Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Art of Catching Government False Flags in Real Time

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

With the topic of government false-flag operations being discussed throughout the country with the recent slow but progressive mass awakening to such events occurring in America it seems like good timing to ruminate on the issue and discuss just how the average person can develop the skills required to skillfully predict and catch government false-flag attacks in real-time and awaken others around you to these events and the political motives behind them.

I use the word ‘art’ because I believe being right about such high-level events deserves attention for the cognitive and intellectual skills required and the ‘delivery of truth’ skills required to share these truths with receptive (intellectually honest) members of society. Truth is always vindicated and victory goes to the opponent that is willing to deal with ALL the facts openly and transparently, as truth seekers in the information war have done for a very long time in America. The establishment government, however,  always plays the same hand with these events. Today these longstanding similarities that follow false-flag operations have naturally rendered some clear patterns to recognize for those of us seeking truth.

Step 1 – Clear your mind

The art of catching government false-flags in real time begins with altering your belief system to disconnect your mind from the influence the mainstream media has on it. This ‘connection’ is very real, and understanding how important it is to disconnect your mind from mainstream media lies cannot be understated. Many Hollywood movies and almost all TV shows play a huge roll in reinforcing the government narrative, as does the public school curriculum, so you will also have to be aware of the connection between these as well. However, since the mainstream media breaking news story of the next false-flag attack is the very thing you’ll be judging, it is paramount to distance oneself from this entity. This is the most important step that will make catching your first real-time false-flag very easy.

Armed with a clear mind and now thinking on your own, considering all logic and reason, you are now prepared to clearly see your first false-flag event. Your mind is prepared to see what is right in front of you now that you have removed the signal that was blurring your understanding. A free person with a clear mind free of government-engineered propaganda and marketing is a powerful tool with potential that is unlimited. The magic of living in a world where a controlled media and government does not even play a role in your life and your thinking process is a magic you cannot imagine until you cross that bridge. With that said let’s explore the next step.

Step 2 - Understand the stakes at hand

Are you aware of the stakes at hand? Consider history and what the end result of too much government control really means. Consider what freedom for humanity really means and those who have given their lives for these beliefs in the past. Apply the process of critical thinking to these ideas and see what you discover. First, approach the process of thinking with the purpose of being the best. Exercise what I call Intellectual Karate. Realize that you are about to go into an arena where the battle is for reason, truth, justice, logic, wisdom and cognitive conquering. Think for a minute, if man-kind is truly the superior animal on the planet because of its cognitive abilities and its abilities to apply a form of higher brain intelligence that allows us to conquer all other animals, then shouldn’t we care which form of mankind-thinking (meaning which paradigm) will ultimately control the destiny of the species? This I believe is the core meaning of the information war we fight; a competitive battle of cognitive expressions of truth versus lies, each side representing a specific agenda -- that being selfishness versus altruism, or personal greed and thirst for power versus selfless concern for the future experience of humans. I believe that this war is possibly spiritual and it (this battle of consciousness) defines who we are as a whole and will determine where humanity is headed.

Step 3 - Arm your mind with facts and reason

We owe it to ourselves to research history and see how governments have used false-flag operations for political gain in the past. The fact of the matter is that false-flag operations have been a commonly used tactic of past governments to justify an attack on an enemy. See and understand the logic that makes planned attacks on a selected enemy nearly impossible without an engineered and carefully timed false-flag attack. Become aware that false-flag operations and tactics that incite the enemy are officially part of military strategy. Realize that documented U.S. government plans for false-flags date back at least 50 years. Consider also that if governments have determined false-flag tactics to be an effective option 50 years ago then that is more than enough reason to suspect false-flags to be a reasonable explanation for any potentially engineered bombing or attack we see today.

