Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder to gun, ammo makers: Missouri is open for business

Backs efforts to promote Missouri support for 2nd Amendment

Activist Post

JEFFERSON CITY – Lt. Governor Peter Kinder today urged Gov. Nixon and legislative leaders to back efforts to recruit firearms manufacturers to Missouri.

In West Plains, businessman John Negri has offered up land to any gun manufacturer that wants to move to the Ozarks, a proposal that has gained the support of Gun Owners of America, State Sen. Mike Cunningham and Lt. Governor Kinder. Also, the Missouri Legislature this session passed and sent the governor a measure that declares federal gun control laws unenforceable in Missouri.

Meanwhile, Joplin State Rep. Bill White has filed legislation that would give similar businesses tax incentives to relocate to Missouri.

“For years, some states that are home to gun manufacturers have continued to bite the hand that feeds them, passing laws to restrict firearms,” Kinder said. “Some of those companies now are deciding it’s time to pull out and move to more friendly pastures. I encourage Gov. Nixon and lawmakers to send a concerted message to these manufacturers: Missouri welcomes you.”

Beretta recently announced it will leave Maryland, Magpul has promised to leave Colorado and Colt Manufacturing has announced that, after 175 years, it is leaving Connecticut. PTR Industries, which makes high-end rifles in Bristol, Conn., also has said it plans to leave.

Other potential gun-manufacturers that might consider leaving Connecticut are Strum, Ruger & Co., Stag Arms and Mossberg & Sons. Fox News reported the companies represent about 3,000 jobs and an estimated $1.75 billion in annual taxable revenue.

Kinder said states like Texas and Alaska already are working to lure gun makers. But, he said, Missouri is in a better position to entice those companies than other states.

“Missouri has a well-earned reputation as a ‘gun-friendly’ state,” he added. “I am proud to represent a state that values the Constitution and stands against the federal government’s attempts to infringe upon our 2nd and 10th Amendment rights.”

Kinder said Missouri’s central location with an excellent transportation network and the work ethic of its residents also are qualities manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and gun parts will find attractive.

“Our state needs to send a unified, clear message to out-of-state gun makers who face burdensome regulations, high taxes and restrictions on their products that Missouri welcomes them,” he said.

For more information on the land offer in this release contact 417-372-0686

Or visit Here to download the media kit

Missouri Welcomes Gun Manufacturers to Missouri with Land and Legislation

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Anonymous said...

How about issuing a gun permit at birth and be done with it? Drunk driving deaths and gun related deaths suck for the victims and their families (who cares, right?) On the other hand, when Homeland Security orders an obsene number of rounds for questionable reasons, and contracts with Eastern European ammo manufacturers are being signed to fill the gap, who's to say where sanity lies???

Mark McCandlish said...

As someone who has been around firearms all my life, I've never gone hunting, and never even owned a gun of my own until around twenty years ago. And I'm sixty now. The Second Amendment was never about "hunting" or the right to hunt. It has always been about the inalienable right of self-defense.

Now much has been made of the mass shootings of the last few months and decades, with the result being a shrill cry for more gun control, as though by removing guns from personal use, all gun violence will magically disappear. In places where this notion actually took hold, the idealism that came with it has sadly never been realized. The criminal element of society is still using firearms to rob and kill a (now) defenseless population. Places like Australia and the UK come to mind...

What you haven't been told is that 90% or more of these much publicized shootings across America involved people with several other notable common factors: Mental illness and psychotropic drugs use. Most often you find drugs like Zoloft, Prozac and Ativan, also known as Lorazepam. Side effects may include depression, seizures and suicidal thoughts. Almost nothing has appeared in the media about this fact. Wonder why? Look at how much advertising money is spent by Big Pharma on TV every day. Do you think that the networks, magazines and newspapers want to give up that great big cash cow? Of course not.

And politicians being the whores that they are, feel as though they "have to be seen as doing something". And everywhere that they are clamping down on guns and gun products, you find one other commonality: The politician can be directly linked to ties with the various known New World Order organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations or the Tri-Lateral Commission and others. Michael Bloomberg. Diane Feinstein. Harry Reid. Charles Schumer and of course Barack Hussein Obama.

Wait 'til you see what they've cooked up in the new Immigration Reform Bill. A provision for a new biometric national I.D. card is hidden in the language. Bet you haven't heard about that-- have you? Here, have a look: http://chooseliberty.org/nationalidcardsb.aspx?pid=0414z

Anonymous said...

Yee haa! Thank goodness that the fine American tradition of killing is safe.

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