Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Compromised: How the NSA Blackmails Government Officials

James Corbett

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Anonymous said...

Great NSA could u FAX me my NSA FILEs from 2010,2011&2012?
we were having a DEBATE at the House&couldn't remember exactly where we stood on the whole Obamacare Obama Tax SCOTUS Ruling during that time period-
If you'll remember that's b4 the CBO raised so many concerns with the ACTUAL COST of the program, or as Chief Justice rewrote it 2 be, an ENORMOUS TAX-A TAX on BREATHING the air in NORTH AMERICA&Obama's TRYING 2 add a tax on AIR 2 ,through Flawed Computer Models on "CLIMATE CHANGE."
I remember being worried about the possibility of NOT having the finances, in the NOT 2 DISTANT future ,2 afford a 20 thousand Dollar annual HEALTH insurance plan.
It seems again 2day the SCOTUS believes the court has the ABILITY 2 write LAWS, rather than their CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY 2 UPHOLD& interpret the WRITTEN LAwS already on the BOOKS.
-We thought during the time of the ruling last year, Justice John Roberts was being blackmailed 2 change his opinions days b4 the RULING & here is the PROOF-
NSA was listening in&PRESSURE was applied.
now we have the BIGGEST TAX in the HISTORY of the world on our SHOULDERS.
What is the purpose of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT storing every Americans PERSONAL Info? Unless the FED holds onto it until they decide 2 make an offer that can't be refused-

DavidGordon said...

POSTED JUNE 14th on BIN - reprinted with permission (mine)

Dear NSA:

As you well know I have been staunch Patriot blogger and commentor on a number of sites. (I guess you know them.) But, I was wondering if you could send me the complete compilation of my various submissions (in chronological order plz) because – although I have copies on my computer for most (sorry, you know that too, lol) – some I don’t have. I want to create a record of my writings to “wake people up”, pillory monsanto (apologies, no caps for evildoers), reference Constitutional premises, start blogs as the “Voice of Reason” (lol, not so much), point out insanity, invent the term “govermob,” and generally support free-thinking and liberty. Also there is my work creating

Why? You ask. So that I can put it on my website and proclaim loudly, writing across the face of the digital realm in characters as large as John Hancock, I STOOD FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLDS’ FUTURE!

Anyways, you guys are about done and my offer of re-integration and forgiveness given transparancy of 3/15/13 stands. And yes, that is my face on this article. Get used to it.

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