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Robot Bees Will Be Better Than The Real Thing Says Greenpeace

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

This is an update to the original post on April 17, 2013. 

No, this is not a tabloid - it's real. According to several videos, which are posted below, robotic insects have made their first controlled flight. According to the creators of Robobee:
The demonstration of the first controlled flight of an insect-sized robot is the culmination of more than a decade's work . . . Half the size of a paperclip, weighing less than a tenth of a gram, the robot was inspired by the biology of a fly, with submillimeter-scale anatomy and two wafer-thin wings that flap almost invisibly, 120 times per second.
In addition to the recent suggestion from insecticide producers that we should "plant more flowers" to aid the declining bee population, Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has been working with staff from the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and Northeastern University's Department of Biology to develop robot bees. These insectoid automatons would be capable of a multitude of tasks: autonomous pollination, search and rescue, hazardous exploration, military surveillance, climate mapping, and traffic monitoring - to name a few.

Greenpeace has issued a disturbing new PSA which postulates on what such a world would potentially look like as these robot bees gain autonomy and begin fully populating the natural world.

Greenpeace has titled this piece of cautionary fiction - NewBees. It's a stunningly realistic look at the artificial future which is currently being planned, as you'll read in the documented evidence beneath this video. The video also incorporates the calming music and narration with hypnotic visuals that often accompany the latest hi-tech creations of the corporate-industrial complex. Regardless of what one might think of the various political positions of Greenpeace, they have done an exceedingly good job of covering all aspects of these potential creations.

The above scenario is extrapolated from the very real Harvard "Micro Air Vehicles Project" inspired by the biology of a bee and the insect's hive behaviors. While the researchers focused on the development of individual autonomous robots, they also plan to study coordinating large numbers of the robots to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently.

The robots are created through an incredible micro-engineering process specifically designed for mass production. Each "Bee" is designed with its own electronic nervous system and power source, and able to target tasks with a microscopic Ultra Violet targeting sensor.

These micro-engineering advances are increasingly similar to the military's development of miniature drones. Shared knowledge and research in these technologies is resulting in a massive increase of processing power and flight time, as well as the potential for fully autonomous drone swarms.

Watch this in this video, from over two years ago, as a small group of robots work together on assembling a tower-like structure.

Compared to the current bee micro-drones seen in the video below, those amazing quadrotor copters are almost monstrous in size. It just goes to show how the application of these technologies is increasing, while the size of the chassis becomes almost microscopic.

And here is the most recent video where we see the Robobee actually takes flight:

But as far as aiding in the pollination of our dystopian GMO fields, devoid of workers, devoid of life, what are the possible benefits?

Well, as the sales pitch for a full mechanization of nature suggests, farmers would no longer have to rely on bees to pollinate their crops. Patented worker drones could be purchased or rented and rolled into the field each spring. Pollination would be quick and efficient, no worries about colony collapse or sterile crops.

And here's another thought . . . the robobees could be programmed specifically to your own crop. Imagine not having to worry about your little pollinators getting lost in your neighbor's field. Simply have them programmed to respond only to specific genetic markers found only in your fields. Of course, that would require that your crop have a patented genetic marker to be programmed . . . oh.

Patented bees pollinating only approved patented crops. If that doesn't sound like a biology lesson from The Orwellian Institute, then I don't know what does. And, as End The Lie notes, the developers have even more in mind:
The next phase of the RoboBee project will include a “computationally efficient brain” mounted on the robot that is inspired by the way fruit flies’ brains handle flying in the wind. 
“Flies perform some of the most amazing aerobatics in nature using only tiny brains,” said Sawyer Fuller, a member of the Harvard research team, according to the Daily Mail. “Their capabilities exceed what we can do with our robot, so we would like to understand their biology better and apply it to our own work.” 
According to Professor Robert Wood, the leader of the project, developments made under the RoboBee project could be used in other fields as well. (Source)
This is already happening, as wherever high tech is present, so is the military. Here is a video from the Air Force illustrating the multi-purpose aspect of what is being proposed: not only surveillance, not only autonomous insect swarms, but also assassinations. The video already has been removed from YouTube once, so please alert us if this video is not working.

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Anonymous said...

Madness on the cusp of insanity. It amazes me how mad scientists squander money on expensive and useless technology when nature at it's finest is irrefutable. What is more genius than a Bee? It will not be replaced by expensive junk science. This is all the result of an Age of Usury doomed to crash and burn like hell fire.
Dr. Frankenstein would be proud.

