Sunday, June 16, 2013

77% Do Not Trust Television News

Activist Post

The annual Gallup survey revealing confidence in institutions made news earlier this week for a record low score of 10% for Congress. But another figure is noteworthy in the study: only 23% of those polled said they had a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in Television News.

One would think that 77% lacking trust in television news is a staggering number. Yet it is actually an improvement over last year's results of 79% (or 21% with confidence).

If the new low for Congress has something to do with recent political scandals, perhaps the media's coverage of those scandals has given them a slight boost.  However, other polls show trust in media to be even worse.

Another survey from earlier this year by Rasmussen concluded that only 6% rate news media as "very trustworthy" with twice as many (12%) who believe the news is "Not At All Trustworthy".

These surveys seem to contribute to the increasing trend of people turning to the Internet for their news. Pew Research's State of the Media study for 2013 showed that online news is the only growing sector in the news industry.

Although it's difficult to prove that getting news from the Internet translates into an increase in alternative views, some indications are that this is the case.

A survey conducted last month in Australia showed that 50% of Australians who oppose vaccination got their information from the Internet, while only 17% of people who support vaccination got their information online.

This would seem to suggest that when people are exposed to alternative information and more in-depth reporting they will change their views.

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  1. Since George Soros has ties to 30 major news outlets we know we can trust them.

  2. At this rate the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy will soon have more believers that the corporate controlled MSM.

  3. I'll bet the list of 8 million people on the gubermints list of undesirables grows daily. There are not enough gubermint workers to incarcerate all the American people who disagree with them. And like most of the gubermints intimidation tactics...this too will blow back in their faces in the form of many, many very pissed off people. The people wise to their tactics is growing exponentially and have started to push back en mass. The hilarious part is their plan to lock up whole cities of dissenters, the supporting base of the current administration! For should they dare to venture into the countryside, they will be met with a whole lot of non-city dwellers who choose not to be rounded up like citified cattle and will fight back in their own back yards. The moment MSM tries to justify the actions of drone strikes on whole neighborhoods is the moment the MSM becomes a target of the American people.

  4. Turn on the evening news and critically watch the stories. The time devoted to anything remotely "news" is minutes at best. It has become a feel-good, cheer leading informercial devoid of reporting on important issues.

    I think the evening news would have collapsed without the laundering of tax money via big pharma ads.

  5. Sorry, we do not have a mainstream media, we have a Propaganda Machine very similar to the former Soviet Union's apparatus back in the day...

  6. 77% may not trust television news but their television's keep them sedated enough that 98% of us are not willing to walk away from it long enough petition for change or even demand accountability on the part of our government employees and elected officials.

  7. Because It's PURE PROPAGANDA!

  8. research Operation Mockingbird ...

    also one of the best quotes ever came from CIA director William Casey's first meeting in 1981. "We will know when our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the US public believes is false."

  9. look up cnn fakes interview in parking lot . we are not their concern. they work for the banks to hide or push an agenda.

  10. find someone who is into computers, or blue screen people. it maybe hard to believe and im not saying its true. but even michael jacksons death interview was on blue screen why i dont know maybe he is still alive. remember your worth more dead than alive. even you after they cash in your birth certificate.

  11. Old Soviet-era saying: "In the Truth there is no News, and in the News there is no Truth."

    Of course, in Russian, truth = Pravda, and news = Izvestia, also the names of the two State-run newspapers of that era.

    We have managed to descend to that level, and put it on steroids at the same time. Surely the American Way of propaganda...

  12. tell them about Israel and 911, and suddenly 95% of them trust TV news.

  13. Internet news is no better. It's all fun and games. If you think the Dailey Beast and the Huffington Post do news, you are diluted.