Friday, May 31, 2013

No One Will Hold Henry Kissinger Accountable

The skullduggery of Henry Kissinger is well known, but little has been done about it.

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Aaron Dykes
Activist Post

As the unofficial envoy of the Rockefeller Empire and a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, Aspen Institute, Bohemian Grove, Trilateral Commission, etc., Kissinger is at the heart of the power structure and closely tied to many underhanded deeds as well as big plays for global power.

As National Security Advisor under presidents Nixon and Ford, and for a time also concurrently Secretary of State under the same presidents, Kissinger wielded enormous power and effectively operated on behalf of the shadow government agenda – often over the president’s head.

Informally, he has continued shaping policy as a top advisor to numerous high-level figures, including presidents and cabinet members, since his official time in office during the 1970s.

The case for war crimes and crimes against humanity outlined by Christopher Hitchens (including killing as many as half a million civilians in the secret bombings of Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War), as well as his participation in various assassinations, coups and destabilization efforts throughout the world contrast sharply with his status as a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, ostensibly for negotiating the withdrawal of American forces in Vietnam (as dubious and hypocritical as the prize has proven to be).

Moreover, via National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200, Henry Kissinger made it official U.S. foreign policy to underwrite forcible depopulation and outright genocide in the developing world, including recommendations to use “food as a weapon” (including withholding food aid to induce compliance with global population targets). The implications of this ongoing policy are both staggering and far-reaching.

Despite lawsuits and threats of extradition, as well as requests to formally answer questions over his role in the September 11, 1973 coup in Chile, including the murder of a general, and with warrants for his arrest in Chile, Argentina, Spain and France, Heinz “Henry” Kissinger remains above the law.

He readily skirts any attempts, as the one made in 2011 during the Bilderberg conference in Switzerland, to bring him to justice. Unofficially, he remains diplomatically above the law. With little exception, none dare pursue the U.S. diplomat, while the establishment cadre of media and politico figures continue to fawn over him like a patron saint.

With that in mind, the evergreen activist Luke Rudkowski, founder of We Are, brought frank and uncomfortable questions to Kissinger yet again, for the third time, during an award ceremony in his honor.

After sycophantic pageantry, including Gen. Petraeus sickeningly referring to Kissinger as his hero and kissing him, Rudkowski approached Kissinger during a dinner break, shaking a team of media handlers who were attempting to control the event.

Henry Kissinger’s only response, as in previous confrontations, was an ad hominem attack on the messenger of questions that many have raised but few have brought to his face.

Projecting his own wormy disposition, Kissinger called Luke a “coward” repeatedly, as he himself refused to acknowledge or answer any of several questions concerning war crimes, the Bilderberg group and statements of admitted criminal behavior (as released by WikiLeaks in the Kissinger Cables). Rudkowski, who has amassed the nerve to repeatedly confront him and hundreds of other world leaders, is of course anything but a coward – and Kissinger, undoubtedly, fully grasped that fact.

Previously, Kissinger has called him a ‘sick person’ and told him to ‘go to hell.’ More projecting about his own twisted life I’m sure…

WikiLeaks highlighted this telling quote from Kissinger which appeared in a transcript:
Before the Freedom of Information Act, I used to say at meetings, ‘The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.’ [laughter] But since the Freedom of Information Act, I’m afraid to say things like that.
Clearly, while Kissinger is comfortable presiding over death and destabilization, war and nuclear threats, he is very much the coward, preferring the cover of darkness, shadow and the closed door that invariably goes hand in hand with both “diplomacy” and “conspiracy.”

Bravo to those bold enough to call his bluff and far too much bullshit.

AARON DYKES is a co-founder of, where this article first appeared. As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.


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Hide Behind said...

In a truly civilized eorld Kissinger would either be dead or paced in a drug stupor and incarcerated in solitary
Kissinger and associstes in partnership with brzinski All the Shultz bankrs Bush and Chebney. Armitage Associates, Albright Associates are responsible for thedeaths by countless. brutal leaders in all the Stan energy and Balkans.
You cannot hold Kissinger to stand whrn there are literally hundreds of thousand in world and U S finance that are all guilty.
The blood onamerican populaces hands today continues to flow freely by their acceptance of brutal genocidal killings in their names.
Hell Kissinger is the Eptimone of US real diplomacy.
Kill anything that gets in your way.
I won't worry about his type I got my druthers to watch out for.
Hell we wanted him in Syeia because he has been wheeling and dealing with the UAE butchersforever.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this mother fucker is still alive. Karma retribution will be a bitch for this scum.

Jerry Nelson said...

God will hold him accountable, just as every man.

Jerry Nelson said...

God will hold him accountable, just as every man.

Unknown said...

Kissinger was allowed to meddle by the Government...

Anonymous said...

" Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." Henry Kissinger. " America buys war like children gobble candy." Henry Kissinger.

Anonymous said...

I think people who rule like they have ruled don't believe in God ,don't believe in right or wrong . The only thing that could ever bring them to a point of realization is to see all they have done to go up in flames. I really don't think were to far from all this going up in smoke . Power / evil / its all the same . I feel this retribution coming hard and fast our way . Paybacks are hell and most of us didn't do a thing except be good Americans

Anonymous said...

Kissinger is a low-life and then some.

Anonymous said...

Henry Pissinger ! Even that is too good for him.

HaraZen13 said...

That was the most wicked awesome read.

HaraZen13 said...


HaraZen13 said...

God damn it... will this shriveled probiscous gigantous turd just fucking roll over and die already.

Dave Phillips said...