Step 4 - Search, pin down, and recognize the beneficiaries

We can all see where false-flags of the past have worked very well for the perpetrators. This information is difficult to hide. Throughout history the beneficiaries of false-flag operations are not debatable. This is knowledge and power for truth seekers. Beneficiaries stand naked in the eyes of history; alone they stand hoping that humanity will look the other way, not notice, or chalk up their improbable luck to coincidence. When government stands alone as the prime beneficiary of a false-flag, that should bother your sense of truth, trigger your intellectual integrity and set off your truth meter. Side with reason and common sense before you blindly believe that governments luckily accept the results of apparent false-flag events and conveniently and impulsively change legislation to increase their power and take away the power from the people.

Step 5 - Analyze the event and look for common trends

Government false-flags almost always have a patsy designed to take the blame. This patsy seems to always have a connection/relationship/history of interaction with the U.S. government (military, FBI, CIA). This relationship with government entities is always ignored or downplayed by the controlled government mouthpiece mainstream media. They always act as though the relationship is not real or not relevant. Amazingly, the patsy’s history always leads back to government. The patsy always denies doing it or tells the world they are being set up. Patsies are always eventually murdered, silenced, tortured or all of the above. We all know that dead men tell no tales and tortured people will tell any tell you want them to. This is why torture and murder is and always will be illegal even when committed by a temporary criminal government.

Government agents and entities always stage a massive presence at the event or scene of the crime well in advance, and always just prior to the event. It never fails, yet many in America chalk this up to coincidence, where there is no such thing when it comes to politically motivated events.

The mainstream media is key to understanding false-flags. Look for huge overplayed ‘Breaking News’. This type of news is extremely sensational and is ongoing. Stories are repeated and told by various mouthpieces in almost exactly the same way. Early on, the controlled mainstream media finds itself in a battle for laying out the initial narrative. They (the media) find themselves making gross errors, but government steps in and declares the changing narratives within the first few days even if the story is contradictory to what was being said the first day. During this early period it is common to hear large segments of truth coming especially from local media networks struggling to figure out what is happening but having to depend on the highest level (government controlled) sources.

During the coverage of the event, look for media to sensationalize the emotional trauma portion of the event in a manner that engages the public and invokes a mass emotional response. Nowadays they specifically target the emotions of the masses to open them up to accepting a soon-to-be-delivered solution (Problem-Reaction-Solution) to the false-flag attack.

The media coverage of this specific event will supersede coverage of any other tragedy or event. No matter what else is happening, government does not allow other events to get in the way of their planned false-flags. Too much has been invested to get the reaction and subsequent politically motivated solution to come. This is an important observation to make in identifying government false-flags.

The controlled mainstream media will always ignore huge facts, testimonies, and figures surrounding the event. Look for the ‘ignore reality and facts’ mode the media goes into when working with a false-flag event. Questions are very vague and not too challenging to the official story. In this phase look for politicians, police chiefs, mayors and media running from the real questions.

Note that in some cases you’ll be able to observe other huge (9/11 size) coincidences, but not all false-flags will be as easy to diagnose as the September 11th global government terrorist attacks. Many will be smaller scale and the scene of the crime will be limited to one instead of three.

Step 6 - Convince yourself and look for the evidence

Challenge yourself by telling yourself that you are willing to believe the government-mainstream media version of the story. Tell yourself that as long as the media version of the story is provable you are willing to believe only their version of the story. Then set out to prove the government-media claims. Get focused and go to work. Pick up every claim and set out to actually prove their claims. You’ll quickly find out that media and government actually never submit or put out any proof for their claims. Stay focused and prove this to yourself. Notice how they run from truth, reason and actual proof. You will hopefully finally distinguish between a claim and actual factual proof. Once you see this reality you’ll never go back. You are now ready to take on the establishment and become a ninja for truth.

Step 7 - Cementing the lies

Finally, after the false-flag is over and time begins to pass, the government-media complex will settle on one story. Facts and figures detrimental to their version of the story are never raised again, and those who question their version of the story are demonized and ridiculed. After this initial phase, Hollywood picks up the baton and reinforces the government-media version of the story from this point on.

