even the ones that light themselves on fire or go out to get predictably beaten by police. I think they just need to act out their aggression, anger, and frustration, and accomplish very little, if they don't make the problem worse. They really are fighting a war, but they know they don't have the power to win by conventional weapons, or disdain them, so they try to use pity and mobs, etc. But war it is and they lose miserably again and again, usually becoming disillusioned eventually - the burned out activist. Thus activism tends to be for the young and idealistic, not the seasoned and realistic.

'The System' will continue so long as people support it. I think NOT going to that corporate job, NOT paying that war tax, NOT using a bus system that makes you sit in the back of the bus (MLK), NOT using banks and money to share with others, NOT voting in corrupt election systems, etc, is far more powerful. Take the power mongers out of the loop. If more people practiced this boycotting and selective participation, through what they DON'T do rather than what they do, then the hidden tyranny would necessarily expand and become more visible - a stage in its eventual collapse. But activists are addicted to the very systems they oppose, and their fighting only helps keep them in place.

Haven't you guys figured out that you've lost every battle you've fought? They're much much better at war and the power game than you, no matter how you play it. It's time to change your approach. Stop playing the victim.

I'm actually proud of American passivity and what is perceived as apathy. It shows me people are thinking before they act, which is an improvement over activists whose buttons are pushed so readily. As a result of this passivity in Americans, all the efforts to get Americans 'up in arms' have thus far failed - they've had to bring in actors to merely convince people it's happening. The violence we do see is mostly stress-related insanity, random and unorganized. In a sense, the peace is holding and I say "well done Americans". I think they've finally realized, after thousands of years of exploitation, that they're powerless and have made peace with that truth, which ironically is the beginning of real power - something activists never get to, because they're so busy fighting their endless social wars.

Be at peace. It's the only way to create it.

Anonymous said...

Tavistock technique: create long range stress (we lost another hero) that can't ever seemingly be resolved, cause numbness, then insert Stockholm Syndrome (identify and empathize with villain/captor). Spread the word.

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