Heather Callaghan said...

Anonymous - YES. You described that so wonderfully. The bee is one of the most complex genius creatures alive...but I guess it can't be patented...so the colluding industries can continue to make them die and replace with profitable robotics. Can't think of anything more sad...and INSANE

Anonymous said...

This is a cover-up story for what the plans TRULY are.
There can be no doubt that all of these robotic bees will be controlled by humans, and they will have cameras and the ability to "sting" a person with enough poison to kill them.
If you have a "typical" swarm size of approximately 50,000 bees, one swarm could take out 50,000 "worthless eaters". After taking out one person, the bee will then return to the "hive" to be "refuled" so that they can go back out and do it all over again.

Anonymous said...

Organismic... there's a word you don't want to mispronounce.

Anonymous said...

The problem is these useful idiots are taking US down with them in their insane schemes.

Example; The chemspraying to geoengineer.
have these fools even thought of the dangers they themselves will face in breathing the aluminum oxide they are putting in the atmosphere.

At which point do responsible and mature citizens intervene and stop the madness!!!!

Anonymous said...

By rights, Harvard should have earned a reputation as a source of stupidity and corruption, from early investment in GWB to the latest presidential poser, an endless stream of its globalist lackeys are hired to be the Deciders. Brilliant. Don't ask if bees are the proverbial canary, if collapse in the food chain might await us if we turn agriculture into an industrial-military operation. Don't question how ugly life is becoming under the new regime. Just keep on turning life into a machine.

Anonymous said...

It's a harbinger of a world so toxic to lifeforms that you will need to be imbued with nanotechnology and mechanical enhancements just to survive breathing the air. A Machine World.

stevor said...

Sure, kill off all Nature's FREE BEES and replace them with robot bees that are OWNED by some corporation (might as well be Monsanto).
Yeah, insanity!
That it's from Harvard pretty much explains it, though. (they spouted o'bama and a lot of other monstrosities)

Anonymous said...

TBTB don't think things through in their mad schemes.

How do they plan for these robots to produce honey? How do they plan to put pandora back into the box, as they spread monsanto terminator seed GMO franken-"food"? The PTB are fools poisoning their own bed.

First transhumanism, now transinsectism. They are at war with nature. Which IMO, is a war against God, who knows best. Nature cannot be improved upon. They corrupt and poison everything they touch.

The only way this once pure and beautiful earth, can heal is if we rid ourselves of the psychopathic monsters enamoured of all these corruptions.

TPTB want to own every blade of grass and enslave all those that survive their Agenda21 eugenics. How insane is that? Destroy, corrupt everything via avarice that never ends. These bottomless pit demons, unwittingly self destruct in their megalo-manical creation of a destroyed cesspit.

They created desolation and called it peace.
It is obvious they will also think the HELL is utopia. They are so busy trying to re-create it here.

This madness has to STOP!

Anonymous said...

Mindless, Soulless beings, creating more mindless soulless beings to replace the true living God. They can't tolerate anything with the capacity to reason or think on it's own. We the people who have the capacity to reason are their biggest threat. Like the bees and the rest of Gods creations we are just a problem they can solve with their lunatic replacements. They are so excited about this new age of robots to serve without question, they disregard any problems that will surely kill their artificial Utopia that was here naturally before they began building their counterfeit reality against god.

brad said...

OR - we could ban neonicotines like Italy did when they were losing all their bees to CCD, and have them come back . . .

But then, that would be cheaper, take money away from Bayer (remember that company that did live experiments on Jews in the "good old Nazi days" (sarcasm font needed there)) and not allow someone to charge you two fortunes to have to buy robotic pollenators!

How unfair to the rich pukes!

phillip said...

if the govenment makes money from these bees, it will promote them over the real ones.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, if one was aware of cutting edge tech and construction then they would see it for what it is... incomplete toy. However, a very good waste of taxpayers money and a poor attempt at blowing disney. Another one of hollywoods' finest being seconded. Don't expect it anytime soon! Good for a laugh I guess.

Anonymous said...

This is not a acceptable "replacement" for bees. Corporations really need to get their heads out of their arses. I ask why don't we just kill all of the genetically modified bees before it's too late? I've been doing my part but nobody else seems to be doing anything at all.

Anonymous said...

