Thursday, May 2, 2013

WW3 Countdown: China Moves Against the US Dollar


China has just made several moves against the U.S. dollar, and currency wars with the U.S. have a way of turning into real wars.

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Anonymous said...

You talk too fast.

Anonymous said...

China will only undermine the dollar if that is what the TPTB desire. China has been assimilated and the corrupt Chinese elites know full well that any unauthorized "move" against the central banksters will be met with sharp reprisals whether it be military action, economic, or some form of environmental/biological devastation largely untraceable to the original source.

It all smacks of Orwell's Oceania (U.S.) vs. Eastasia (China) vs. Eurasia (Russia) with the additional bonus of an amorphous and constantly mutating theme of roaming "terrorists" wholly created and controlled by the system, perpetually engaged in mock warring to justify the military industrial complex and a totalitarian surveillance society.

Anonymous said...

I FULLY Support any action that will BRING DOWN the US government from its height of intolerable MURDERS, tyranny--better, TERRORISM, authoritarianism, dictatorship, determinism, totalitarianism, and impunity.

The government of the USA has violated and broken down the virtue on which the USA was built by George Washington, John Adams, Dr, Benjamin Rush, etc, violated also its Declaration of Independence regarding tyranny which it condemned, and all the international laws of the UNSC and the World Court--the organisations that it established for security and peace.

Therefore, the government of the USA has made a very good case for its replacement as one reads in the same Declaration of Independence regarding what the people should do when a government becomes tyrannical.


Russia, North Korea, Iran, Germany, Japan--remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki?--Africa--you have suffered worst from that evil and Godless government--should JOIN because it is moral, noble and liberates governments and nations from extreme tyranny, Godlessness and satanism.

Anonymous said...

If China is the largest foreign owner of US debt, then how would it be in their best interest to devalue that same currency?

Would they just see it as a worthwhile investment for getting the job done?

Harold Smith said...

The "U.S." "government" (if you can even call it that anymore) is forcing China (and everyone else for that matter) to take the actions it is.
After the "cold war" supposedly ended, Russia wanted to disarm; "U.S." "government" treachery is forcing Russia to re-arm.
The whole world is apparently now seeing it clearly: the "U.S." "government", the satanic, psychopathic evil that it is, has become the deadly, implacable foe of every decent person on this planet.

Anonymous said...

At the end of WWII the OSS, now called the CIA, was heavily infiltrated by the KGB, then during the late 1950's early sixties the growing and evolving MOSSAD also infiltrated the CIA with the consequence that now both have embedded a rogue power within all our Intelligence organizations and have taken control of America in near whole.
Don McAlvany's Intelligence Advisor warned back twenty years that even the Chinese had now infiltrated many operatives into our Intelligence network, it was Chinese money that backed President Clinton from the begining of his political carrer. Note also, that Henry Kissinger has been from the begining colluding with the Chinese and now so has been Geithner and Lew; its all in the plan to use the power and resources of America to further foriegn interests, i.e. Judeo/Freemasonry, to deplete America's wealth and resources and then the final phase is the Marxification of America.
Obama's mission was to accelerate and prepare America for a Marxist Dictatorship and a "foriegn invasion" by both Russia and China. Recently, documents have surfaced indicating that Russia and China have agreed to a future division of N. America; Canada to the Russians, USA to the Chinese with some other small concessions to Marxist South American countries who will side with our enemies.
In the 1950's, Bella Dodd, then former Secretary to the Communist Party, USA, testified before the House UnAmerican Committee, that she personally had infiltrated thousands of communist operatives (many who were homosexuals and perverts) into all levels of government, education, military and social institutions; we now see the product of that successful infiltrationl. After the so-called fake fall of the Soviet Union, two liberal Yale Professors went to Russia to study released government documents to prove McCarthy fabricated and employed a phony witchhunt, but on the contrary were amazed and surprise to find documentation that absolutely proved McCarthy's accusations that Communists had infiltrated all through our society and government.

May I add some related material: Catholic Mystics have warned that soon there will be revolution and civil war in all of Western Europe and America, that it will be the most violent and horrible event in history, that over 50% of America will die. This they say will be followed by a Russian-Chinese attack on American soil when America is in this revolutionary turmoil, when chaos and fighting will be on every American street and city.
This is all to happen very suddenly and very soon, that both the Church and the world are to be soon severely punished, and when all seems lost, when both the Church and the world seem doomed, then God will intervene and turn the tide. Yes, virtue and the "good" win in the end, that not one of our enemies, not foriegn or "within" will escape God's wrath, but not before we pay the price for abortion, homosexuality, pornography, drugs, divorce, contraception, fraud, theft, extremely immodest dress in women, etc, so say these mystics.
Does anyone really think that at the moment we can honestly, with straight face and faith say - God Bless America in its vice and degradation, when even the so-called "good", the pro-gun crowed, pro-constitution, and Christians have and are committing so many crimes against God's laws?, of the great Apostasy of the hierarchy of the Church from near 2000 years of the true faith, when man is now fashioning a god of his own making? First we have to be "purified" in the fire, so to speack. No electricity for over a year, massive fighting, starvation, no stores, gas, heat, water, etc, for near two years and a short violent civil war followed by a foriegn invaison ("with help from within our own Obama government).

Anonymous said...

Paleese....this is all a game, another move on the chess board. The Rockefellers have been involved with the Chinese elite for some time now. This has been the plan all along.

The Li Bloodline and Rockefeller.

Why do the TPB LOVE China? Because they've got the Communism-thing down perfectly. China's Modus Operandi is exactly what they wish to implement worldwide.

You still have some power, stop reaching for empty materialism, stop buying things for your children that do nothing to uplift them spiritually. Hanging out at the mall is mindless and exposes your kids to 'stuff' ad-nauseum that robs them of their inner beauty and spiritual evolution.

zepheri said...

I see them appreciating the Iraqi dinar to par with the dollar as the war starts so everyone will leave in order to thin any resistance. Kind of like a last call for the unamerican dream or they could stay and die. Refugees will flood Europe and the U.S. and foment more terror for more war.
John Lennon was dead on with "the world is run by insane people for maniacal ends". Kinda makes that I love new york shirt he wore seem a little sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

China will make a move when it realizes that that the US will pay the debt with worthless inflated dollars, a trick that they are wise to.

Anonymous said...

The Rothschild's moved all their banking assets from Europe to China last year. They can collapse our economy and be on top of the next monetary system leaving us in the dirt.

Joe Bluke said...

Meanwhile nobody mentioned those mean Germans when they hurt those poor Jews. But when Jews cry nobody ever says shut up that was 60 years ago and you financed the war anyway. You can work your whole life and save every dime and they can inflate money so much and rob you of it all or they can issue other money and rob you or they can move the money around. I just think the world would be a better place if once you made a million you had to spend it all before you even tought of making another dime. If you figure they destroyed Eastern Europe, China is Communist and now it's America's turn. We are going to pay for our ignorance.

Anonymous said...

it's past time to get ready for the return of christ to take his bride home christ in us is the only hope we have left- you are rxplining the rise of the antichrist a bible prophesy to be fulfille and yes th church is victorious at the end satan in men will be defeated-get filled with the holy ghost our hope of glory-

Anonymous said...

Maybe to force the us to pay in gold instead of useless paper or even worst electronic funds.

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