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Agenda 21 Redistributes Wealth Through Stealth

Julie Beal
Activist Post

I’ve got a very important story to tell, so listen closely. Fed a diet of ‘alternative reactions to the mainstream news’, you probably won’t know about any of this, because it’s not had much of a public airing. The final push of Agenda 21 is to unite us all, mainstream and alternative alike – an end to the current system, and the institution of the ‘fair sounding’ new world order: green and caring.

There have been several attempts to co-opt the Occupy movement to advance this agenda, which is neither green nor caring. In fact, it intends to exploit nature and people to the fullest extent.

We need to expose this agenda. Otherwise, the next time you’re out on the street protesting, you’ll be accosted by a Happiness Angel, who just wants to make you better, so that we can all be happy……

These are the elements of my story:

1. The New Economics (especially George Soros) – natural capital + complexity
2. The UN’s cult of happiness, which includes the responsibility to make everyone else happy, and to live ‘sustainably’.
3. Identity providers ……….. trust facilitators
4. Mobile finance
5. Mobile everything – TELEHEALTH – electronic records
6. Quantified self / BIOSTAMP – transhumanism ……… metrics for social and human capital
7. Global to local currencies, all track-able.
8. The science of complex adaptive systems (CAS) eg Purdue’s social simulation…….analysis/control
9. Narrative science / controlling the conversation eg ‘Hollywood, Health and Society’……memes/ nudging
10. Communitarianism / Agenda 21……….ideology, the global zeitgeist

The current system is being replaced by a new model of economics – indeed, a whole new way of life – based on carbon debits, and social credits. Bringing this into being are the New Economists, now fully integrated into the plans of the UN, the EU, the World Bank, the WEF, the Club of Rome, etc. Prices are placed on all aspects of natural capital, reflected by reward systems which assign credits and debits based on the give and take to and from the global ecosystem.

These measurements can be taken with or without our consent, namely from ubiquitous sensors. These include environmental MEMS, smart phones, and self-tracking gadgets, such as wearable and implantable BIOSTAMPS, which are heralded as the future of remote patient monitoring for the coming age of ‘tele-health’, where even diagnosis will be AI and the aim is to predict and prevent ill health, so we all need to be monitored.

The credit system is evolving into one of virtual, tradeable currencies, each representing an Agenda 21 value: the economic value of human contributions and earthly resources. The system is to be universal. Stories are used to nudge us into conformism with pervasive memes, starting at school. The ideology behind this is communitarianism, or ‘the Third Way’, ushered in by Agenda 21, as has been explored in detail by Niki Raapana, and her daughter Nordica. The key message is that we all now have ‘rights and responsibilities’, to the earth, and to each other. The (non-existent) ‘common good’ prevails.

The Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), steered by the Fortune 500, are to be replaced with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The plan is to maximise efficiency in retrofitting the developing world for an expansion of capitalism, principally for biomass and GM food production.

This is redistribution of wealth through stealth, financed by punitive taxes to some extent, but principally through rewarding correct behaviour (doing social good; having a low carbon footprint; and being healthy and happy). This has already begun and involves awarding credits for each behaviour, and taking lots and lots of measurements; once there are enough of these credits in circulation, they will come to function as currencies. Community currencies fit in well with this scheme; Bitcoin does not. Either way, it’s us that have to pay to develop the undeveloped countries, not the Global Guvnors. We have de-growth (the Club of Rome ideology) so they can have growth.

The New Economists intend to measure our well-being, and incorporate the statistics into each nation’s accounts, or overall Gross Domestic Product, to give a ‘more accurate’ measure of each country’s progress. A census of well-being is taken regularly for the happiness index, measuring nine ‘domains’: 1) good governance, 2) psychological wellbeing, 3) time use, 4) community vitality, 5) health, 6) education, 7) culture, 8) living standards, and 9) ecological diversity and resilience.

