Thursday, June 20, 2013

False Flag Biological Attack Expected This Summer?

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Why are role-playing actors being hired to portray biological/chemical attacks at political events this summer? Could it foreshadow a false flag attack, or are they just standard training exercises?

The government often hires actors or role players to participate in training drills to make certain disaster scenarios seem more realistic for the trainees.

Companies like IIF Data Solutions are contracted by government agencies to supply "crisis actors" for mass casualty drills. IIF Data, who boasts a senior staff with "more than 250 years cumulative experience serving with DOD agencies," states on their website:
The utilization of moulaged Role Players significantly enhances the exercise training experience by more realistically simulating the conditions and challenges associated with disaster events.
IIF Data Solutions provides Role Player Support Services to Federal, State and Local authorities in support of their domestic exercise programs. Our management team has extensive experience working domestic exercises and has a proven track record of providing the absolute best Role Player Support Services available.

Besides providing role players for large annual drills like Vigilant Guard, they also work with more local training events. They are currently hiring actors for potential biological attacks at political events this summer. Below is a table outlining the scenarios and fake injuries needed for the drills:

IIF is now hiring for these political events this summer:
What does this have to do with the potential of a real attack at these events?  Well, nearly all major "terror" attacks including 9/11, the London Tube bombings on 7/7, and the Boston Marathon bombing all had drills taking place the same time depicting the exact attack scenario that played out.

And evidence has emerged that "crisis actors" were used at tragic events like the Boston Marathon bombing and the school shooting in Sandy Hook Connecticut.

What are the chances that the same woman (actor) was available to CNN to describe the mother of the Sandy Hook shooter and then reappear as a witness for two separate events that unfolded in Boston?

Could it be that crisis actors are being used for live mass casualty events in addition to training drills? This would seem to indicate either foreknowledge of these events, or at least for information control following these events.

Foreknowledge would mean that these events are false flag operations by insiders (perhaps with "250 years cumulative experience serving with DOD agencies") in order to shape the propaganda of the aftermath.

If IIF actors did indeed play a role in real mass casualty events in the past, could IIF drills be an indicator of the type of attack that could happen in the future?

Be vigilant, and remember this article should a tragic chemical or biological attack occur this summer.

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Hide Behind said...

Would be convenient as Israel and US Nato try out their newest weaponry upon Syria, ad rumors float of already possible bunkerbuster nuke upon Damascus by ISRAEL needs to be over shadowed bu ahorrific event near oir homes.
Obviously we,US GOV, do not mind killing a million non US but finding enough cold blooded bastards to kill tens of thousands citizens in past may of been difficult.
after watching the Empire form in last 24 years I would say it can now be easily done.
That It is entirely possible for gov to hide what rest of world knows was an Israeli nuke bunker buster was used upon Damascus, they can do as they wanna. when they want.
Let it come as we like sheep wilp just bleat in pain

Hide Behind said...

Hey Utah! I would like to suggest a site for next panic attack upon americans, Washington DC.
A lot of our elected and the tens of thousands of clucks. behind and under the desk, look like they need some exercise and some of those old ladys and gents have not waddled since 9/11.
Then again tell some and the sell the info so I guess that won't work as there would be nosurpride and they would all be home drawing sick pay.
Oh well, just trying to be a helpfull patriot......ooooops.......american.
Sorry I forgot that patriots are or may well as be terrorist. damn them anyways.

Janet Phelan said...

Thank you, Activistpost, for posting this most important article. We have already seen a number of insiders reporting that a major pandemic (bioweapons attack?) is expected before year's end: It would be wise to take heed and start making preparations. Storing water, food and whatever medicine one generally takes would be a smart move, given the predictions being made and the delivery systems already documented.

Anonymous said...

Let us assume this woman who appears in all three scenarios to talk about the events with insight, is in fact, an actor. Consider these curious notions.

1. She was paid for her work, she got a check, with withholding, SS, and taxes withheld.

2. She's proud of her work, as she did it three times in a short period of time.

3. She has a family, who she went home to after the event and pridefully stated, "I did a great job today, helping fool the American press and the population at large."

4. Does she have another job? Does she get unemployment after each event?

6. The Sandy Hook was clearly adlibbed, several of the things she said were contradictory, and were not anything someone who knew the woman would say, even in a setting like that. It has all the hallmarks of Improve work which is easy to decipher - meaning she was trained for this.

7. she's someone's mom, daughter, sister.

8. If you were given 50k, 100k, 1mil, would you do what she did? Would you do it more then once? would you tell your friends? Could you live with yourself when you found out your work ended up killing one young boy and incarcerating another and, most importantly, ending many of the liberties that allowed you to get the job in the first place?

9 Does she fear for her life now that she has been outed?

Anonymous said...

The one question that must be asked after these events is, of course, Qui bono - who benefits? And the answer, of course, is Israel and its occupied territory in Washington, DC.

9/11 was the worst false flag event in US history. Nearly 3,000 people were killed that day. Eyewitnesses saw dancing Israelis celebrating the collapse of the Twin Towers while their cameras filmed the entire event. In addition, a white van containing a group of Mossad agents was stopped by police and these agents taken in for questioning. Explosives found in the van were confiscated and the agents arrested. It was found out that these Mossad operatives were going to bomb the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels to inflict even more casualties.

Thank God, the police thwarted these Israelis' plans.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Aurora, Co.

Anonymous said...

Horse manure.Who stands to benefit from the attempts to make Israel the culpable party for the false flag on 911? Who keeps us in the dark as to the melding of intelligence agencies worldwide that has already taken place? Who protesteth so loudly that we are Israel's friend when our meddling in the Middle East has put Israel at more risk than ever? Who has failed to bestow upon Israel an adequate missile defense system while egging Iran on in what can only be seen as a manufacture war between Israel and Iran?

FunCoTech said...

Hey Horse Manure, shut up shill.
It is Possible you are just so incredibly stupid and biased that you actually believe this incoherent crap, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

The Nazis were not defeated, Funcotech. And rather than resorting to ad hominem attacks and name calling, why don't you try to find a missile defense system that Israel possesses that in any way equals that of Iran? You can't. Israel is wide open. How did its "friend and protector," the U.S., allow that to happen?

Anonymous said...

The US has not been a 'friend' of israel for years. Certainly not since the usurper 'took' office.

The US is a paid lobby group & patsy for israel - everyhting America has is open for unlimited use by israel.

ha ha? I hope so...

WHat happened to all the gold that was in the vaults under one of the towers... no clean up of that done as it was moved prior to the collapse.

How about the eyewitnesses and videos of unmarked plabes hitting the buildings.

How about the remnants of thermite and the 'cut' steel beems?

How about bld 7 ...the 'wash' from the collapse of the towers was enough to bring a building down exactly like a profesisonal demolished building would have?

More? Let me know...

Anonymous said...

If you were given 50k, 100k, 1mil, would you do what she did?

We already have large groups of people doing what she is doing:

the politicians, the news media, the military, the police, the lawyers/judges, even our religious leadership.

They are all going along with the 100 year war of terror based on lies.

They have taken the Judas Spirit instead of the Holy Spirit.

David A. Laibow said...

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from IIF offering me a gig as a disaster scenario actor. Since I'm in the Philippines, I didn't even bother to formulate a clever turndown; I just hit the "delete" key. I'm glad I did.

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