Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Colorado House Unanimously Votes for Industrial Hemp

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Activist Post

When Coloradoans overwhelmingly voted in favor of Amendment 64's marijuana legalization bill this past fall, they also voted to remove hemp from the state's controlled substances list.  This paved the way for legislators to legalize industrial hemp which the Colorado House unanimously approved on Monday.

The Tenth Amendment Center writes:
The Colorado state house today voted to approve SB13-241, a bill that would legalize the farming and production of “industrial hemp” within the state. If signed into law, the bill would effectively nullify the unconstitutional federal ban on hemp production in Colorado. The House voted unanimously on a slightly amended version of a bill already approved by the State Senate, 34-1. The legislation will now go back to the Senate, which is widely expected to send the legislation to Governor Hickenlooper for a signature.
The federal government has no constitutional authority to ban the production of this industrial plant, but has persisted in preventing its domestic production. The result? Products with hemp that are readily available at your local grocery store must be imported from another country – resulting in higher costs for you and fewer farming jobs in America. The United States is currently the world’s #1 importer of hemp, which is used in food products, clothing, oil and much more. The top exporters are China and Canada.
The United States is the only developed nation that fails to cultivate industrial hemp as an economic crop, according to the Congressional Resource Service. Recent congressional research indicates that the hemp market consists of over 25,000 various products. The same research found that America imports over $400 million worth of hemp from other countries. At this time of economic difficulty, 13-241 would not only expand freedom and support the Constitution, it would also be a great jobs bill.
With the passage of Amendment 64, which legalized small amounts of marijuana for adults, hemp was removed from the state’s controlled substances list, though a provision of the initiative states that that hemp cultivation is contingent on legislative action – this bill would be that required action necessary to legalize hemp and authorize the state to begin distributing hemp licenses. Under the proposal farmers would have the option of applying for a 10-acre plot in order to study the viability of various hemp varieties, or they could apply for a larger, full-scale hemp farm - one that wouldn’t be limited by the number of plants, but rather by the THC content in said plants.
Colorado's SB13-241 is more of a regulatory bill than actual legalization of hemp, because that essentially occurred in Amendment 64, but it was required to begin large-scale hemp production.

Kentucky joined Colorado last month as the second state to officially legalize industrial hemp when SB 50 was signed into law. However, Kentucky is waiting for federal approval before they move forward with cultivation.

Whereas Colorado appears to be disregarding the feds altogether and plowing forward with industrial hemp.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the pollen from industrial hemp will contaminate any medical marijuana growing downwind.

Anonymous said...

give away your guns. get high. everything will be ok

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, sure the pollen will cross pollinate your outdoor swag and make it even more crappy! All the Red Necks around here will be plenty pissed when no one wants to buy their 3% crap weed! Hemp in the summer, Marijuana in the winter solves that problem! Also as a Colorado resident don't know to many if any out door grown cannabis producers that grow medical quality Colorado Marijuana. Medical Marijuana really needs to be grown in a controlled environment, and not at the whims of the weather!

Anonymous said...

Grow "medical" indoors, under strict, controlled growing conditions. The people who really worry about "contamination" are the illegal growers who profit from the absurd drug war.

When I was in Hawaii many years ago I asked and "Eco" tour operator why there wasn't there was industrial hemp to take the place of sugar, which had all but left the island. THAT was the BIG issue! Contamination of the high potency "Maui Wowie"...etc, that major drug dealers were making huge amount so money on. And who also supported the ban. Local law enforcement, because, as the story went, they received significant PAYOFFS from the drug dealers! God forbid they get a cut in payoffs!

Industrial will benefit huge parts of our economy if legalized nationally. While I'm glad that some folks get relief from various conditions with "medical", that issued has had the spotlight way too long! If industrial had the press medical has gotten for over 10 years, it may have been legalized by now.

Anonymous said...

"Sheriff Dillion their bring Hemp back into the production stage in Colorado". "Right Chester get an order in for all the new Deputies and get those Vet's busy showing how to make a good Noose, I think we got a bunch of fellows ready to be Citizen Arrested according Buzz over at the courthouse".

"And Chester, check with Betty to see how the old Feather Pillow donations are developing".

Hint: Get your order in for your community while stocks last - the number of potential Tar and Feather cases are growing daily..

We are Legion..

Anonymous said...

Hemp should be a legal crop in every State, POT should be grown in doors, free from the RAD's being sent daily from our own nuke plants & Fukushima, folks please check out www.enenews.com & www.fukushimafacts.com ASAP, the info you get there never shows up in the MSM for a reason!
Hemp & Pot have been used for 1000's of years for all kinds of stuff, from meds to rope,paper, clothes, fuel & a heck of a lot more! The big corps hate HEMP because it would push their deadly cancer cures to the way side, & big oil would hate HEMP because it could/would replace OIL! The Small Farmer would reap huge benefits & create millions of jobs, that why big corps will spend billions in DC to keep from being a main stay crop that all Americans & the world could/would fine millions of uses as GOD intended it for. It's a part of the many plants he gave us to heal our selves, clothes & more!
HEMP comsumes more C02 than any other plant & puts our clean air, also the soil is saved by the HEMP & is not ruined by the GMO's plants killing off the Bees, Bats & other life forms being changed by RAD's that the world & USA has put in the air, seas, ground water, soil & food Chain!

There many studies by major Medical collages where POT cured Cancer & many other man made illnesses, nut AMA hide the results, there 1 & 2 hour long videos how each collage did their studies, but the MSM will never print it! We live a time where the economy has gone pasted saving because the greed of those who own DC & the central planners of the world. It will take a lot pain & suffering before we regain the freedom that all humans are promised by our Maker, GOD & until we turn to GOD & his son JESUS for the ways we are supposed to follow, we are no better that the evil whom run the world now! All privacy is gone for a false safety made up by guberments!

Let all of GOD's creations be freed to be used to clean up this planet or we will all become slaves to the families of evil!

It all starts with the people around you, the more they learn the faster they spread the word & as it grows, so will the truth & support for Goodness!

SoilderForTruth said...

I've been saying it for 4 years, as a fellow CO resident:


Another is for people to look up, video tape/photograph all the UFOs. Living in CO, this is a hotbed of abductions and sightings, but who says anything, the arc-welding looking lights int the sky, strobing like a joke. They are 3-4 nights out of 10 (that aren't chemtrailed to chemhaze) seen south of longmont, north of niwot.

Another is to speak up and say your truth, from the heart, no condemnation, but speak from experience. So lastly I'll share that
www.GreatWavesOfChange.org has a great ebook about how to prepare for the uncertain times ahead, its free to download in its entirety.

This book has turned my whole world around.
I now am looking at everything from a place of deeper experience. And this story is good news, pray they approve it all, house and senate and encourage people to grow it. Look at how much ManitobaHarvest.com makes per year. That could be CO, taxed, sold, regulated, locally made, hemp is amazingly good plant source of fiber and high quality lean protein and awesome source of Eseential Fatty Acids as well.

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