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'Unveiled and Lifted' Official Trailer

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Lifting the veil is no task to be taken lightly...It is indeed the greatest calling of all. - Unveiled and Lifted

Watch this beautiful trailer and see if you don't get chills! Well, I did ... I'm excited for its arrival because most documentaries, even today, lack aesthetics - which is odd, considering that documentaries most often are meant to be persuasive. What better way to get a point across about higher consciousness and awakening than to fuse beautiful imagery and music with topics of truth, deeper philosophical talks, and solutions?

Unveiled and Lifted, a new type of documentary experience coming this spring, from Lifting the Veil with Cari-Lee and Justin. It fuses music, art and substance to create an engaging assessment of the current problems facing humanity along with potential solutions for pro-active alleviation. The film presents an array of authors, filmmakers, artists and freethinkers - see more below:

It features special guests Thomas Sheridan, Kathy Fontecchio, Derrick Broze, Jason Gregory, Karen Sawyer, positive talk show host Vinny Eastwood, Derrick J Freeman, Liam Scheff, Max Igan, Thema Aziz Serwa, Nabil Shaban, Joe Martino, Sonia Truther Girl and more!

Unlike hardcore info-slam documentaries that focus on horror and are deflating to watch, Unveiled and Lifted is compelling for different reasons and appears to be one of the more positive and uplifting documentaries to arrive in a long time. The title even suggests so. Another refreshing concept - it focuses on waking up and individualism! Hurray! No more documentaries that blame, blame, blame and encourage people to beg the government for change. It really begins with us...

Cari-Lee says:
I'm looking for solutions...I want to create a space where that's the focus...We have to know the problems well to accomplish the solutions. 
Concentrate on what's good and true in life even though you know all the bad. You have to know it to know how to overcome it. To overcome it you have to see it for what it is and not play into the game. I'm not saying it's easy, I'm saying it's worth it.
Hey, I like this girl ...there is a fine line between focusing on the drudgery of problems -- and acknowledgement, acceptance, and action. The focus here for what troubles us seems to be hope, individual responsibility, giving a damn and doing something about it.

I think a film like this revives hope in humanity and arouses that strong sense of inner-freedom. We need reminders to reclaim our precious power from time to time - don't you think? Did you enjoy the trailer and will you watch the documentary in full when it's out?

Website - Lifting the Veil with Cari-Lee
YouTube Channel - LiftingVeils

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Anonymous said...

Unveiled and Lifted,

I don’t agree with this nonsense that educational system is focused to indoctrinate children by increasing learning of algebra and analytical (Left brain) thinking instead more the art.
This is total nonsense.
What the producers are telling us regarding the left or right brain is total nonsense too.
It is total opposite happened in western countries.
The state creates “Useful Idiots” big humanists without analytical and critical thinking skills. These Idiots don’t understand algebra, physics and logic.
Only knowing and understanding the Universal Laws and Natural Laws we can go forward as Humanity with the balance and harmony with universal forces and laws. Universe is logical in its creation.
Those, who created these ideologies like communism, fascism were not the true scientists and mathematicians.
In fact, the most politicians are people without any analytical and mathematical skills. Most of them don’t understand the natural laws, physics, and algebra.

The Mathematic and science in western countries are on very low level.
Children are not able for analytical and critical thinking.
The right brain must be supported by left-brain.
And in current time the children are not able to think analytically and critically.
The children are not able to apply and understand algebra, and sciences. They become biological robots.
The Art cannot develop critical and analytical thinking. And never done in human history.
The Humanity history only shows that the art was always used as a tool for propaganda, politics, religions and some sociopolitical ideologies.
The greatest thinkers and humanist of human history were mostly Scientists, Mathematicians with very sophisticated analytical and critical thinking skills.
Analytical thinking is the key to understand the connections between humanity and universe as WHOLENESS.

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