Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Draft Is And Always Will Be Slavery

Anthony Gregory
Activist Post

Obama says some Americans are paranoid, fretting about an imagined tyranny lurking behind the corner. Progressives cheer as he mocks his lowly subjects. Yet some among them embrace one of the most despotic state powers imaginable: the draft.

The draft is military slavery. It cannot be justified on any basis. Ever. It is wrong in and of itself, just like aggressive war. It is true that the Vietnam war did end partly because of the draft—but only after the draft had allowed for a much larger war in the first place, entailing the death of millions of Southeast Asians and tens of thousands of Americans.

Progressives always seek to cure evils caused by the state by running to the state and asking it to resemble fascism even more than it already does. If you hate war, hate the state. If you can’t bring yourself to turn against modern corporate liberal imperialism, then just back off. If you vote for people like Lyndon Johnson and Barack Obama, who promise more war and deliver more war, a program 100% consistent with their agenda at home, then you have no business forcing millions of Americans to die and commit murder on behalf of your beloved government in some twisted, too-clever-by-half scheme to stem the predicable evils that are not peripheral but intrinsic to the type of government you favor. You want a government that manages the economy, takes care of us all, stands up to every real and perceived evil of social power? Then you get mass murder. You don’t get to relieve your guilt by forcing young Americans, under threat of imprisonment, into the horrors of war that inexorably follow from your own agenda. Slash and smash the state. It is the problem. Giving it the power of military enslavement is not just self-defeating; it makes you a party to atrocity on a mass scale.

Now, short of abolishing the state or military, we could conceive of a reform that at least moves things toward freedom. Despite the pro-draft propaganda, we don’t have an “all-volunteer” military. People in any other sector have a right to quit their jobs at will. They might be in violation of contract to do so, but they are not thrown in cages for quitting.

The military is the only institution, or at least the major one, that still utilizes indentured servitude. This is inconsistent with freedom and human rights. Soldiers should be free to quit. If they were, these wars would be much harder to sustain. During the Iraq war, many soldiers are marines were forced to return to combat two, three, or six times under Stop Loss Orders. They should have been free simply to say, “No.”

If you want to stop wars by tweaking with military personnel policies, establishing a truly volunteer military, where people can quit at will, would be the single best reform. It would also reduce the many problems of military recruitment, which uses dishonest and shady methods to ensnare young Americans into the Armed Forces. There would still be a lot of awfulness, including the military’s tendency to draw on the poor who have few other options, but there is simply no way to make the intrinsically hierarchical and regressive military into an egalitarian institution. A draft too will always hit the poor much harder than the politically connected.

Calling for military conscription to stop wars is wrongheaded in many ways. More important, the draft is a form of slavery, and simply evil from top to bottom. If you want to reform the system and strike a blow against perpetual war, fight for the right of soldiers to quit their jobs at will. It is consistent with human rights and peace, and shrinks the power of the military state rather than doing the opposite. If your true interest is in ratcheting back imperialism and discouraging particularly disastrous wars, rather than in glorifying the state, work for greater recognition of the dignity and liberty of those who find themselves stuck in the Armed Forces, not less.

This article first appeared at the Center for a Stateless Society.


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sasha landis said...

this seems to be a reply ro a recent Dan Carlin Podcast,
Where in he argues that if progressives are willing to stand by a president that endorses War then it is time to re-state the draft.

Anonymous said...

let those who want war be the one at the front of the barking guns for once, im in favor of the draft, all those who voted obama/romney raise your hands, youll get a free ticket for the front seats, then, when your all facing reality, we might have a chance for true liberty and prosperity.

to all the others, keep your guns cleaned, stack up on food and wisdom, for there is hard times to cross on the path to freedom.

and never forget that the revolution will not be televised...

Paul Panza said...

The Military is slavery! Wage Slavery!! Pennies a day for a cheap ass (expendable) illegal alien, killing machines who will commit rape, murder and suicide at the push of a button. Obsolete! The lethal, tyranny of the banksters creating more debt for their progress at your expense is Slavery! The elite grin their reptilian smiles as they contemplate a forced conscription for their Slave Armies. The alien/military/industrial/complex is Slavery! Experimentation! and Death!
The Drone King reigns, his metal dragons ruling the skies; destroying the people, their freedoms; beginning a thousand year rule. imagine a millennium of Fourth Reich Slavery!

