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Why Has US President Already Delivered Guilty Verdict to Boston Bombers? Gitmo Comes to America

President delivers ‘executive verdict’ as Feds draft in Gitmo interrogators to handle 19-year-old student held in custody

Patrick Henningsen
Activist Post

Rule number one for any serious crime scene or investigation is to gather all the evidence and all testimony first, before being able to establish criminal charges, let alone deliver any meaningful verdict.

In an extraordinary executive intervention, the President of the United States has weighed in on the Boston Bombing case – already delivering a guilty verdict for the Tsarnaev brothers.

Executive Verdict?

Barack Obama informed the nation this weekend, “Whatever hateful agenda drove these men to such heinous acts will not, cannot, prevail. Whatever they thought they could achieve, they’ve already failed.”

The President added to this conclusion,“Why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence?”

Why is there such an incessant rush by the White House to quickly draw a line under this case? Does the President know something yet to be discovered by CSI investigators and witness interviewers in this case?

One reason could be the ever-growing list of unanswered questions and evidence yet to be addressed by either the FBI and law enforcement in charge of this case.

Dzhokhar still only a suspect

Granted, a trial in the media is almost expected these days in America, but are we being asked to give up the expectation that the business of determining guilt should be within the jurisdiction of CSI teams, police detectives and the courts – and not within the scope of any politician’s remit? Is it the President’s role to play judge in such matters?

Despite all the patriotic rhetoric, political hype and media fanfare endured over this last week, the fundamental problem with such conclusive statements by the executive branch – is that suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is only that – a suspect, and no actual or real forensic, or eyewitness evidence has been produced to prove that either him, or his deceased older brother were the actual bombers.

It has been confirmed that the suspect Dzhokhar was not read his Miranda Rights by law enforcement. According to officials, the surviving suspect should not receive the same Constitutional rights normally offered to Americans by invoking a “public safety exception”, effectively placing him in the category of enemy combatant.

“The government has invoked the public safety exception, a designation that allows investigators to question the teen without reading him his Miranda rights and without a lawyer present, another Justice Department official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, told CNN.”

Will Dzhokhar be allowed to talk?

Interestingly, we are told that 19-year-old student Dzhokhar may not be able talk at all, due to injuries sustained to his throat.
The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings suffered an injury to his throat and may not be able to talk, a federal official told CNN on Saturday, possibly hindering attempts by authorities to question him about a motive in the attack.
The health and well-being of the suspect should be of the utmost importance to everyone involved. One should also note here that if this suspect is not able to tell his story in public, it would be a great loss to the American people, who might be robbed of any further evidence and insight into the actual involvement of the two Tsarnaev brothers in the Boston Bombings last week.

Beyond this, if any untoward behavior or broken procedure was done by law enforcement during the pursuit and apprehension of the two suspects, this would likely be revealed by Dzhokhar’s own testimony. His inability to talk might be convenient for law enforcement if any basic rules of engagement were broken.

PHOTO: Officials announce that Gitmo and CIA torture team on its way to handle suspect questioning

Guantanamo interrogators assigned to suspect

If this suspect is able to talk, eventually he may have to go through a process of interrogation that is normally reserved for US detainees held at the government’s dubious offshore facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

ABC news confirmed today that a team specialising in ‘enhanced interrogation’ is already on the way to conduct information extraction from the 19-year-old student.
Tsarnaev will be questioned by a federal team called the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group, which includes officials of the FBI, CIA, and Defense Department, an Obama administration official said.
This development carries additional implications as to the definition of a suspect’s rights to a fair testimony and trial in the United States.

Sadly, it threatens to drag the entire torture debate back to square one again, with the obvious question rearing its old head: is any evidence or testimony gleaned through torturing a suspect even admissible in a modern court of law? The key word there being “modern”.

Rather than seize the opportunity to advance modern progress in justice and human rights – to really prove the robustness of our own justice system (yes, that one we supposedly fought and died for), the Federal jackboot, led in this instance by President Obama, has chosen to digress instead.

Meanwhile, this highly staged drama continues to unfold…

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Nemetron 2000 said...

Add to all this that now Israeli doctors have been brought in to do their little thing on the kid.

I think they're debating over whether to let him live and just ship him to Gitmo, or kill him right there in the hospital and claim that his condition "took a turn for the worst". The problem with killing him is that quite a few Americans are overly suspicious of this whole event, and for none of the supposed "suspects" to ever have a chance to tell their side of the story (oh yeah, we'll believe that they both just so happen to die while in police custody) is WAY too convenient for even the general public to swallow in this current climate, and Obama giving a premature guilty verdict won't help matters either.

So, basically they've backed themselves into a corner with this one. Nice going dip shits.

Anonymous said...

Every person in America should be scared to death at what our "government" has done here.

Being guilty or innocent has nothing to do with the sentencing.

The truth has nothing to do with the sentencing.

Every person in America is in the "government" cross-hairs.

For all those naive sheeple who believed our "government", the joke is on you. Have a good laugh at yourself.

Anonymous said...

obama, aka; judge dredd
im sure they have all interest in keeping him silent, it could mess with the 'official' story.

when someone finally decide to arrest those criminals in washington i suggest they use the same procedures and 'enhenced interrogations tactics'
then the peoples will be able to judge of the crimes commited.

Anonymous said...

Well, if a I didn't know better this is a perfect opportunity to use the powers granted by himself to bypass all legal methods and rush in a preconceived verdict as to eliminate any ability to perform a real investigation in pursuit of the truth.

Maybe this is what this is all about. Conditioning the American people to dictatorial methods.

Certainly would make sense why he was so sure the "alleged" guilty person responsible would be caught and held accountable.
Almost like he already knew.

It's amazing how gullible the American people have become.

Reminds me of when they caught Bin laden, who by the way had been dead since 2005 I believe, and disposed of his body at sea with no witnesses, obtained DNA confirmation in a time frame that is still to this day not possible, guess they have figured out how to affect time and defy physics, and then the whole seal team who completed the mission was mysteriously killed in the helicopter accident.

I have to laugh at how stupid this whole story is and yet... America buys it Sandy-hook, line, and stinker.


HUD Home Blogger said...

Fabricated stories almost always end well.
Real stories almost never end well

Anonymous said...

Remember back in 1969 when Nixon declared Charles Manson guilty and there was a big stink when Manson showed the newspaper headline to the jury? Of course that was when the Constitution was still in effect and we had a president, admittedly not a very good one, and not some wannabe two-bit turd emperor.

Anonymous said...

"Barack Obama informed the nation this weekend, “Whatever hateful agenda drove these men to such heinous acts will not, cannot, prevail. Whatever they thought they could achieve, they’ve already failed.” "

If indeed the boys were part of the original bomb drill, as tweeted by the Boston Globe one minute before it went off, I can only guess that it has been *assumed* that it was the boys who armed what should have been empty backpacks.

I *still* have never seen a picture of #2 without his backpack. Anybody?


Anonymous said...

This is how America works. It's only the theater we're permitted to witness that gives the impression there's some sort of fair process that determines outcomes.

American elections are perfect examples of this in action.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama informed the nation this weekend, “Whatever hateful agenda drove our intelligence operatives to such heinous acts will not, cannot, prevail. Whatever we thought we could achieve, we've already failed.

wishbone said...

has anyone noticed the "CAMP DELTA 1" sign is a variation of satanic symbolism.?!

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