Thursday, April 4, 2013

Navy Veteran Has Guns Confiscated Without Warrant After Forced Psychological Evaluation

Daniel Jackson
Activist Post
A Navy Veteran who was honorably discharged from the military has had his 2nd Amendment rights suspended and his guns confiscated after a forced psychological evaluation and subsequent wellness check that lead police to illegally search his house and conduct an interrogation.

The problems started for David A. Schmecker after he requested a follow-up pain management appointment and was informed that he needed to have a psychological evaluation beforehand.

Not having any past history of arrests or mental illness, Schmecker politely refused the evaluation, which was the beginning of what would end up being an illegal seizure of a patriotic veteran's guns during a search that was conducted without a warrant and without any regard for the law.

After Schmecker refused the evaluation, his doctor called his house and heard what he claimed was an "odd" answering machine message that apparently led the doctor to call the police and order a wellness check.

“The police came to my home, and, without any justification whatsoever, hauled me away for a psychiatric evaluation at a local hospital. I submitted to their forceful insistence under duress and fear of arrest or worse," Schmecker told Survive and Thrive TV.

"So they came into my house and they searched my house, looking for contraband of anything, they looked through everything ... I basically knew if I resisted I would never have gotten out of the hospital, I would have gone into the hospital and possibly the morgue, and not only that, if I had survived, I would have been stuck in the hospital."

The officers actually ordered the veteran to open up his gun safe, after which they confiscated the weapons and have yet to give them back.
They confiscated my guns and pistol permit. I was released two days later from the evaluation on my own recognizance. I have since attempted to use the courts and attorneys to fight the revocation of my pistol permit. Then on top of everything else, the bills from the short stay at the hospital and EMS bills that they billed me, along with what I had to pay the attorney adds up to a large amount of money.
Sadly, it seems doctors are now working in conjunction with the police and the Veterans Administration to forcefully disarm veterans, with the confiscation of a veteran's guns being merely an example of things to come as Homeland Security continues to demonize and spread lies about veterans and patriots across the country.

Veterans and veteran rights are essentially under attack in what has become the American police state, a society where thug "officers of the law" have no problem conducting illegal search and seizures and who would also have no problem shooting anyone who "resisted."

You can read a full statement by David Schmecker below as well as watch and listen to the original video report that brought this information to light.
My name is David A Schmecker. If possible, I’d like to get my story known to as many people as possible.  
To make this as brief as possible; I live in Connecticut, I’m 50 years old and I’m an honorably discharged disabled NAVY veteran. I do not have a psychiatric past or a criminal past.  
Feb 5th 2013, my veterans hospital primary care doctor called my home and heard a message on my answering machine that he said sounded peculiar. The VA contacted the local police to perform a “wellness check.”  
The police came to my home, and, without any justification whatsoever, hauled me away for a psychiatric evaluation at a local hospital. I submitted to their forceful insistence under duress and fear of arrest or worse. I wasn’t arrested, no crime was committed nor any threats were made to myself or others.  
They confiscated my guns and pistol permit. I was released two days later from the evaluation on my own recognizance. I have since attempted to use the courts and attorneys to fight the revocation of my pistol permit. Then on top of everything else, the bills from the short stay at the hospital and EMS bills that they billed me, along with what I had to pay the attorney adds up to a large amount of money.  
I’m just a nobody, so there is obviously a campaign orchestrated to disarm law abiding citizens. The Veterans Administration has found a loophole in the system to do it. Because I’m a nobody, they feel empowered to be able to do this to me. 
I must be the tip of the iceberg of this campaign, and they are testing the waters to see what they can get away with and with whom. They have messed with my life and my rights. If I wasn’t hurt I could just walk away from the VA but I utilize their benefits for all of my healthcare needs. I am very concerned about where this country is headed.  
David’s Contact Info: 

Note: We will also be conducting a follow up to this story in the days ahead which will contain major updates to the initial report.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem here. Didn't he know that was what he was fighting for in the military?