Anonymous said...

....are we re-instating the draft?

Anonymous said...

I guess my comment was not approved. So much for freedom of speech on this website.

Anonymous said...

Some people, myself included, served their country of free will. As in I love America.

Anonymous said...

As long as anyone believes there is a party difference with respect to waging war, renewing the draft, etc., we will never solve this problem. As a nation that is, by and large, ruled by multinational corporate interests (military industrial complex, pharma, monsanto, etc. etc.) that buy politicians, both parties will wage and prolong war, and our children, and the children of others in faraway nations, will continue to be at risk. When Bush was in, it was the progressives who said our liberties are being taken away, and please stop the war (they were then unpatriotic). When the progressive candidates ran for office, they pretended to support these pleas. When the progressives won the white house, etc., suddenly, the conservatives (republicans, opposite of progressive?) took up the banner, saying progressives were taking away our freedom, and please stop. That means that 100% of the people plead for the same thing, but 0% of politicians, from either party, listened. How long before we learn????

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see the draft re-instated. Unfortunately it will never happen. The risk to the establishment would be far too great. If the draft came back, it would immediately piss off every able bodied person and their families. We'd have Vietnam-era war protest overnight, along with demonstrations in the 100's of thousands across the country. The USA reached the brink of revolution in the 60's, largely due to the draft.

The government knows this very well, and would NEVER risk an uprising of this magnitude ever again. Plus the populace has been dumbed down to the point where more than enough people actually volunteer for military service with some misplaced sense of patriotism attached to it.

I think bringing back the draft would wake up the masses, and put the fight back into every living person in the country, immediately. I'd love to see it, but there's no chance.

Anonymous said...

they dont need to brainwash the kids to get them in the green suits, they just need to keep the peoples poorer and distracted, so the guy gets out of skewl (indoctrination) with a mountain of debts, stick is dick in the first chick he can get drunk enuf to bring home(or the bathroom of the bar) then comes the 'responsibilitys', so he go get a loan laced with usury(interest) wich he cant pay since the jobs are so valatile....then he finds out that he can get paid to be a cannon fodder.

dont that make sense. in the words of roger water, it all do down to the pennys.
and it will go on and on and on till peoples get a grip on their minds and start to have principles based on REASON !

wake up southern brothers, you are being the artisans of your own slavery, the only power the 'elites' have on you is your WILL TO COMPLY !

David Macko said...

Your argument against conscription is irrefutable for anyone who believes in liberty, whether or not we choose to promote philosophical anarchism. However, unless their contracts specifically provide for doing such, I have a serious problem with half a unit of soldiers quitting (deserting) while at war and in combat, thus causing the deaths of the other half of their unit. Of course, if the government ignored the contracts by lying to them or violating the Constitution, obviously they have a right to desert under those conditions.

George Reichel said...

We need the draft.And it needs to apply to everyone.It would give people something to think about when considering war

Anonymous said...

Post twenty times if you think it is important. Don't quit if you are being censored.

Anonymous said...

Wars are seldom fought over humantarian principles, they are fought over business interest.

The agenda of Elite Globalist of the NWO is population reduction and control over the natural resourses.

Anonymous said...

"Plenty of rich folks want to fight, give them the guns."

-Woody Guthrie

Anonymous said...

The draft, also called involuntary servitude, slave.

Service, ( OXFORD) "ready to obey orders or be used";on Her, His Majesty's

Wake up folk's, .. your PUBLIC SERVANT, just claimed your body and soul!,.. you are now his Property

Dean Striker said...

The basics.
All Humans necessarily have the natural Right to Life.
A draft for military service serves to void that right. For any other to Sacrifice your life or even claim the right to do so negates your very humanity.

If one chooses to join for pay or benefits or promises, he is in effect putting a price on his own head.

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