The United Nations held the First International Day of Happiness in March. Numerous initiatives are being funded to help raise ‘global happiness’, doing away with the need for politics, or deep philosophical understanding. The propensity to be happy is said to be 50% genetic, and now it’s our responsibility to be mindlessly happy with our lot, come what may.

They’re picking the wheat from the chaff.

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Julie Beal is a UK-based independent researcher who has been studying the globalist agenda for more than 20 years. Please visit her website, Get Mind Smart, for a wide range of information about Agenda 21, Communitarianism, Ethics, Bioscience, and much more.


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Anonymous said...

These Agenda 21 people are so insidious. They use good ideas and twist them. Our ancestors survived by working together (remember the old-fashioned barn raising?), but they were working together voluntarily for mutual benefit...not for a global elite who are engorging themselves at our expense. The scale of these projects (ultimately global in scale) gives it away. Any large scale or global project is bound to be totalitarian, and anti-democratic.

Anonymous said...

Very insidious. When Europeans invaded the US, led by the concept of manifest destiny, they destroyed the so-called savages here, with a combination of disease and bullets, for the "good" and "safety" of settlers. The shoved the children who remained into reeducation camps and punished them for speaking their own language, or doing anything too "natural" (like not wearing european clothing and shoes). THEN, when those "savages" were on the brink of extinction, these same European populations decided that First Nation people weren't savage, but pretty cool. And then they attempted to appropriate that good culture for themselves. Now, they attempt to do the same, on a global scale. First wipe out much of nature/humankind, and keep what THEY deem good or relevant. I don't think its a stretch to say that those who co-opt good things for bad purposes are profoundly evil at the core.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that they ultimately want to kill off (I think) two thirds of the world's population so that we can live in 'Utopia' (only kidding)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...Don't forget that they ultimately want to kill off (I think) two thirds of the world's population so that we can live in 'Utopia' (only kidding)May 11, 2013 at 10:28 AM

Georgia Guide Stones.

astrolite said...

Actually it is 80% of the "Common" people. And probably all of the useful idiots. Those who finally open their eyes and say "look at what I have done...I didn't expect that!" Remember Stalin purged all of them! Of course every one expects to be "On top".

Anonymous said...

Their goal is to have ALL the gold that IS their god. What good will it do them? They can't eat it.

Anonymous said...

To the global elite "happiness" means an agreeable mindless drone.
"Unhappiness" is dissent or questioning their methods and motives.
Many years ago my friend's father committed suicide in China after his opposition to the government resulted in confiscation of his property and constant harassment. Sounds like it's coming to a town near us.

dale said...

The pursuit of happiness is a right. Why are you mocking it?

Your thesis is that the rich global elite want to redistribute their wealth?

This is far right paranoia.

brad said...

Self annointed elites really aren't that smart when you consider that everything on the planet supporting biological life is in a state of decline, or dying because of the decisions made by the rich people that run all the corporations and thus the govts now.

They claim elite, the best and brightest status. How stupid do you have to be to kill people and a planet just because you are so incredibly stupid and insecure that you need to have more and more and more - for some unknown, unnecessary reason? They can easily get by with the money they get - they don't need more. They don't need more power, they have enough. They don't need to damage our lives and living, our health and environment, but they keep doing it more and more and more for their empty, pointless, stupidity based "reasons". Basically, they are psychopaths.
Demean them. Show their flawed critical thinking skills and show them for the fools they are. Undermine respect for them, and their decisions are more likely to be questioned, their goals not supported.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Julie. Privacy and the Right to Learn through our own chosen experiences is paramount to evolving culture, allowing wisdom to evolve, become.

Collectives are control mechanisms FOR REASONS OTHER THAN efficiency, convenience and a sense of community. I am conservative in my estimation of human potential right now because cultures are so damaged now.

A good test for the Powers That Be would be for them to agree to abide by the same agreements as everyone else. But they won’t do it would never do that with Heartfelt Intent ... because they love their own freedom, creativity and ability to control others too much to be willing to be equal partners of their own design.