Step 8 - Get ready to catch your first real-time false-flag

Beware, handle with care, and proceed slowly. The experience of catching your first government false-flag in real-time can be very distressing yet very liberating at the same time. My first real-time false-flag was the Bin Laden death hoax of May 1st 2011 and it felt very troubling yet very liberating. It was like a mental jolt, an awakening years after already being awakened.

This topic deserves a lot of attention and in this article we’ve discussed a sequence of factors that come into play for identifying government false-flags. Realizing the magnitude of what is at stake, the power of the mainstream media, the improbability of government and media claims and coincidences including governments connection to their patsies are all part of the government false-flag blueprint.

Will you allow this pattern of deception to work on you again? Or will you be prepared to call out the government on the next bombing false-flag? Are you still connected to the mainstream media poison? Is all of this a challenge to your paradigm? These are the fundamental questions you have to resolve before you can stand tall and know that you’ve caught your first government false-flag. Good luck, and remember: the greatest mind altering drug is the truth.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Anonymous said...

I believe in false flags but pretty much everything you've described can be ascribed to a non-false flag event as well. This article is not much use. Sorry.

madranger said...

TRUTH is the most important element of good judgment; even as painful as it sometime can be.

Anonymous said...

There is no "non-false flag event" anymore. Anything of major importance is basically prepared and scripted. Like the "drug war", any competition out there in the form of actual "terrorism" is ridiculously disorganized and is easily rooted out by feds. You will often hear glazed over stories in the media of the feds "preventing a terrorist" attack which may or may not be actual competition for their false flags. Nothing that isn't within their full control is permitted to occur.

Don't think it's possible? Go ahead and name a major violent event that had political repercussions which has occurred in the US in the last 12 years that has no chance of being a false flag. There are none.

Anonymous said...

The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would not be able to understand, much less answer. And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right. The obvious, the silly, and the true had got to be defended. Truisms are true, hold on to that! The solid world exists, its laws do not change. Stones are hard, water is wet, objects unsupported fall towards the earth’s centre. With the feeling that he was speaking to O’Brien, and also that he was setting forth an important axiom, he wrote:
Freedom(!) is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else
“Do you remember, writing in your diary, ‘Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus
two make four’?”
“Yes,” said Winston.
O’Brien held up his left hand, its back towards Winston and the four fingers extended.
“How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?”
“And if the party says that it is not four but five -- then how many?”
“Five! Five! Five!”
“No, Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think there are four. How many fingers"
“Four. I suppose there are four. I would see five if I could. I am trying to see five.”
“How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?”

Anonymous said...

Bernie, give some real life examples of false flags from beginning to end. This will clarify what your talking about.

Anonymous said...

How about the West,Texas explosion, which was much more lethal than the Boston bombing. Am I to believe that was a false flat govt operation? That it was a product of too much government control?

Here is my contribution: there are real disasters and attacks....and there are false flag operations. Police provocations, to be blamed on arnarchists on the fringe of the Occupy movement, come to mind.
The government lies (as revealed by the Republican Bush-appointed investigators) about 9/11 come to mind. The Gulf of Tonkin comes to mind. The sole assassin narrative of the murders of JFK,RFK,MLK come to mind.

All of these should be investigated to find out what happened, why the govt lied, and who was behind them.

But there are also real catastrophes, which are now being called false flag operations, such as the Newtown shootings and the Boston bombings. Some are claiming these are all staged, actors, false blood, smoke bombs, etc.

Here is my contribution: the real work to expose false flags in our history is only defeated by all these fake false flag narratives.

Like Gresham's law that bad money drives out good money, bad conspiracy theories demean necessary and plausable conspiracy theories. So to all that Suarez has said (all of which is totally obvious), remember to use your critical mind to discard the absurd claims of those who see false flag operations in every disaster.

These people make a mockery of legitimate conspiracy theories and delay the time when they will be taken seriously and the truth will emerge. If I were a tyrannical govt, i would make all disasters be claimed as false flag in order to discredit ALL false flag claims.

This is like the cops pretending to be violent anarchists to discredit the peaceful protesters....

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.....

