Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jon Stewart Highlights Monsanto Protection Absurdity

Heather Callaghan
Monsanto's Gabillion dollar check to Congress
Activist Post

Even though Monsanto's biotech rider slipped through Congress in a matter of days and was signed into law by Obama as the Continuing  Resolution spending bill - it didn't take long for a vast majority to catch on and become outraged. Soon, it was a major part of the collective consciousness, making all kinds of rounds in the corporate-run media.

It is section 735 of HR933 that keeps courts from halting illegally or hazardous genetically modified crops in progress. Media clowns are often there to defuse serious ire in the public. But, they can also teach and out the absurdity in Congress and corporate ploys.

In a recent clip seen below, Jon Stewart focuses on how strange it is for the rider to be in a spending bill, the lameness of Congress claiming they did not know about the bill that they passed, and if only one Senator had stood up against the bill...oh wait, one did. See for yourself....

Not only did Senator Jon Tester stand up and out this rider on the Senate floor, but probably close to a million people called the Congressional and White House lines after having only a few days to find out about it.

Congress really had to be bought and sold to run over public outcry like this. And, of course, our president is cozy with biotech moguls - even placing them in leadership positions in the USDA and FDA. That outcry, my friends, is why Jon Stewart knows about it and had to poke fun on The Daily Show. Your activism brought this debacle into the public eye. Thank you.

This is the second time that a rider was slipped into an unrelated bill; this time going all the way. Supposedly it's only good for six months, but the six-month expiration date is for government spending. So will this rider that's been heavily pushed by Monsanto for over a year suddenly evaporate in September? My magic 8-Ball says, "Outlook not so good..."

Food critic Jesse Hirsch wrote up a great Monsanto Protection Act timeline to follow the rider on its suspicious ride.

Again, let's go back to what we did before - stop giving Monsanto our dollars and vote with our forks.

Image: Monsanto's check to Congress for a Bad Law - One Gabillion dollars.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah and Prop 37 didn't pass - duh

Anonymous said...

Stewart is a stooge, where is he before these things happen? He could have used his influence to help the fight, not just talk about it after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Greasy government shills have to get a few things right from time to time in order to be able to con people. Stewart is funny, like Bill Maher. And like Bill, he tells big lies on the big issues and acts as a classic lefty gatekeeper.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Screw Comedy Central. They block their website at the border. Why is it only American companies do this? I live in Canada and I am not allowed to open their links.
Screw them.

Sally_Oh said...

I'm glad he did this... glad to know Jon Tester pointed it out. Where was Jon Stewart when Obamacare was passed? "You'll know what's in the bill when it's passed."

Anonymous said...

You cant fault John Stewart for not reporting the news accurately. He is an entertainer after all. Perhaps we should instead ask why we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned into thinking we need a talking head in a suit to present reality to us.

Anonymous said...

I've tried four times to get this to run. It won't. Why am I less than surprised.

Anonymous said...

The nutrition levels are SO low in GMO 'food-products' that without healthy heritage plants we will all incrementally starve to death, organ by organ or die of the diseases that attack 'sick/weakened' organisms. We will slowly weaken, become diseased, wither and die. We will be made sterile by then. Think about that when you pay fealty to these demented psychos that move the puppets in the District of Criminals.

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