Hide Behind said...

AM with commentor #1 on this issue.

BrotherWill said...

Comennts 1 and 2 are retards.

TD said...

I know a Navy vet, who was honorably discharged, who then served in the Federal Police force, who has a concealed weapon permit, and who is a deeply disturbed man. He has gone through life without ever being diagnosed as deranged, but all those who get to know him over time are freaked out. I was hoping this was him when I read the headlines. I'm a flag waiving second amendment patriot, but there are some real nuts out there, and no good way to disarm them.

Hide Behind said...

NO MENTION.... what medication.... what was telephone message words, that man was and under Veteran and Federal guidelines due to his active participation on veterans Affairs program bound by its rules and laws. In otherwords his application alone gave him no rights to refuse and gpvs right to place him under care.
That the man was a vet is moot, a vet is no more than a citizen and just because they kissed govs ass and never gave a flying fuck that they were destroying nation does not make me give them one bit of slack.
Biggest racket going is vets on disability and how the once pn keep getting more and more percent covered until they reach damn near allat 75-90% disability pensioned.
SPENT A few years in navy making easy pay got out disabiltu and pensionfor life with medical and thefound second easy job?
NORMAL ROUTE of macho military patriots who want others to think we owe them.
FOR WHAT.Tale a look at nation and then say vets advanced anything but own asses. And the major corporate and pilitical demigogues.

Hide Behind said...

THREE STATES WITH TOUGHEST GUN LAWS. Conn., NY And Mass Have the lowest numbers of people working in private enterprise.
They choose to live there cuz the got it made so if you live there shut the hell up no one needs to hear your baby whines.

Anonymous said...

i say WTF!!!??? just who do the police and government goons think they are?? these veterans
fought for this country and served to keep our constitution and the government is just trashing it and the idiots think they should just be able to do these things to people who fought for them?? i know which side i stand on and the first two idiots are NOT on the side which i stand! you can bet your behind i WON"T just sit idly by and watch this happen in my neighborhood, because i WON'T!

Hide Behind said...

What side have the vets stood on that advanced the Constitution or Bill of Rights? Not a single issue did they protect while playing macho fn games and killing people all over this earth and making more fn enemies because of support for US. And international commercial and financial interest.
Long time ago we should of outgrew the idea that gov owned your mind and body and as part of your condition of employ is to not think indepentdent of military means.
The Sovereign State of the United States of America has not had anything but deliberately chosen enemies that we have declared war upon since 1945.
When the Old Soviet bock of nations disintigrated the war to make war of US pilitical and financial scientific declared open warfare on entire earth.
The lack of any restraining influence also made our military a pure mercenary force for a profit driven agenda.
Who gives a crap what military personages claim.they were what they were.
MeRcs and no more.
military prowess or in reality technical prowess over the bone head variety became the fact with other than a few real warriors almost all of military combat infantry just paid killers.
Tje tech staffing was structured upon corporate buisness practices with products produced as effeciently as could be andwith its infrastructures bisnes and supply procurement and delivery systems some of best buisness models in world.
TODAY 90% of military service no more thana 40 hour week more than decent pay andd work conditions and a life to grave social programming.
Nothing wrong with military occupation it pays better than 147 million jobs incivilian life but they protect corporate and political interest and of course their employees self interest not any fakeroony sovereign interest that died in 1945.

Anonymous said...

A 'pain management appointment'.

Nice Orwellian speak AP. Downplaying some aspects of the story and hyping others is not journalism, but salesmanship.

The guy wanted more pharma pills. We all know that is a dangerous game, and the idea that someone could expect a bunch of pills without any sort of exam or evaluation is absurd. But you gun lovers play fast and loose with the facts and massage them to make your point Weak.

His veteran status is immaterial. Some vets are good, some are bad, sane and crazy. They come in all sizes and shapes too. Lots of meds cause hallucinations and trippy reactions, so the patient needs to be monitored and honest about the effect of his meds. Best to avoid them altogether, but some vets can't sleep and they need something. Gun nuts have blinders on when it comes to common sense, it eludes them.

