Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sweet Suicide: Sugar Deadlier than Drugs and Just as Addictive

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Is sugar the biggest modern-day scourge of the earth? Is it a soft kill slow suicide?

It used to be thought that our bodies could evolve and adapt with the extra poundage of sugar consumed each year. But come 150lbs yearly on average consumed by each person - I think we've proven that theory false.

It's been said that 1-2 teaspoons of sugar in various forms can change your entire physiology in just seconds. Mood swings can come from the sugar but probably mainly from the intense insulin spikes and dips. The first part of this video shows an almost cruel experiment on children's reactions to eating sugar cubes - later it talks about opioid effects, like drug withdrawals in rats including chattering teeth, high pitched crying, shakes, anxiety and brain chemistry changes.

Sugar consumption is implicated in chronic inflammation, chronic fatigue, immune suppression, feeding cancer, heart disease, and obesity - yeah, I would say that's pretty deadly! From one pre-diabetic sugar-addict to another, here are some resources:

Many people recommend Sugar Blues by William Duffy. It's a riveting true story about a man whose entire life changed after meeting actress Gloria Swanson who told him sugar was poison. He researched and found out why. He weaves the history of sugar throughout in this classic little paperback. It's one of those books that without disgusting the reader, motivates a person to really think about their next bite.

Having a hard time quitting cold turkey? Me too. Just like with tobacco, cravings are often exacerbated by malnutrition and deficiencies. Leaving a vacuum by quitting is a sure way to dive back in. ALSO - since Candida Yeast uses sugar as food, the cravings might actually be coming from the yeast. Starving Candida and the cravings becomes more difficult. Ease yourself in and add the nutrition with Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat for Health series of two books, one for diet and recipes, the other to gear up the mind. They are so gentle.

If you're ever at a garage sale or old book shop, look for The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet by Doctors Rachael and Richard Heller. They were both obese, tired and riddled with cravings when they discovered that if they just push carbs into dinner time only, within a 60-minute period, they could reset the whacked-out insulin cycle. The way they described the theory was that a certain set of people - carb addicts - have a leaky insulin valve that starts running the second a simple carb is eaten. They used the method to lose all the weight, cut cravings and fix mood swings - and to help people who weren't making progress in Overeaters Anonymous (OA).

Please, please ignore the parts and recipes that promote using artificial sweeteners - those are neurotoxins and there are natural alternatives available that won't spike insulin.

The video goes into marketing tactics - while compelling, I think the real trouble comes from the cravings, Candida, difficulty withdrawing, and the grotesque, vast prevalence in grocery store foods. Until cravings and diabetic tendency is corrected, it's best to avoid fruit, honey and grains, especially if these trigger reactions.

Many naturopaths can help to stave off or reverse diabetes, eradicate Candida, and curb cravings - it's best to do research, ask questions and find one in your area. A host of issues begin in the gut - be good to it. The naturopath can help with that too.

Many more sugar help resources can be found here: nancyappleton.com

Special Hat Tip: Food Freedom Group

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Anonymous said...

I know people in their 80s and 90s that eat all kinds of crap incl. colas filled with sugar/hi fructose stuff. Some can get away with it all their lives and live to be 100 eating trans fats, pastries, etc. I use common sense but will have desserts now and then. Even if you live by ideal diet guidelines you can still be killed in an accident.

LadyRavenhaire said...

People at one time could eat crapv& live long lives. First of all, there were no hormones in the beef & cattle ate grass. plus they were eating sugar not gmo corn. this article in fact fails to mention the real difference between cane sugar & gmo hc corn syrup. one can cause cause through enzyme depletion if you don't have a healthy diet, the other is just plain poison deadlier than arsenic.

Anonymous said...

Other good resources:
"Pure White and Deadly" by John Yudkin. The last chapter of this book is an excellent insight into what the sugar did to a very well respected scientist in order to discredit him. This book has been kept quiet since the 80's, and was recently republished last year.