Anonymous said...

If the govt wants to do false flag operations (which they certainly have in the past), why do they keep foiling the attacks they have basically set up? This creates a sense that the FBI and govt have things under control. If they wanted to instill fear to have a pretext to assume tyrannical control, wouldn't they allow all these foiled attempts to succeed? Wouldn't that serve the purposes of a govt bent on enslaving the population better than the foiled attempts?

My own view is that there is no such thing as "government" and so no such thing as "government control." There are many governments, from the local school board, county, state, regional, and national. And most of these levels of government are actually a dynamic of conflicting interests fighting it out.

At the national level, Republicans are pushing for more war, more
weapons...and most Democrats are trying to restrain them. If Romney had won, we would be at war in Syria, maybe Iran.

Obama, for all his faults, stands between the hawks and war; even the drone program for which he has been criticized has two masters: the Pentagon (which has internal conflicts and conflicts with the DOD and the Commander in Chief) and the CIA (which has its own little army and foreign policy and operates under the radar).

Unless we recognize the complex and conflicting interests which make up what simpletons call government as tho it were a monolithic power, we will be fighting abstractions (like terrorism).

Corporations also have government, tho it is private and not democratic or accountable. You can't vote out the BP management or amend their policies. The most immediate tyranny in the life of most Americans is the tyranny of the workplace, the power and control of the corporations.

When corporations can buy off govt regulators, bribe lawmakers, or ignore govt rules, they have become the tyrannical force.

So remember: corporate power, which is authoritarian, rules the everyday lives of most Americans, and the corruption of government, which is a conflicting dynamic of rival interests, is done by the corporations buying influence with their wealth.

A libertarianism which only fears govt tyranny (and creates an imaginary monolithic force) enables corporate tyranny, which dominates not only our political process but our everyday lives.

That is why left libertarian, the original libertarian movement from the 19th Century (whose name was hijacked by corporate libertarians), is the only movement which opposes both public and private tyranny. The irony is we need a strong govt to police free markets (capitalism hates free markets: its whole goal of accumulating capital works by cornering markets, destroying competition, and even outright wars to defeat rivals).

The explosion in West, Texas reminds us that lack of govt regulation and enforcement power leads to disaster, that the free market cannot regulate itself, and that therefore, we need a balance of a govt strong enough to prevent corporate tyranny and corruption, as well as a democratic backbone made of citizen-activists to keep an eye on govt.

Both public and private tyranny is evil, and we must maintain a what Kenneth Galbraith called "countervailing powers" to temper the tyrannical impulses of both government and the private sector.

Anonymous said...

That's a good breakdown.

brad said...

Every step mentioned is simply good sense for the mental process in general. MSM "news" is known to be at least 60% scripted public relations feeds for corporations.
Didn't want to believe that, but in 90s saw blast of "women! new prophylactic approach to breast cancer prevention! News at 6:00!" and watched, hoping . . . .
Turns out to have been a big hoopla to convince women to take Tamoxifen as a breast cancer prophylactic. i had read the actual medical abstract from the first Tamoxifen trials. These started out as an international study, but Tamoxifen was SOOOOO toxic that France and GB withdrew in about a month. Of the 20 some women left in the study, at least one died of liver damage, several were placed on lists for liver transplants due to permanent liver damage, (probably could've been helped by DGL, licorice root/milk thistle, or schisandra (spelled wrong but an Ayurvedic herb proven in dbl blind studies to repair liver damage from over 30 chemicals) and others had short term liver damage.
Well, if you kill someone by another means, that is obviously going to skew your cancer statistics in a good way! Try Russian Roulette - it is prophylactic for all cancers!
The story was an obvious interview w/"experts" but the experts had different cameras than the local news anchors, who obviously read from a script as they "talked" to the drug dealer guys.

Anonymous said...

When everything media says contradicts what logic dictates, then I question. Is it a false-flag? Perhaps, but I don't believe these things didn't happen. I do believe it happened for a predefined purpose. So people pointing out actors, or who to focus on, doesn't phase me. Common sense logic is what I look for, and when it is absent, I don't buy into the media hype.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a dale is just a dale, but a gene rosen isn't just a gene rosen.

