Saturday, May 11, 2013

GMOs Hiding In Almost All Food...And?

Fritz Kreiss
Activist Post

GMOs are hiding in almost all food in this country, what are you doing about it?

GMOs are in more than 75% of foods in the US now, and the number continues to increase year after year. Not only are they in almost everything, but since labeling isn’t required they remain hidden and you have to research all the potential ingredients that are likely to be GMO (which is also constantly increasing). Recent research has shown that GMOs are carcinogenic, toxic to people’s livers, kidneys, and blood, and their related herbicide partner RoundUp contributes to birth defects, a number of brain disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Autism in addition to a number of other effects which are only now beginning to come to light.

Now the question is this, are you going to sit back and accept this or are you going to do something about it? There are many ways to take part, but at this time we have finally gotten enough support to get people out in the streets protesting...

Please take the time to check out the March Against Monsanto event(s) on May 25th, there are more being planned for the Fourth of July, as well as some others that have yet to be publicly announced. And if none of these events work for you, start your own in your neighborhood, town, or city. Pass out informational flyers, share info on your social media pages, educate and rabble rouse your friends, family, and even co-workers. There’s much to be done and many ways to go about achieving these changes, please take part in whatever ways you can!

Activist Post Note: Definitely visit the March Against Monsanto Facebook event page for more information and to see where it's at in your area.

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Fritz Kreiss is the founding administrator of Occupy Monsanto and has run it since its inception in October 2011. He is experienced in holistic health with expertise in massage, exercise, nutrition, stretching techniques, kinesiology, psychological counseling, life coaching. He has had years of experience through his massage practice working on hundreds of clients and giving thousands of very successful treatments.

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Anonymous said...

75%-??? you're kidding right---this has to be a conservative number---it is more like 95%+ not sure how old that stat is but it is definitely archaic---go and read your labels---and organics are not much better either--if anyone understands the true nature f this form of biowarfare wold understand that todays foods are adulterated with GMOs on any level---if this is to pacify the general public or give them a level of complacency or a false security then this is not doing anyone any good
the golden placebo is dead--nanoparticles/gmos/ aborted baby flavoring agents--and this is just the tip of the iceberg

Anonymous said...

How about getting rid of the "Frankenmusic" that is everywhere on TV also!!!!!!!

brad said...

My chickens won't eat my "organic" corn in my organic scratch. Organic is only a process certification, not a product certification. That is why the big push to get rid of the older, more sane (and product based) organic certifications. You know it is probably an industry compromise if it says "USDA ORGANIC" on it.
So my corn grower plants "certified organic seed" (probably contaminated w/GMO seeds since NO feed mill i am aware of separates the GMO and real food) then the GMO pollen from nearby poisons the corn. It is still, legally, organic because the process was not invalidated, but it is not safe. That's what my little girls say.
So we are doubtless having our organic foods, organic seeds, and organic everything destroyed and contaminated by the GMO corporations because they helped set up the organic certification system.

Anonymous said...

THe GMO is kind of the biowarefare.
The intent behind the creation of GMO is.
To provide an invisible, undetectable, unsensable, unwashable, indestructible poison in the crops, and animals.

Therefore the Master of crop will swear it.
"His crop is ORGANIC, because he did everything for it"
And you will believe him and eat your deadly poison with consent,
and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Is this what happens when people trust the government? I think GMO replacement of natural foods is meant as a form of population control, in that a sickly and reduced population is one which can be more easily controlled than one which is healthy and growing.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that an ad for Roundup appears in the middle of your article? With a link to Put there by AdChoices.

Anonymous said...

Brad, your chickens have more sense than our politicians. So even if the bag says no gmo we are still being lied to? What are you feeding your chickens instead?

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a snake that needs to be destroyed. These people want to go after the tail instead of the head. Please be alterted that until you get rid of the head that keeps writing bills to destroy our country...that's right, the head is Obama and your efforts will go no where. At least, impeach him on demanding that the forces to protect our ambassador in Benghazi "stand down" which means that they were NOT ALLOWED TO SAVE THE AMBASSADORS LIFE. Why did he want our ambassador to be killed?

Anonymous said...

I went to my Publix Food store this weekend. I saw they had sweet corn on sale - and I asked the produce clerk if it was GMO corn or not. He sighed and said he didn't know.

I then asked to speak to the produce manager. The manager came and I again asked if the corn was GMO or not. Guess what?

The PRODUCE MANAGER said he NEVER HEARD of "GMO" before in his life! Said he didn't know what I was talking about.

Either Publix hires the most inept managers in the country, or the guy was lying through his teeth.

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