Jordan said...

Well if the guy signed paperwork giving the government the right to pursue such invasive measures then he doesn't have much ground to stand on. It disturbs me to see what is going on with our veterans but I fear many of them did not and do not know the full consequences of their choice to enlist.

Anonymous said...

A pill junkie wants more pills to stop his emotional and physical pain. To get his free pills he needs to undergo the same medical monitoring as the rest of us. Some people think vets deserve special treatment. They are no better or worse than any other public employees.
He does not deserve special treatment or favoritism. He thinks he does.
The gun shills will just use this story to sell more guns, it is what they do. Sometimes they will censor people for speaking out against guns too. Fascists are sneaky.

Motomojo said...

Hide Behind
Don't you know people HATE to hear the truth just rips em up bad.
You gotta give em the sweet lie that this brave patriot is being mistreated yeah right!

Truth is this Hero Navy guy had a malfunction with his programing and thought he was no longer subject to the Military/Medical/Pharmaceutical Industrial complex's wishes just because he had been discharged.

And just to go further:
I read on these typr sites all the time big balled macho dudes talking so much shit it stinks. About how THEY ain't given up their guns and will fight to the death taking as many of them with me so on and so forth.
WELL macho dudes where were you as good neighbors standing up and coming to this stricken patriots aid and blowing away the bad guys who desended on his home and did such awful things... thats what i thought they didn't come for YOU'RE gun so whew no need to get hasty here and go off. HAHAHA!!!

"i know which side i stand on and the first two idiots are NOT on the side which i stand! you can bet your behind i WON"T just sit idly by and watch this happen in my neighborhood, because i WON'T!"

Sure Anon i hear ya and if some "agents" went to your neighbors door and started doing these type of things i will guarantee that you will sit peeking from behind you're blinds quakeing in you're boot's praying they don't come to your house next.
What you will not do is go to you're neighbors aid and fire off even one shot in his defense.
If all you Macho dudes were more than talk this mess could have been cleaned up long ago.

They will get the guns all of them it's just a matter of time and persuasion and when they have the ability to conduct staged mass shootings, media, and political complicity they will persuade all... if not this generation the next as you see they have the time and patience to see it through.

I don't think Americans realize what it is really like to lose a war.

When you lose a war, the enemy OWNS YOUR MEDIA, OWNS YOUR SCHOOLS, OWNS YOUR GOVERNMENT, RUNS PSY OPS LIKE FEMINISM TO DESTROY YOU, OWNS THE FAMILY COURTS TO DESTROY YOU, OWNS YOUR FINANCES, OWNS EVERYTHING. That is what the reality is after losing a war. The enemy OWNS IT ALL, and I really think Americans need to wake up to this fact. America lost the war and not a single shot was fired, all it took was a little sleep during the 70's and 80's to allow the disease of Feminism and sexual immorality to grow, tolerance of the child support laws and divorce courts starting in the 80's, tolerance of a horrible infiltration into our colleges which no longer educate - they brainwash, and then a couple planes into buildings. That is how America lost and there is only ONE ANSWER.


Like any usurping force that has overthrown any nation, reality will have it that they are few in number and simply have their hands on the levers of power. But in this case THEY ARE STUPID. THERE ARE GUNS EVERYWHERE, AND THE USURPERS WALK IN YOUR PRESENCE, WORSHIP IN YOUR PRESENCE, LIVE IN YOUR PRESENCE, TOTALLY UNPROTECTED AND UNARMED. IF YOU FAIL TO FIX THE PROBLEM, IT'S YOUR FAULT.

Hide Behind said...

