Monday, May 13, 2013

Anything Healthy is Being Criminalized


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Anonymous said...

It has to be crystal clear right now to most people that our government wants us weak and defenseless. I'm not just speaking about guns, but about the poisons in vaccines and food.

In the past people had to be strong to do the physical work jobs required but this isn't true of most jobs today. The growth in jobs being done by robots is expanding exponentially. Robots are cheaper and more efficient than employees and programming them better is in lock step.

What our government is doing that looks crazy today makes perfect sense once we realize people just aren't needed like they were before. To a corporation, if something isn't needed anymore, it's outta here. Sentiment, nostalgia or moral considerations are irrelevant.

The world we knew is gone and most of us won't accept this fact and our government is simply , and now openly, preparing for this eventuality. We are expendable!

somitcw said...

The Rawsome raids are old news.
A little more current are the raids on auto parts companies for selling nitrite oxide.
No government has the authority to tell people what gases that they can breath, vegetation that they can smoke, milk that they can drink, or foods that they can eat.
The U.S. Subjects are not the criminals, it is their government that we should arrest, convict, and put in prison.

Anonymous said...

They want you eating dead food

Anonymous said...

Wonderful comments from everyone and video is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Grow your own garden. Get your own local source of animal products that aren't raised in a steaming pile of their own ****, SHUT UP ABOUT IT, and flip the asshats in the government the bird.

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