Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DHS Admits Backpack Explosive Drill Planned Before Marathon

Anthony Gucciardi

The Boston Globe is now reporting on a DHS admission that a "frighteningly similar" drill was planned by DHS before the Boston Marathon that turned reality during the event.

Storyleak article:
Boston Globe report:

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Anonymous said...

Did not have to tell me this. I knew. I knew!

Anonymous said...

Boston bombing was certainly fishy! This adds a ton to the dead rotting fishy smell! This is the same kind of fishy as the 9/11 drill involving planes flying into buildings that had air space shutdown all through the area.

The flaky batman shooting.

Sandy hook, where no less then three suspects were identified wearing camo, in the nearby woods, and then lost. And, of course, the son who shot and killed his mother. The one and only person in his life. Probably the only person he ever bonded with. Shot her dead, and then went and shot 20 children, and 6 adults.

And then we have the Santa Monica shooting, that probably saved hundreds of lives. A middle eastern man who had 1300+ rounds and was ready to do serious damage. In a state where this kind of thing should be fairly hard to do, since the equipment was only available hundreds of miles away in other states (Arizona, Nevada).

All these stories have the same ending. They are dead, and/or miraculously can not communicate! And, coincidentally, they all occurred in the past year!

What's next? Something big. As, gov want's a bigger constitutional subversion be the end of the summer. Personally, I believe Santa Monica was intended to be that huge over the top event, it was thwarted. Now they have to try again.

FunCoTech said...

Don't forget the London bombings - identical story an a training exercise

FunCoTech said...

Wow! The Boston Globe!
This might just waken a few sleepers.
Seems they're letting Too many things slip into the open.
I think they might need their armoured personnel carriers and militarised police sooner than they hoped.

Unknown said...

Chris Kyle was most likely knocked off because he found out that his organization had rogue members that were planning the bombing

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