Caring for others' “Happiness” is something that psychopaths & sociopaths would say to appease, appear to empathize, therefore, control with the masses.

We are at the end of a 3,600 Dark Age cycle; it will take a least 100 years for us to rid ourselves of its painful, disruptive patterns, but freedom fro tyranny is inevitable.

People are not meant to be monitored in large groups because everyone has a different rate of growth, requirements for their own health and well-being.

It is the very strong control strategies within education, health and business practices that have dummied us down, killed creativity and hope, made us less than the machines that are destined to take over the world (or so I've read)

There is a distinction between the universal loving co-dependence the Elite claims it want to bestow upon humanity, but most important, just hasn't proven they know how to do it.

Our government and corporate America has done much to damage people at work, schools, hospitals and politics, and they will not admit it.

Look at the manufactured Debtor Economy and you know they could not be "the good parents" they say they want to be. The Elite are evil. They could never "allow us, the children" to become free thinkers because it means giving up their power.

Eisenhower knew it, called a spade a spade at the end of his presidency; John F Kennedy was more idealistic, naiive and it cost this country dearly.

Public “government” schools prove just the opposite with fabricated history and a focus on memorization, not student-centered learning.

The games that have been played by the Elite NOW whatever have actually compounded the misery in the world. It has to do with the people who think they know what’s best for others. Most of the time, they are lying.

Twenty years have been spent dreaming, researching, testing and developing a Local Free Economy model that has SUBJECTIVE Measure- ments of Value that cannot be monitorized, can not be tracked.

This system will be available at local retail levels only ... in order to provide to the public, comparison of their experiences of the various "socioeconomic models" that via for our attention. (All models have some value.) This writer's plan is to create insights that will hopefully, promote discernment and balance in culture.)

The volume of listings of decentralized free services and goods will take away the fear of scarcity and allow people to focus on their own personal values (which we hope will eventually evolve into public, professional values.)

Fiat, coins, chit systems represent political “objective” collective agendas. You'll learn more about HOW THIS subjective valuing model WORKS in the next activist Post publication.


Joe Rizoli said...

You all make me laugh. Who are these "elites"
Who runs the banking systems? Who runs Hollywood?
Who runs most of the news papers?
Who runs and owns most of the media?
The book publishing houses?
What group of people takes great offense when you criticize them? When you criticize Israel?
When you disagree about the holocaust and its logistics and the truthfulness of their side of the story?
What group of people did Henry Ford warn about?
That Charles Lindbergh Sr and Jr warn us about?
What group of people endorse illegal immigration? Who runs the porn industry?
Abortion industry?
Most of the filth on TV?
Who constantly fights against Christianity? Got rid if our Christian loyalty oaths for public office in 1778?
Who made questioning the holocaust a crime punishable by jail time in 13 countries of Europe?
Who was involved in 911, the Kennedy assassination, the bombing of the USS Liberty in 1967 killing 34 Americans?
Possibly linked to most other horrendous bombings including the possible Boston Marathon bombings?
Who wants a war with Iran?
Even though they have illegal nuclear weapons and themselves haven't obeyed any U.N sanctions and were warned by John F. Kennedy to stop a nuclear buildup? Of course he paid with his life.
It was more than these elites people, wake up from your Thorazine comas.

Anonymous said...

@Dale: Mocking the right to pursue happiness? Far right paranoia? You're kidding, right?

The globalist elites plan to redistribute American wealth created by the "makers" in our society into their own pockets -- through global income taxes, seizure of our retirement savings and outright theft from our bank and investment accounts. They aren't planning to redistribute their OWN wealth!

As for the right to the pursuit of happiness, that's going away along with all our other Constitutionally guaranteed rights, and along with our American sovereignty. The "fundamental change" that is coming as America is subsumed by the NWO global govt will require the renunciation of the U.S. Constitution. That is already well under way under Obama's leadership of the most uninformed, vapid, self-absorbed citizenry this country has ever had.