Unknown said...

Love this article but have to add: never forget disinformation is everywhere, including/especially among the "alternative"/progressive news & organizations. Beware of being "emotionally manipulated" on either side of the table, be smart, don't hand-over all your personal info to some stranger at a "peace rally" who acts like your friend, always be logical/rational/skeptical... And at the end of the day always trust your own inner voice, your own heart & mind, you KNOW what's right-vs-wrong and true-vs-false... Don't let yourself be played. You know "what time it is."

Adam Evenson said...

It is amazing that Suarez's first false flag event was the Bin Laden death hoax and that he has come far enough in that time to such a scholarly level as to write an article like the above. GREAT WORK, SUAREZ! I've been a seasoned veteran of the false flag event for most of my 73 years of life, such that I recognized the
9-11 inside job instantly, when I first whiffed its odor wafting through the air, but Suarez caught up and passed me in finesse in just a few years. Bravo! You're my kind of dude. Hang in there. Don't let any trolls bark your shins. I know you won't, because you're too well wrapped.

Anonymous said...

Whether an event is a staged false flag or real event, there is only one way to tell - an open, transparent jury trial broadcast for the world to see. Not one of these staged military tribunals held behind closed doors that keep following such events where rights are refused and evidence supressed under the excuse of 'state secrets' or 'state security'. And therein lies the TRUE litmus test for false flag events - are the suspected perpetrators given a real, honest-to-goodness jury trial or is the whole thing covered up with some joke of a 'commission investigation' or 'military trial'?

bob klinck said...

If your description of how false flags operate is correct, then clearly there is an overriding directing power capable of simultaneously controlling government, police, military, all forms of commercial media, the entertainment industry, etc. The lack of critical examination of these events certainly makes this appear to be the case. Surely the key to defeating such a directing power is correctly identifying its personnel and their motives.

Anonymous said...

False flags are older than the last 50 years in the USA. Study the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, WWI and WWII, the creation of the State of Israel and the Mossad. False Flags are a tool of the "Masters of War", who ever seek to control and manipulate humanity and the life of the planet.

Pay attention to the timing of these events.
Connecticut shooting a few weeks before Christmas (or Solstice) stealing the beauty and energy of the season. Boston, right during the lovely surge of Spring again stealing the energy for life that the season brings.

Peace to All

Anonymous said...

Boston Commissioner on the brothers'

'They Are the Actors (Corrected Himself 'Individual's' Designated To Carry Out The Mission'
Actors Mission NOT Terrorist Event!

CNN Interviews The Same 'Actor' At Both The Boston Marathon & Waterford Shoot Out.

What Are The Odds?

The Truth Is Out There If You Look!

Anonymous said...

If it is in the corporate news, and they start to tell you what happened, before it is possible to know what happened, they are lying, and it is a false flag event.

also, follow the money or else just take another look at what the Knesset is up to..or Netzenyahu is up to. he always spills the beans.

Anonymous said...

If the media directs your attention to something, that ain't where it needs to be. Period End.

Anonymous said...

FBI's Greatest Hits!

17 False Flags Perpetuated Against Us!

John Anthony said...


Anonymous said...

So even if we recognize false flags before they happen what can we do about it. Vietnam was the biggest false flag and total lie since ww1. Protesting it for 5 yrs or so did nothing.I laugh when some tub of crap plitician in Washington says we can,t end this war for political reasons. O really is it your sons who are going to get killed for our political reasons. I think not. We the sheeple dont know what to do about it. I know you say we have to elect honest politicians, Great idea but if they are too honest they will be elected for a dishwashing post.

Anonymous said...

A big clue to false flags, is to ask was the FBI involved?

They seem to be critical for confiscating key evidence, and ensuring it is covered up without a trace.

Kevin Osborne said...

Boston and Newtown were FF's need to continue to wake up.

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