Sunday, May 19, 2013

War on Terror Brings Tyranny Out in the Open


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Referenced Article:
US Suspends Constitution in Permanent World War on Terror

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Hide Behind said...

The war upon americans by their fellow americans has begun but it is not recent event, one only has to look back at days after even unto today what is thought of about those who claim Iraq Was not a War but a genocidal experiment by our political and military financials.
Lets not forget the venom being spewed by God Fearing clean living and asshole bound christian zionist ss that called for and actively aided the killing of Any and all Islamics. At the same time amyone that was not kill thrill trigger happy of mindwss telling anyone and everyone that Saddam was the man that blew up towers and any sane ratioal human tto this day our military concider
Senators smiling and joking about waterboarding and pulling finger nails and toe nails outof any Arab or Central Sian they disliked the looks of.
A militaryaided by the mightiest names in hollywood productions advising on how to lie to americans, hhype non existent actions.saddam statue and fake combat rescue of little american female soldier that was actually under good Iraq Dr and hospital.
Who the hell do you think has been lying to you men from the Democratic Republic of theCongo?.
No they are americans. Hell torture was funfor many, many who? Why Americans.
You got military so fn brainwashed they know not war from civilian carnage and have to keep their military pride going they already defamed most americans honor.
Thatee have been at war with truth all neos progressives and conservatives both against the true middle american who is growing mighty fn tired of both groups of lying ignorant packs of jackles tearing nation apart like spoildchildrwn.

Anonymous said...

@ Hide Behind,
I couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

"Lets not forget the venom being spewed by God Fearing clean living and asshole bound christian zionist ss"

Now I do have to defend Christians here and point out that the SS was not a Christian organization but an occult brotherhood and political organization - they would be as offended as Christians at that comparison most likely.

It's other branch was the "Armed SS" or Waffen SS which has been accused of vast crimes, but the political branch that is effectively a separate organization has never been accused of any crimes or wrong doing that I'm aware of.

But they have been falsely smeared as a "white supremacist" organization - despite the fact the SS was intended to establish branches in every nation-state on Earth with each national branch promoting the race(s) and culture(s) of that nation and the "genetic purity" and "best of the best" qualities to promote nationalism of that state.

The German branch of the SS naturally promoted German purity, German culture and nationalism, but it was not "white supremacist" - it could be argued to have been German supremacist though as they did use the idea that the Germans were special to rally them in support of becoming the global leader of a new internationalist order.

And I know this may seem trivial but many people still confuse internationalism for globalism - the Nazi's supported internationalism, the Bolshevik communists support globalism.

Internationalism = promoting strong independent nation states and healthy nationalism to work together for the common good through an international organization such as the SS brotherhood.

Globalism = the total destruction of all nation-states and creation of a "supra-national" one world government with the world split into 5 or 6 smaller districts with regional governing bodies/councils for efficiency(or rather the lack thereof).

No you don't have to support the ideologies of the SS to support internationalism, nor do you have to support Bolshevik communism to support globalism.

But it is wrong to smear Christians by suggesting some relation to an occult organization with an unfairly negative reputation (guilt by association).

Things like burning Nazi flags at anti-Globalism protests as I've seen many times before is just ridiculous, they opposed globalism more fiercely than any other force in history and were annihilated for it.

Always using the "evil Nazi" tactic for propaganda effect isn't logical if you don't actually know what the National Socialists believed in, what policies they actually supported(other than genocide).

The Americans committed genocide against the Natives once upon a time, does that fact mean those American murders should be completely ignored and their views and opinions are meaningless in the history of the events?

Both the Nazi's and Globalists are guilty of their own brands of tyranny, but globalization is a far greater threat than ultra-nationalism in my view.

Bear in mind Jewish ultra-nationalism aka Zionism is but a "peg on which to hang a powerful weapon" to achieve NWO - it's end game is globalism, it's a "false flag" attack on nationalism basically.

The Zionists and the SS have little in common, one sought to promote nationalist ideologies worldwide while the other seeks to destroy them.


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