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South African GM maize contaminates the world

Official GM maize exports can be found at, but investigators already found it in many more countries. South Africa exports unapproved GM maize to Zimbabwe and continues to export to Mexico, contaminating both the region and the center of origin of maize.

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The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) is deeply concerned by the news that the South African GMO authorities have permitted over 25,000 tons of GM maize to be exported to Zimbabwe. This is the first time that South African GM maize grains have been commercially exported to their neighbor north of the Limpopo, and adds to a growing list of African countries that have received bulk shipments of live GM grains from South Africa, including Swaziland, Mozambique, Kenya and Somalia.

According to a spokesperson for the FoodMattersZimbabwe group, "Zimbabweans are under the impression that maize would be imported from Zambia and will be deeply upset by this news to import GM maize from South Africa. The government of Zimbabwe is currently promoting the use of open pollinated varieties (OPVs) of seed to strengthen our farmers’ self-reliance. The importation of GM maize poses a serious risk of contaminating our OPV varieties; at the very least this GM maize must be milled before entering the country."

However, a cloud hangs over the legality of the shipments and whether the South African GMO authorities have indeed received an explicit written approval from the Zimbabwean government for the importation of the GM maize.

According to Andrew Mushita from CTDT who has been liaising with the authorities in Zimbabwe “ the official position of Zimbabwean government is that they are not importing any GM maize from South Africa. They have however, opened importation of non-GMO maize from South Africa. To ensure that no GMO maize is imported, the government has taken measures and set-up GMO testing facilities at the border port of entry. Any consignment which will test positive will be returned to South Africa.

In an equally disturbing development, 150,000 tons of GM maize have been permitted for export to Mexico, the center of origin of this vital crop. Around 2 million tons of GM maize have already been exported to Mexico from SA in the last two years. Mexico is the global repository of genetic diversity for maize, among the world’s three most important staple foods. With South Africa’s export of GM maize and Mexico’s acceptance of it, both governments promote the contamination of peasant maize in its center of origin, threatening biodiversity and food sovereignty in all countries.

Maize is central to the diet and culture of the Mexican people and peasant leaders have embarked upon hunger strikes in January this year to protest plans to cultivate GM maize in the country. Indeed, there is widespread opposition to GM maize in Mexico, with scientists, farmers, consumers, students, environmental organizations and others also protesting against GM maize. After his official visit to Mexico in 2011, UN Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food Olivier de Schutter recommended the immediate reinstatement of the moratorium against GM maize established as far back as 1999.

What makes this GM export even more unacceptable is that at least 150,000 tons of non-GM maize produced by Mexican farmers have been in storage for three months and remain unsold, but companies prefer to import GM maize from South Africa, despite all the associated transport and environmental costs.

“Mexico doesn't need to import maize for its own population, as the domestic production not only meets, but also exceeds human consumption needs. These imports are intended for animal feed in industrial production that is controlled by transnational companies. The maize traded from both ends serves only the need and greed of corporations”, said Silvia Ribeiro from ETC Group, in Mexico.

“This is yet more depressing evidence that the primary purpose of our food system is not to provide adequate, affordable and nutritious food for all South Africans, but to ensure the continuing profitability of some of the world’s largest agribusiness corporations,” concluded Mariam Mayet, Director of the ACB.

The list of permits granted by the South African GMO authorities authorising the GM maize exports can be found on the website.


African Centre for Biosafety
Mariam Mayet

FoodMattersZimbabwe group,

Andrew Mushita, CTDT,

ETC Group
Silvia Ribeiro, ETC Group Latin America Director,

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Anonymous said...

We need to take counter actions befor wits too late, things are progressing much faster.

Anonymous said...

Trikzta says South Afrika is lending (give, given, gone) $100,000,000 (US$) to Zimbabwe for elections. Announced recently it comes at a time when 'Bob" Mugabe, an avid foe of GM sh1t, could bring much negative attention to Monsanto, who are sneaking around & greasing palms in South Afrika.

Could this money be to keep him quiet? Bob was also calling Jacob Zuma a sellout for sanctioning a UN/Nato 'no fly' zone over Libya, which led to the murder of innocent people (and others). Gaddafi was to Establish an African Bank with little or no interest, unlike the World Bankstas that soon cripple the borrowers economy and then raid the bank accounts of civilians. Maybe this money compensates or shuts Bob up for now?
Monsanto has entrenched themselves in South Africa. When questioned about their products they lie, openly and blatantly lie, about scientific proof (safety) and success stories and rubbish any "scientific" reports that they never paid for. Our Government Agencies are under their control.


Marly-Marls said...

Heartening to note that leading activist publications, daily more and more widely read all over the Planet, are exposing South Africa's complicity in the dumping of GMO contaminated maize on foreign markets!
With maize a daily staple of around 90% of South Africa's population and further, with it added to many other local products as a cheap ingredient, most consumers here remain blissfully unaware that the maize they love and enjoy, is bio-engineered and systematically poisoning their bodies and our country's crops! We question and feel great anger that our government has approved and continues allowing this despite local organizations demanding for GMO's to be banished.
This article is another expose of how TPTB are conning it's citizenry and will serve to bring about protection for the bulk of innocent South African consumers and those of other countries too!
With all of us supporting our constant aggressive campaigners (Natural News, Democracy Now and Avaaz)for the return of God honest pure foods worldwide, we will succeed in ridding our Globe of this dark and evil pestilence threatening to kill our food chain.
I can only say that our eyes have opened! That worldwide we are becoming ever more aware now that the Global Cabal, "We the People" have been mislead to regard as our personally elected and trusted representatives, arrogant to the core, are inhuman, diabolical and degenerate fiends, not only bent on owning and controlling Mankind, but destroying the most of us they have given themselves the "right" to regard as "useless eaters".
But God is watching and awakening the People of the Planet, arming us with Truth to rid ourselves of these Ungodly Usurpers and once more restore our Earth as a haven of spiritual peace and prosperity for all! May the satanic forces plotting our destruction be Damned!

Anonymous said...

Please support us. We are holding a March on the 25th of May. This petition will be sent to all news agencies, the department of agriculture and to all political parties. We desperately need world wide support! ty :)

Anonymous said...

Will these disgusting profit driven corporations ever get the message that the vast majority of the worlds population DO NOT WANT THEIR UNDEMOCRATIC FRANKENSTEIN FOOD.
We want our freedom to have natural Organic food and not have it polluted by these ghastly mutant GM ones.
No corporation should be allowed to control the worlds food supply throught their Terminator Gene science.
It is devils work and wicked of them to force this on countries and people when they are all so against it.

Anonymous said...

Easy solution. DON'T eat anything with corn it. Youi don't need the b/fast cereal with it's 40% sugar conent. ( I bet you wouldn't put sugar in your BMW fuel tank). Pity that dog and cat foods are now corn, (and grain) based. Our neighbours cat just died of leukemia, blood cancer. Never heard that before.

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