Friday, May 3, 2013

1,700 Kids Threatened with Suspension: Get Vaccinated or Get Out!

Kenny Valenzuela
Activist Post

Research Links Below:

CBCNews 1,700 students get suspension notices over vaccination records

The Record 1,718 high school students get immunization suspension notices

Metro 1,718 high school students get suspension notices

Region of Waterloo Public Health Online Immunization Update Form

Region of Waterloo Student Vaccine Exemption Forms

Vaccine Exemption Forms

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GrinNBarrett said...

You guys are great the more you know as the commercial says.

Anonymous said...

Because we all know that for-profit pharmaceutical companies can do a better job of immunization than nature.

We know this because no pharmaceutical company has had to pony up for damages caused by their vaccines. Kindly disregard the immunity from prosecution laws granted by our government to protect vaccine producers. Also, don't ask why a perfectly safe vaccines need immunity.

BaSH PR0MPT said...

Antivaxer psychopaths are a plague on modern society, the majority suffer because of the schizotypal disorders of a vocal minority who's pseudoscientific arguments always end up back at reptillian aliens and planet Nibiru after a few steps of research.

The only documentary evidence they ever cite was a hoax paper submitted to the Lancet that wrongly claimed links to autism which was vehemently proven to be falsified research a week later (but they forget to add that part in their propaganda!)

The bottom line is, immunize or out is a fair policy, why should we all suffer because some people are psychopaths? Go set up your own quirky little conspiracy cultist schools for your special needs and your special needs children just like every other delicate little special needs group and leave the rest of us normal people to go on making the world spin so you can cash in your welfare cheques.

Anonymous said...

Haha, awesome level of ignorance. I've been observing that there are far more awake and aware people lately. These ^ type of retards just stand out so blatantly, now. But it is rare to see such a comprehensive level of ignorance. Kudos to you Bash, you are a joy!

Anonymous said...

what harm is an unvaccinated human being to a vaccinated human being if the vaccaination works vaccination is not imunisation ruining are immune system and dna and massiv profit and control for big pharma and the evil eugeniesists bonny

Anonymous said...

BaSH PROMPT - seems to be a paid shill - an "astroturfer." However, let me pose this question:

If vacinations give immunity to the vacinated, then the only people who will suffer from the disease are the unvacinated - right? So why would you care? In fact, that would be right up your alley - thinning the herd and all that.

Anonymous said...

If kids do not want to get vaccinated against diseases etc., then they should be suspended from School, because they put others at risk. Why would anybody want to leave themselves open to diseases? Nobody in their right might should want to refuse a vaccine unless you know you are allergic to the shot, or you are another conspiracy nut.....

Anonymous said...

@ BaSH PROMPT: If you are vaccinated then what do you possibly have to fear from those of us who are not?

These vaccines contain a delicious soup of chemicals that are injected directly into the bloodstream, by-passing all the natural immune system checkpoints. By the time the body notices the intruders, damage has already been done.
Just because some of us question the "wisdom" of pumping kids full of chemicals like thermisol, formaldehyde and other lovely things doesn't make us wackos.

Grey said...

There is plenty of evidence that vaccination is very dangerous, from horrible Thimerosal to animal and fetal parts used in creating the vaccines. Bobby Kennedy Jr. did a major expose on vaccination and revealed insider papers in which the doctors themselves wouldn't give their own children these vaccinations.

By the way, if these vaccinations are so effective then why worry if a student next to your child isn't vaccinated? If they work as advertised then there is no danger. The truth is they don't work. Go do some research on the Polio vaccine which was loaded with Simian virus 40 and live cancer cells. It was also designed to "shed". It was given to approx. 98 million Americans in the 50's and 60's and they "shed" the vaccine to the rest of the population.

Now cancer is off the charts and our health and way of life is being destroyed.

Gary orGibby said...

If avoiding poisonous, cancer-causing vaccinations isn't reason enough to get your kids out of schools, the drooling moron above (BaSH PROMPT) is another perfect excuse. Do you really want your healthy, decent children influenced by such a slavish, brain-dead ape-child? In fact, these are exactly the kind of elitist psychopaths that vaccinations produce; ghoulish automatons unable to form critical thought on their own. And, unfortunately, these mouth-breathers are reproducing.