The Nobel Peace Prize has been tainted and compromised for years now, you have the likes of this barbarian getting one or what? You have Obama getting one for what? truly, what did Obama do to get his? Bit of pole smoking maybe? Kissinger must cost the American taxpayer a lot of money for his personal security entourage, because goodness knows there are enough people with enough justification to want to either arrest him and whisk him away to face a court of competent jurisdiction, or just straight up end his miserable existence where he pollutes the very ground he walks on and air he breathes, a vile and unpleasant person who will pay, in this world or the next!

Anonymous said...

To this day it amazes me that men like Kissinger and Brezenski and the rest of the globalist crowd have any respect in our society. They have NO legitimate authority,no position,no function other than their own self serving belief that they are important . They would be totally nothing, but for the money powers they represent. Yet, for some reason the AK's of this world, like General Betrayus and the media worship them. How sick.

Anonymous said...

Why is this mutherfuker still alive?
He can't be human.
No one stays alive for that long and still be coherent.
But, cockroaches like him can survive even a nuclear blast.
God, look at the cockroach Cheney!
10 heart attacks and he's still alive!
Good people die after one....

Anonymous said...

The old goat boy looks like he's on his deathbed.
Hell awaits ALL of you goat$ of satan.


Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize? What a farce. A most dubious honor, it really defines peace as war.

ewingsc said...

Like the cheer-leading O'reilly and hannity

the blood on this prick's hands is just unbelievable.

Gary orGibby said...

He is proof-positive that all the assassinations we have witnessed have been carried out by the State - never by some lone nut - otherwise, there is no way to account for this M-Fer still being alive.

Anonymous said...

The Country could have done without Kissinger

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you Kissinger is using LIFE-EXTENSION TECHNOLOGY to stay alive!! But he can't live forever THANK-GOD!!!!
Bet he's afraid he'll be DAMMED IN HELL FOREVER!!
Serves him right--just another COWARD!!

Anonymous said...

But he can't live forever THANK- GOD!!!
He's probably afraid he'll ROT IN HELL!!
Which is what HE DESERVES!!
He's a NOBODY who THINKS he's a SOMEBODY!!

profnasty said...

In the spirit of Gordon Duff, let me state: For those old to remember. HK was the real 'Deep Throat'(see movie). When Nixon was brought down, whom did HK bring in? Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle. This sir, was a true coup d'etat. America was lost. The Koch bros. and their ilk, took control of the US government. All thanks to HK and his evil boss, David Rockefeller. Merry Jeckyl Day to all, and to all a good-nite.

Anonymous said...

Life extension technology? Is this the art of fitting spare parts? Using stem cell manipulation & that kinda stuff? Kids disappear, organs grown on host animals or machines? Late abortion evidence bought for experiments? This fucka wouldn't need a new heart, he ain't got one.
I know people that would say he's reptilian. I say he's an oxygen thief. He needs oxygen, right?

Anonymous said...

"...All thanks to HK and his evil boss, David Rockefeller. ...."
Who both, incidentally serve at the Rothschild's pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Send him over to my house...i will make him regret the day he was hatched.

Anonymous said...

We are all accountable for actions and we have all been judged, there are no mistakes in the process and each will know what they are after they leave their body.

Kissinger is with the evil demigod of this physical dimension, a demigod that has been neutralised by the true divine creation. There is an afterlife and Kissinger along with all the evil demons and reptilians will be held accountable for all their evil crimes and will in their afterlife go to the Halls of Accountability to face their Karma ALL OF IT in their own time by their own actions.

The evil ones including evil reptilians and billionaires involved with the New World Order and their evil associates will experience all the pain, misery, suffering, anguish, torment and death of all their victims in all the evil consciousness's (spirit's/soul's) past lives at the same time through their victims perspective as though they WERE the victim. The evil consciousness will not be able to cope and will choose dissolution (transmutation) to primordial energy to permanently end their torment.

The evil ones are desperately trying to live forever because subconsciously they know they will be held accountable and are terrified of dying because they do not want the ultimate final judgement in their afterlife. The evil ones are also going mad and will resort to ever more desperate measures to 'stay alive' even resorting to cyborgs and holograms but the physical dimension will at some point cease to exist so their efforts are futile. Truly the ruling elite and their associates resistance against their ultimate final judgement is futile.

Further information on why those of evil have lost can be found at the links below.

edwardmd said...

No one will hold Kissinger Accountable? – Nazis must hang together, or they will surely be hanged separately. What a joke Fascist Nazis holding Fascist Nazis accountable? The people seem happy to walk the slaughter house ramp. Until the people react with work strikes and boycotts, it will continue. Ed Ward, MD

Anonymous said...

Like Rothschild a ghastly specimen.

Anonymous said...

The Viet Nam war debacle and genocide was created and led by the CIA. The Dirty Work that went beyond what the media was allowed to print was handled by Henry Kissinger, employed by those who really rule. Can he be human? The military was told to do whatever HK said. His appetites were all about death, torture and harm. Young men he fancied were forced into tents where he raped and tortured, and these fellows were later found dead at "alleged battles". Even President Obama has been led by the nose by Kissinger trained econmists, think the Secretary of Finance who destroyed America's economy from 2208 to present. Obama makes no economic decisions, none. Kissinger is above the law even if the US Supreme Court held that President Nixon was not.

Anonymous said...

What nonsense. The accusations against Kissinger are ridiculous. He was a Nixon/Rockefeller detentist and statist and was wisely rejected by Reagan for it, but the cries of crimes against humanity are absurd, proven lies.

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