Monday, April 1, 2013

Police Pepper Sprayed Babies, Lawsuit Claims

Marilyn Taylor is accused of jumping subway fare.

Anthony Freda Art
John Galt
Activist Post

Police brutality stories are legion, and the epidemic of hostile encounters is only increasing as police become increasingly militarized. The mindset between a true law enforcement officer and those who view their terrain as a battlefield cannot be overstated. Beyond all of their new toys to inflict "distress," a.k.a. non-lethal weapons, the minds of many police have been brainwashed to perceive a constant state of threat when interacting with the public.

Most of us remember the line of seated peaceful protesters at U.C. Davis doused with pepper spray by police. Or who could forget the image of female protesters being sprayed like bugs by this thug in a police outfit while they were already in an enclosed area during Occupy Wall Street?

These are acts of sadism, pure and simple. Well, sadism rarely knows any bounds . . .  nor does a police state. Enter the latest police brutality horror story . . . .

Marilyn Taylor is suing the City of New York, the NYPD and Officers Maripily Clase, Suranjit Dey and Jermaine Hodge in Federal Court on behalf of her family after an incident at a New York subway put them in confrontation with police officers.
The officers stopped her on suspicion of skipping a fare because they saw her pushing the stroller through a service entrance rather than the turnstile, Taylor says in the complaint. 
"The aggressiveness of the officers' demeanors had upset the four-year-old daughter, and her mother bent down to console her and tell her, 'everything will be OK," the complaint states. 
But everything was not OK. Taylor says Officer Dey pepper-sprayed her, causing her to fall to her knees and nearly fall from the platform. She says the spray hit every member of the family. 
"The pepper-spray caused the children to scream out and choked the two-year old, who went into fits of vomiting," the complaint states. 
"Ms. Taylor was then placed in handcuffs as the minor children cried in fear and pain."
While many adults have become inured to tales of police brutality . . . and even have come to expect such a possibility upon their persons, this complaint also address the impact upon the emotional development of children who are subjected to being raised within a police state:
(Taylor) says she and the children needed medical attention because of the lingering effects of the spray. 
"After the attack, mother and father suffered ongoing eye injuries and all three children suffer emotional harms, and are now afraid to ride the subways and become afraid when they see police officers. The four year-old cried herself to sleep for weeks, and after the incident the two-year-old began waking up in the night crying for her mother," the complaint states.
Those who tend to make excuses for such police behavior might play Devil's Advocate by citing some provocation, or perhaps some overzealousness. Or, perhaps upon reflection the officers might feel some remorse. Apparently not:
Taylor claims that the officers have continued to harass her family. 
"Since the incident, plaintiffs have suffered repeated harassment from the officer defendants, forcing them to avoid the MTA through the Atlantic Avenue stop," the complaint states. 
The family seeks punitive damages for civil rights violations, assault, battery, negligence, and violations to the state and federal constitutions,"
Naturally, this case must be decided upon in a court of law, and the defense should have their say. But given the progression of out-of-control police behavior, this is just the type of story that has to make us wonder what is next?

Note: Pepper spray is supposed to be relatively benign, especially according to Megyn Kelly of Fox News who has infamously stated that it's an all-natural product, so what's the problem? Sayer Ji, however, countered her health tip with a compelling article that shows how pepper or not -- it is still a potentially lethal chemical weapon. Regardless, one would rightly assume it's not recommended for use on babies.

Here is what the creator of pepper spray has to say about how his chemical invention is being used:

Article source and full complaint (fee) can be read at Courthouse News Service:

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Anonymous said...

Yes, listening to little babies choke and scream is good fun for the NYPD. I lived in this wretched city but got the hell out. I think the only place worse is LA.

Anonymous said...

completely demonic

Anonymous said...

This woman is going to get big bucks, which the taxpayer will pay for of course, but at least she is suing the officers personally as well. Any news that these cops have been suspended?

Anonymous said...

Right now there is a large amount of citizens fabricating reasons why this is justified.

Our sick society embraces their abusers.

Helplessness and battered syndromes.


Anonymous said...

It would be hunting season for me. Period.
he courts are as corrupt as the leo's, if not moreso.
In this case, the family MAY get some monetary 'compensation', but it still does NOTHING to the incident, except the fact that "They won the court case! Nothing left to see here" type of scenario.
And the cops will keep low profile for awhile, getting MAYBE a severe reprimand.

THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! In fact, the only people that get hurt or 'sentenced' to anything in this scenario, is everyone else BUT the criminals.
That's even if it gets to a court hearing without being settled 'out-of-court'.

If noone does anything such as a citizen's arrest for incidents like this, it will continue to not only happen, but escalate.

You'd never do what they did to that family's children, to mine, without SERIOUS consequences. REAL consequences...the kind with no restrictive corruption and loop-holes to deter that consequence from being exactly what it were supposed to be.
Until that happens....NOTHING to see here, that hasn't been seen(and unfortunately ACCEPTED)for quite a while now.

Hide Behind said...

After seeing what form of animals ride any and all NYC mass transit systems my thoughts side with transit authorities.
Their job is to keep an orderly movement of meat
From point A to whatever point that meat leaves their duty areas.
Not a fan of pepper spray,to indescriminate, but it will put a man down and burns lungs,but full bore tazers sound like a better method in this case.
Put em down and push em out of way to keep orderly prosession of meat moving.
If woman was breaking procedures she needed to be traumatized both physicly and mentally.
EVERYONE that enters such an arrangement has agreed to become less than human and no more than cargo much like getting a feel up at the airport.
As for traumatizing of herself and kids that is just more touchy feely bs by lib and conservative con men wjo need funding.
SHRINKS of real stature damn well know it is mommy daddy and the social service ah
Oles that traumatize a child.
WHY. Not that is how they make a living and keep the next "oh woe is me I am a victim society in line.
LINES where meat is moved from point A to point B and they pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Pepper Sprayed Babies -- sound like a punk band.

Anonymous said...

Hide behind sounds like a cop. Spraying babies is uncalled for and these police officers should be made to pay the price out of their own pocket. To say that when you ride the subway you sign up to be treated sub-human is utter crap. Nobody on God's earth has any right to treat you with less than respect whether you are a toilet cleaner or the one that make's the mess and I hope these people win against the tyranny that is the police force

Anonymous said...

TRIAL BY not settle out

i hope they read this :)

Anonymous said...

Here in Fl. a man was tortured for 3 days, chained to a "Special stool" and the "police grade MACE" was sprayed in his mouth and nose, and eyes, he couldn't talk or breathe, He had a heart condition, and smoker's lung, after they realized he was almost dead "By THEIR report",( the EMT,s said already dead"), The emergency room personel had to put on full MOP suits to work on him, the " Humane spray" emptied out the emergency room. Think how it was on him? All three of the "guards are still working there! But....the family sued, and got some of the TAXPAYERS' money, nothing from the killers! His crime-----Drunk. ONLY DRUNK. Taser Int, reports that of the 600 people who have died after being tortured by police Tasers, none were found to be the police fault! But.....there are laws to prevent COPS from being Tasered or Sprayed?????? One case here: a man died after being tasered . Surrounded by cops, he surrendered and was climbing out of the canal, they tasered him till he drowned, The coroner said death from drowning while incapaciated by electrocution, Very bad criminal: Possession of ONE joint!

Anonymous said...

NYPD the only U.S. police dept. with offices in Israel......

HereAmI said...

Precisely. They call it jew York. This is the talmud, folks. This is the new law. It's called the Noahide Law, and it was signed onto the books by the disgusting bush. Want to know why the US is being overrun with guillotines? It's because decapitation is the sentence for transgressing the NL. You ARE animals in their "sight" ( which is blindness). This is the conspiracy. They have determined that the Second Coming will be a jewish antichrist who will rule over the goyim with a Rod of Iron, starting, hopefully, by tasering and pepper spraying the useful idiot called "hide behind". The entire US is now ruled over by the small percentage of jews who have infected the body politic. Every single Congressional Committee. Feinstein wants your guns. Lieberman wants your guns. Christal wants your guns. Bloomberg wants drones above JYC. Obamination wants your guns. The end is massacre. Think they won't do it?
The only person with the guts to tell the truth is a converted jew called Brother Nathanael. Please support him financially. Visit his w/s. DO IT TODAY! WAKE UP!

wishbone said...

as long as there is evil government paid thugs that will pepper spray children, there is going to plenty of government thugs willing to murder American people with automatic weapons when their "commander, Mr o'bama" gives the order.

Anonymous said...

the story is 90% bullspit

nancy smith said...

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