We Americans will lose our exceptional freedoms and our opportunities. In post-Constitutional America we will exist under the same banal, soul-destroying socialist government that has caused the deaths of millions, and the death of hope in people all over the world. But we will have a unique place in the scheme of the NWO: the American taxpayer's income will be heavily taxed to redistribute the wealth we create to the "less fortunate" in other countries.

Obama can hardly wait for us to lose our sovereignty and feel the yoke and lash of global govt on our backs and the fists of global "takers" in our pockets. He's doing everything in his power to expedite the "fundamental change" he promised.

If you are a productive, taxpaying American you are part of the new global slave class. Your future will consist not of pursuing happiness, but of just trying to stay alive and out of the detention and re-education camps.

Anonymous said...

these are evil people the corprations that are running this agenda 21mass genocide that is what they are trying to commit

Anonymous said...

I wrote the article..... And I haven’t done a very good job if people don’t realise what the International Day of Happiness, or ‘going beyond GDP’ means – my reason for writing all these articles is that I believe we all have a natural born right to happiness AND PRIVACY – and the plan to measure our happiness, with smart phones and such, will remove that right for good. It’s taking me ages to put all the data together into articles, this one is just meant to be an overview – but there are some links on my website if you want to explore it further. Otherwise, I’ll publish some more articles soon. In the meantime, here are some quotes from the H(app)athon Project:
“The H(app)athon Project is relying on the crowdsourced wisdom of the global community to jointly imagine and define a future world where nations, states and organizations measure success by the well-being and happiness of their citizens, communities, customers and employees, rather than by traditional economic indicators such as GDP.”
“The H(app)athon Advisory Committee guiding the overall Project includes over thirty representatives from organizations including The United Nations, World Economic Forum, MIT,, Microsoft, the University of Cambridge, The World Well-Being Project, The Happiness Initiative, HAPPY the Movie, The Happy Post Project, Hub Culture, ilumivu, and over a dozen emerging media experts in the fields of quantified self, data science, and mobile technology.”
This is only ONE TINY ASPECT ........

laverneisgold said...

" They " want to separate the wheat from the chaff but God will separate the chaff from the wheat and gather them to be burned in the furnace.and the wheat to gathered into His barns.All of their " sustainable development will not amount to a hill of beans when the One Who knows no sin casts the first stone.

George said...

The global elite want to redistribute our wealth not theirs.

Anonymous said...

Hello it’s Julie again. I’ve just re-read the comments here and I can see it was only one person who didn’t ‘get it’ – phew!!! In fact, I’m well impressed with what people said, and you have inspired me further, so thank you very much. I appreciate it so much because this is a conversation worth having. This thing is MASSIVE – I’ve been researching it heavily for over a year and have hundreds of links for resources, which will go up on my website. It’s hard to organise it all! However, I’m getting there. I just had to publish the other articles to give some background understanding of the plan to measure happiness – so people bear in mind what’s happening with virtual currencies (especially social credits), identity providers, surveillance, biometrics, AI trading, and complexity science…… it all links in together really. So maybe take a look at some of those. I was also interviewed about Agenda 21/corporate social responsibility (which is a huge catalyst for all this) by James Corbett. I really need a break from writing, so I hope desperately that others can look into this and start writing their own articles! Please!!!
I hope to publish another article which tries to sum up the happiness agenda this week, then more articles about the various aspects, such as ‘phone sensing’.

Anonymous said...

An article about the happiness project in Seattle:

The movement started in the country of Bhutan, is spreading around the world, and was brought to Seattle by the organization Sustainable Seattle, which was launched in the 1990’s (I was one of the co-founders) to find ways to move our city towards sustainability – and to develop indicators that would help us gauge our progress.

On November 17, Sustainable Seattle released its first “happiness report card,” and presented it to the City Council. The findings included in the report card come from a comprehensive voluntary, online survey of more than 2600 city residents, conducted during the first half of 2011.

The above is extracted from

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