UNless you are suicidal you will sit there and waych others be carried away.
YOU WILL listen and read the articles of Professional rumor mongers who post in hopes of getting some turmoil brewing and you will read the bull of those macho 2nd's who cannot even remember what the missing portions they were supposedly defending even went.
TheNAH NAH NAH NAH YAS. Who bravely say "They will hide their guns".
What and the hell good a gun hidden away is ever gonna be good for seems lost on them.
There is no outrage and taking to the streets because everything the government is doing was judged legal to do under Heller.
There is no ttaking to streets to string up docs shrinks cops mean minded little bastard anti gunners because they all know they can f... over other people and legally get away with it.And they are the types that do not mind violence upon adults.infact they enjoy it. Just as long as it is not violence towards themselves.
GUNS will be outlawed and the top third of Every nations peoples shall be well protected by gun wielding officialdom.
THE top 1/3 who think and actually are smarter than a gun owner.

Anonymous said...

what about doctor patient confidentiality?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How did the police get into his house? No warrant, no entry!

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone not in the military or police force have guns anyway? Guns are used to kill, and it's wrong to have them on moral grounds. In other countries the public don't have guns, and they have considerably fewer problems than America. So it would seem that Americans want to live in a police state.

Anonymous said...

How many cops and prosecutors will get shot today?

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is................WOW! Are we naive enough to think there are not "nut jobs" on both sides of this issue?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 11:19, does that include many in the the 3rd
world ? Last time I checked they live in police states
trembling in fear of their strongman leaders. Say one wrong
word and you disappear in the night.

brad said...

Hide Behind - Was in infantry in Alaska 73-75 but had to get out as genuine conscientious objector. Loved the life, and made rank real fast. Testing at entry showed i had enough test scores to more than qualify as Chair of Joint Chief of Staff, so i had to have had at least 60, 63 IQ points, et? lol

Realized i could not spend life training to kill other people for the economic interests of others. Had to leave. Put in my 2 yrs, 1 month, 20 days, and 17 hours.

As for the self appointed, self annointed, allegedly "elite", i think they are actually less intelligent than the average person. Definitely less wise. Obviously lacking in the comnpassion compartment, and totally the Morons of Morality, but i would argue that even their intelligence is suspect.

They pretend to be better than the poorer people. Why? Some say they are there because God likes them better. They don't understand how God works or just using that to psych people of religious bent out.

If anyone thinks that money, or looks, or education or whatever is an indicator of intelligence that alone indicates a vastly flawed critical thinking skill set. Puts them at about squirrel level maybe.

If they want to argue that somehow they were issued increased IQ by their education, then i say that i hacked their university and stole more points than they issued that whole year.

You don't get IQ points by having a specific bank balance. You have an inherent intelligence capability and can live up to that or ignore it. Schooling may teach organizational and thought processiing skills, but to imply that one cannot learn as well or better in life, or as self-taught is asinine.

No, these clowns have grandiose ideas of how to take over the world, but it's the same old, divide and conquer. Keep them in the dark. Well, they own the media, they keep using that and their pet politicians to cause outrage and division, and it is working. It's NOT genius, it's old hat on a new pony.

When some amazing new technology is thrown into the lot, it is not the Rothschilds or Rockefellers or Bushes that developed that nuke power plant,it was a very smart person that they had to hire. All their smart work is farmed out. They just have bucks and influence because of that. Not brilliance, although the law of averages says that a few of them are actually very smart and occasionally brilliant, but in general, the so called "elite" are actually pitiful except for the horrendous damage that they cause. That they cause it for theirselves ALSO is further indication of just how incredibly stupid they actually are.

It's like they are walking around our communal house and shytting all over everything. (All global problems excepting bigotry are caused by rich people in corporations causing problems - every problem - hunger, war, poverty, poison air, poison water, poison food, etc)

Somehow they think that they will always be able to buy their way out. "Oh,let's cause a food shortage, they will still sell to us because we can pay anything we want to." They are so idiotic, they don't realize their own toxins are inevitably going to affect them and their progeny also. Fools parading as peacocks.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see where Christopher Dorner was coming from yet?

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