Also "Sugar:The Bittter Truth" video on youtube by Dr Robert Lustig.

Unknown said...

I am a certified clinical nutritionist with a BA and have been very careful of what I eat. Of course I've cheated every now and then on junk food but I don't smoke or drink alcohol beverages... until recently I drink a glass of red wine in the evening. I lived over sixty years with a healthy, muscular body and have no need for any medication. At this point I realize that quality of life beats quantity anytime, after watching many of my friends with illnesses, in and out of hospital for the past five to ten years I thank God for keeping me on the right path in term of food, exercise -- heart and brain tranquility.
You'll notice that most 80+ survivors who drink, smoke and poor diet are on countless of medications to keep them living... and most likely been that way for the past 20 plus years.
Take my word for it... stay away from bleached products; eat lots of fruits and fiber.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Al, I agree.

Misty Fogarty said...

I am addicted to sugar now. In this present time, its dr pepper. But last year and the year before. I was completely off sugar. I didnt even eat many carbohydrates. I was previously before addicted to sugar, and the way I broke the addiction was alkesized water. When you correct the ph levels and rid your self of the exsesive acid in the blood. No more head aches, no more cravings, not more fatigue. I started out with this stuff calles PHnomenol water, you can find it online. I portioned that with regular filtered water for a month then drank the alkasized water at a health food, and nutrition store. And after about three months, I was drinking regular water. I got to where if I drank even a sip of sweet tea, I eould get jittery. I stopped drinking coffee all together. And when I felt in tye mood for something sweet. I craved. I mean craved fresh fruit. You actually will crave the stuff thats good for you. Simple sugars is the only sugars I took in. I lost so much weight. Now just to do it again..

Heather Callaghan said...

Great comments everyone - and thanks for adding your resources! Anyone reading this feel free to add. This was supposed to be just a short story about white refined sugars and withdrawals - I could have added some stuff about GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup but I thought that was a lot to jam in. I think it's even worse.

Al - thank you for your comments and perspective!

Misty - I'm right there with you! Thanks for your info. When I have an overwhelming craving for Dr. Pepper I get the Zevia version at health food and grocery stores. No sugar but it tastes like Dr. Pepper. Sending healing thoughts your way! I know what it's like.

SteveB said...

As a Type 1 diabetic I searched for 6 years to find a way to rid myself of the curse of Candida, and found that doctors wouldn't even discuss the problem let alone explore the possibilities for a diabetic to overcome it. Take these drops for a year and go on the No SUGAR Candida diet for a year too, and then you MAY see some results.
Well I read an article from a retired Bio-chemist who suggested trying an old remedy from the good ol' days, and in one week I was restored to perfect gut health again !!
Get a bottle of 'Pure Gum Turpentine' from the hardware store (made from the sap of the Turpentine tree) and add 1 tblsp to 4 sugar cubes at a time on a plate, (to avoid evaporation) Take 1 cube after breakfast, and 1 cube before bed for 4 - 7 days and eat mainly veggie diet. NO soft drinks either.
It has a mild menthol flavor and will kill off the Candida very effectively with no side effects. Repeat after any antibiotics use, and try to follow up with a good pro-biotic to restore gut flora after the 4 - 7 day treatment.

Anonymous said...

SteveB, you mind posting the link to the article, or at least its name?

Anonymous said...

Great article. It baffles me how so many don't see the danger of artificial food bleached white. sugar, bread, grains, etc.

Anonymous said...

The fact that so few people know about this is testament to the dangers we see from the huge flow of cash from big industry into government. The government "health" authorities have been taken over by industry shills who are there solely to ensure that this information does not get shown in the mainstream media, and the huge sponsorship from big pharma and the processed food industry into medical training, ensures that doctors are not taught about it either - so it can all be conveniently denied as a "conspiracy theory". Funny how anything that disputes the status-quo is immediately called a "conspiracy theory"!

Get the corporate money out of politics, and maybe we might start to see the truth getting through once in a while.

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