The only way to deal with the cowardly, afraid-of-their-own-shadow vaccinationists is shooting them as the enlightened population is doing in Pakistan and Niger.

Anonymous said...

Dear BaSH,

1) Your use of the word and understanding of 'psychopaths' is not what you think it is
2)what is normal ? people like you who dismiss anything outside the status quo or people who question profit over humanity
3) Gulf war syndrome ?

if your interest is still not peaked by 3) then you best stay away from comments section like these as they may cause you a heart attack from all the vile filth you spew in your text
... probably due to your own self disgust.

Anonymous said...

Just search Poul Thorsen and the fraudulent/fantasy "Danish" studies done on the safety of vaccines and absence of effects of thimerosal/vaccines which causes symptomology similar to autism in a huge number of children.
It's not surprising that certain people will take money from nefarious sources to maintain a health program which is placing our children in incredible jeopardy, but such is the nature of the criminal element in our society.

Please review the following three articles as a start in your journey to truly understand these issues.

You will begin to understand how extremely nefarious the government's mandated vaccine program is and the damage it has done to the nation's children and the future of the country. One could not invention a more nefarious plot from the worse of our enemies. After having pumped hazardous waste levels of mercury into babies with no brain barrier, these criminals have caused several trillion dollars worth of damage to the kids. Of course, the Supreme Court prevents a family whose child is damaged by the vaccines from suing in state court in a trial by jury, which very quickly, would end this insane program and impose some real biological testing on the vaccine program as have class actions involving tobacco, asbestos and other defective products. Rather, than a constitution court case, the families get forced into a vaccine court where a diagnosis of autism is a path to no compensation- principally because the government and CDC have established- through incredibly fraudulent research- that vaccines do not cause autism. Yet, when the families go to the vaccine court, they realize that the vaccine court relies on absolutely criminal, fraudulent studies by Poul Thorsen and others, to deny families just compensation. It is rather Orwellian, but perhaps not surprising in this society in its present manifestation of mass crime by most our institutions. Note that all of the people who take the position of absolute vaccine safety (who never argue the point and cite data for which they have none, but simply attack people) are shills who are paid by the criminals to corrupt the discussion on websites such as these. Vaccines are big business and having a mandated program is guaranteed profitability. Merely because our children are being harmed greatly by this mandated clusterfuck of criminality should not deter the criminals from continuing their crimes, relying on corrupted institutions to provide them with cover.

Unknown said...

my dear. why be drawn in by these paid shills. Unless someone trys to argue for vaccination in a sane way these luntic comments should be ignored.
As a few of you have said if Vaccinations work than the vaccinated need not worry. Besides that being excluded from school in the USA would be highly benefical for the student in most cases.

Anonymous said...

The people who don't want government vaccines have that right and they should take their property tax money with them when they no use the government brainwashing pens called government schools

LadyRavenhaire said...

In response to the person who mentioned a falsified report in the Lancet. Who reported this falsification story? Rupert Murdoch in his papers. Why? What was the scandal in England where he was blackmailing English members of Parliament about? Did you know Rupert Murdoch owns controlling shares of Glaxo-Smith Klein the major maker of the MMR vaccine? The report was not a fraud, Murdoch's behaviort to suppress was. Which brings me to another point, the highest Italian court last year courageously admitted and gave a cash settlement to a family whose child got autism from the mmr vaccine. Before anyone makes fun of Italian scientists, as most ignorant Americans do, Italy is today renown for having the best scientists on the world & it is the top importer of scientists to the US and abroad.

Anonymous said...

Never accept a product from anyone you cannot effectively recover damages from if it hurts you... this IS the proof of the pudding - only immunity from suit and ruin keeps these people in business.

Anonymous said...

if they work so effectively and so safely, why are there no un-biased, double-blind studies done comparing overall health and disease-resistance of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children? why not, should be easy to find parents of both camps to sign up their kids for such studies.

Anonymous said...

They need to vaccinate all the illegals coming into this country,that would solve the problem of illegal immigration.


Ask this, "why would my un-vaccinated kids be a threat to your vaccinated kids of you're so damned sure that vaccines work?"

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