I probably shouldn't post but...fuck it...I just wanna say that these 2 things are unrelated. Yes, the Robobee is real, BUT it was not created to replace pollinators. I mean they JUST figured out how to make the things fly. (after a decade). To get them to be pollinators would require a level of sophistication orders of magnitude greater than that. Perhaps someday it would be possible, but saying this was created for that is a disservice to the scientists that spent 10 years dedicated to just getting the thing to fly. ...on another note banning pesticides IS something that I can get say is intended to help the bees. The EU has just created rules for its member nations, that they must adhere to (read it here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/30/business/global/30iht-eubees30.html?_r=0) Getting rid of neonicotinoids is a huge step, but there's still more to be done. Making a witch hunt out of these guys who made a Robobee will just hinder and distract from that goal. Ahh but this will fall on deaf ears I'm sure. Quick! Grab your tinfoil hats! Rational thoughts may penetrate you skull!!!

Anonymous said...

I will buy a dozen of the first portable EMP "fly-swatters" developed to whack these insidious little bastards from the air.

Ed Butt said...

I wonder how much a swarm of these things will cost and how long will they last?
The will not be a cheap as the pollinators nature provides I'm sure.
It's all very Brave New World, in Huxley's corporate dystopia people who loved nature were despised because a walk in the country consumes nothing and so makes no profit for anybody.

Anonymous said...

cotoneaster bush,fennel,are two examples of bee friendly flora.Fennel in particular grows like a weed and also encourages "ladybugs" that are natural garden pest predators as well as pollinators

Anonymous said...

Anon insulting us: we don't wear tinfoil hats! If you're going to have an intelligent informed discussion with us, don't then fall back into ignorance by quoting untrue stereotypes!

brad said...

No way these things can make it around in a spring time breeze/field/orchard. The duration, etc are so silly compared to the right thing - er, that would be nature.
But those same scientific idiots that forgot our hovercars for all, and moving walkways in the house, and of course NO negative effects from our better chemical living still have NO CLUE.
The alleged "elite" are functionally idiots. If they weren't influential (only because of their wealth) they would be a heck of a silly show with all their idiot ideas, and compulsive inferiority driving them to own, own, own, control, control, control. Sad little morons, really.

abinico said...

If this is the solution, humanity deserves to become extinct.

Anonymous said...

Revelation 9:5 "And to them it was given that they should not kill
them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment
[was] as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man."

Revelation 9:3 "And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the
earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth
have power."

Anonymous said...

We are doomed by man's egomania, pride, and hubris. Let us all get right with God, my friends, that is not only all we have left, it is all we ever truly had. +

Anonymous said...

it seems to me that all the futuristic sci-fi scary stuff is coming true. All the stuff that writers have been warning us about all these years, i am watching happen on this planet. Why can't we imagine something better, and do that?

Anonymous said...

Do they make "honey" for their little nanolarve, and does it taste like motor oil?

Joe said...

This technology is very far from viable. You can't autonomously power them without violating the laws of physics. Even star-trek physics is violated by the power requirements. And possibly even more importantly, they violate the laws of economics. Insanely delicate and insanely expensive. Real Bees are effectively free, and...priceless!

Anonymous said...

Well if we don't do something about EVERYTHING right NOW, Earth will become as Mars: a dusty planet with no life and nothingness; whereas once that planet did have water and life! So now the evil things are here - destroying everything (taking our resources and trying to eliminate us useless eaters!)before they blast off and destroy another planet... crazy am I, maybe....... but isn't what is really happening crazy?! Time to come together and not take it anymore! I am ready!

Anonymous said...

Technologies are advancing at an exponantial pace. Today I read in the newspaper that a corporation successfully "printed" (with a 3d printer) the first successfully tested firearm. (source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2013/05/06/technology-3d-printed-gun-liberator.html). Don't be a fool and think for one moment that the Robotic Bee is very far from viable because of power; the wings could be solar panels for instance. (Maybe you heard about solar paint? If not take a look here: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/newinventors/txt/s3008638.htm) The pace for miniaturization is the same.

The thing that scares me most is that these bees can be used for a multitude of tasks:

Autonomous pollination, search and rescue, hazardous exploration, military surveillance, climate mapping, and traffic monitoring - to name a few. Military surveillance. If the bees were to be instincted (because of some humans, of course), I bet that the people responsible will be behind the Robotic Bees Industries. If humanity has to rely on them to survive, just imagine the amount of "monitoring tools" that would be in our sky. Insanely expensive they will be, yes (and very lucrative for few peoples unfortunately). After all, I would be surprised to compare the price of a car/repairs/insurances and the price of a horse. And i'm curious of what quantity of hay I could have for the 50$ of gaz I buy weekly... and yet, everyone drives a car nowadays. Just a question of lobbyism. Welcome to the new world.

Anonymous said...


Now we know why Obama is killing tens of millions of bees.... his corporate handlers want to make billions with artificial bees AND it helps shield Monsanto from all the negative environmental impacts they have on the Earth.

This is madness... but im sure after the media praises how wonderful this is, most Americans will concur because they are unable to think for them selves.

FunCoTech said...

The "Tin Foil Hat" insult was deliberately created and marketed by the CIA back in the late sixties/early seventies just after they successfully got their weaponisation of microwave radiation to the point where they could seriously FUK with people's minds. It was a major part of suppressing information about the programme.
They did exactly the same with the term "Conspiracy Theory" to mock and suppress those investigating the Kennedy coup.

Anonymous said...

And yet we can't find 370? And there is no Free Energy? And WTC was brought down with box cutters? etc, etc. It is amazing what is being said in the polished Greenpeace vid and the fear-based Gen Dy vid, both directly and in between the lines. So is there a common thread in the madness? I say it is the banker network, seems to be at the core of every 'dark' issue on the planet. Would abolishing the Fed Reserve be enough to quash this insanity? Call for action on Executive Order 11110? Recapitalize the money supply to a dynamic, values-based algorithm created by We The People? Somehow more people need to speak out and begin to formulate and act on a vision worthy of a legacy to the 7th Gen. But then what do i know? I spend my time chatting with Off-Worlders, learning multi-verse physics and the original design intent of the Human model. Crazy ought to be a choice. Thanks for this and so many other amazing postings.

Anonymous said...

Greenpeace an Intel Asset funded by oily dollars and populated by useful idiots. Note how they created a convenient and well timed media storm just as the Ruskis thwarted Usraeli plans for the murderous destruction of Syria .... the Yinon Plan

Anonymous said...

First, many thanks to the author for this gravely concerning and illuminating piece.

Secondly, relative to the poster who started, "First transhumanism, now transinsectism" s/he is spot-on in more ways than just with bees...when one knows the FDA has approved a new Flu vaccine back in January 2013 which is called "FluBlok" and while they do promote this vaccine can be safely (??) used by those who are allergic to eggs (culture protein of many vaccines), what they somehow fail to mention is that it is cultured from the cells or protein of an insect; namely the armyworm. This was recently revealed by the Natural News team and because the intentional delivery of any insect's DNA into the human body to inherently-adversely disturb the innate immune system is akin to an act of covert Frankenism...this too should give us all "five alarm" pause.

Anonymous said...

Technocracy is a freakin' cult and this robot bee is par-for-the-course of madness descending upon us. And every organization of significance has been captured by the megalomaniacs including Greenpeace, Sierra Club, as well as academia, industry, and finance.

Beyond the veil, Leo Szilard and Linus Pauling are shaking their fists at us.

Anonymous said...

So we are now close to bees extermination and we will also succeed with most of other animal species. But , not a problem . let´s create more animal robots to replace each one that has disappeared. That would probably be a very tempting theme as a new Disney destination. What a totally fucked world we have and We deserve to be also destroyed.

Anonymous said...

WHERE is the movement to arrest and convict Bill and Melinda Gates for all their crimes against humanity?!

And WHY is there no effort being made to shut down the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?!

Why won't NPR supporters demand that NPR stop using the word "humanitarian" to describe Bill and Melinda Gates?!

Anonymous said...

greenpeace doesnt want you eating honey

a ecological group not wanting nature ?

Anonymous said...

I mean it's cool if science comes up with ways to fix contemporary problems - but it would be better if we wouldn't create these problems in the first place.
Everyone seems to think technology will be able to save us in the future and retroactively fix the hogwash we do now.
It shouldn't be that way - we should make sure that our system is structurally designed to be sustainable.
And of course there's also the threat of companies (acting just naturally within this structure) artificially causing these problems for profitable benefits (ie Monsanto patenting these bees / companies producing them / dependency upon these bees [hence that also means a new market to disclose] / ...)

So yes - I'm glad these bees exist, but I'm both suspicious of their necessity and the associated assumption that we'll be able to fix all the mess we do now similarily to that.

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