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Important 9/11 Investigation Reveals Undeniable Truth

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Joe Martino
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Polls tell us that 1/3 of Americans do not believe the official story the 9/11 Commission Report set out regarding the attacks that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. (Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll) This seems to be for good reason considering the amount of unanswered questions surrounding the event. Since 9/11, there have been worldwide crackdowns on security including the introduction of many bills and acts that put the rights and freedoms of citizens at risk in various countries.

A 12-year and incredibly costly war, both financially and in terms human lives, has come as a result of the 9/11 attacks which began the idea of pre-emptive wars. The US now has better control over oil, other commodities in the areas invaded and a tighter security squeeze on their citizens. While argued, it seems more than obvious that the idea of terrorism is now a piece politicians use to pass what would otherwise be un-passable acts and bills. It is also a term thrown around heavily by mass media that immediately draws attention, builds fear and gains the support of people for almost anything. But is it possible that Islamic terrorism is not a serious threat regardless of what governments and mass media have said?

Many seem to think so and it isn’t just the “crazy conspiracy theorists” as the media and government like to call them.

People from all walks of life, levels of education and social status’ have been questioning 9/11 since the day it happened. They have reason to, the story simply does not add up.

Daniele Ganser is one of those people who seriously question the official story of 9/11. Daniele is a Swiss historian and professor of modern history at the University of Basel. In 2001 he received his PhD from the University of Basel and is currently the president of the Swiss branch of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas. He has been rigorously studying the topic of 9/11 and working hard to determine what truly happened that morning, as well as who caused it to happen. His conclusions do not align with the official 9/11 Commission Report nor do they align with the theory of Islamic terrorists committing the act.

Below is a video lecture he performed in 2012 where he describes his fascinating findings about 9/11 and reveals his stance on the matter. This is a powerful lecture and I highly recommend checking it out if you are seriously looking to learn more about the topic of 9/11.

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Anonymous said...

David Chandler, a high school physics teacher, does excellent analysis on 911... based on physics.

The official story is incompatible with physics.

For example, the top of the tall WTC tower never "hit" the lower section because the top portion never experienced a reduction in its acceleration - which happens, by definition, whenever a force is applied in the opposite direction.

In another video, Chandler shows video of a NIST spokesperson explaining exactly why Building 7 free fall for 2 seconds is impossible... before he was forced to admit that it actually happened while making sure never to address his previous statement of impossibility rational.

Good stuff.

Mark Cob said...

9/11 was a Mossad Job!!!

HereAmI said...

Dr Judy Wood. But no-one wants to hear, do they? They keep trotting out new and improved disinformation agents, ( whether knowingly so, ie Dr Steven Jones, or naive, it doesn't matter, ) who direct our attention yet again to "the known laws of physics".
What happened that day was part of a new paradigm; molecular dissociation. How to take the world apart. With directed energy. Listen or no; but sooner or later, you are going to have to wake up to a new reality.
The fundamental question is not how did the buildings fall at freefall speed, but why was there little if any rubble on the ground after the event? And here's a clue; it hadn't been sent to China...

brad said...

When idiots tell you that you need a tin foil hat because you are a crazy conspiracy theorist, ask how the federal govt found enough proof to CONVICT General Motors of "a conspiracy to destroy the mass transit system of the United States of America" in 1949 so that they could force people to buy their cars frequently.
Ask if they know why (love the name) General Smedley Darlington Butter, USMC (ret) testified just prior to WWII about a consortium of businesses trying to convince him to get 5,000 vets together and lead them in taking over the federal govt. Remember, this was a time in which Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco were greatly admired by many businessmen in the US, Britain, and elsewhere, and why not? Fascism = govt by and for business or a small group of people.
Now of course we ARE a fascist state, or the Monsanto Protection Act, the deregulation of the commodity market and so many other wealthy-wish list items would not have been legislated by our prostitute congress, executive branch, judiciary, and bureaucracies. The UNAZI States of America, kind of has a ring doesn't it?
Of course that Monsanto thing wasn't conspiracy, GOD probably inserted as the way to indicate Divine approval for all the killing that Monsanto is now doing. . . .

Anonymous said...

Dr. judy wood ? That is one bozo that has been discredited over and over. She`s just another "distraction" to discredit the the real truthers. MOSSAD, idiot !

Anonymous said...

Why Dr. Wood's clever theories remain a red herring and perhaps even an intential poisoning of the well is if her DEW dream weapon existed why was it not turned on all our 'enemies' - Baghad, Moscow, Frisco? Her line of sophmoric sophistry continues as an exercise in alternate thought but can be dismissed as easliy as the NIST myth - IMHO - I have tried to contact the lady to ask her just that w/o success - Lokis

Anonymous said...

@HereAmI - Dr. Judy Wood has some good information but sadly she also confuses some issues - for example the vehicles on the FDR she photographs did not receive their damage on the FDR but had been moved there haphazardly by emergency crews from locations closer to the WTC shortly after the "collapse".

The damage to the cars is still interesting but the notion that the damage was done on the FDR far from the WTC is false on her part, and being closer and subject to debris falling on them makes the damage less interesting.

It's possible some of the effects Dr. Wood has evidence of were secondary effects, produced by large volumes of dust and air being expelled from the WTC in seconds as it "collapsed" generating electrostatic energies that could interact similarly to the "Hutchison Effect".

But there are less holes in Dr. Wood's over-all case than in most other theories, including the nano-thermite demolitions theory.

And anyone claiming such DEW technology does not exist would do well to read up on (retired) Colonel Philip E. Nielsen's book "Effects of Directed Energy Weapons: High Power Lasers, High Power Microwaves, Particle Beams", originally from 1994 but only publicly released in 2009 -

Note the closing statements from that book that the science behind DEW was solid but for practical development new particle accelerator technology was needed - something the U.S and other world powers devoted hundreds of billions of dollars to in the 1990's.

Not to mention the $14+ billion "Large Hadron Collider" by itself.

Personally I like to keep an open mind so I maintain 3 main possible theories of how it happened(while not excluding any theory from consideration) -

1. DEW's as per Dr. Judy Wood's theory.

2. A "gun type" nuclear weapon in the upper floors directing it's explosive force downward.

3. Thermite and other conventional explosives in a "controlled demolition".

None of those theories is "rock solid", they all have points that go against them but I lean more towards DEW's or "gun type" nuclear weapons than thermite or other conventional explosives because of the dust issue.

Nuclear weapons and DEW are capable of pulverizing large amounts of concrete into dust quite easily, as was seen that day.

Conventional explosives and thermite can not do that, or at least would require so much physical explosive material to do it that the buildings more likely would have just blown apart like in "Independence Day" rather than "collapse".

Also thermite and conventional explosives can't remove the structure they are used to cut up so that steel and concrete should have still been inside the buildings and should have resisted the "collapse" at least to some extent - but there is no evidence of the "collapse" meeting any resistance.

Regardless, I can't say what did happen but I can say just like with the OKC bombing that what the government and media says happened did not happen as they claim.

And that is the most important part of "9/11 truth".


Anonymous said...

Note on my prior post: when I use the term "gun type" nuclear weapons I do not refer to the actual gun type fission process used as far back as 1945("Little Boy" dropped on Japan was a gun type weapon I believe), though they likely would have been best for this scenario.

I use quotations around "gun type" because I refer to the alleged development during the late 80's or 90's of a nuclear weapon which has most or all of it's explosive force directed in a single direction(like a shaped nuclear charge).

Hence it can be aimed like a gun, thus being "gun type".

I do not refer to the theory of nuclear demolition charges I've heard that originated from a Russian intelligence/military man, as those allegedly were placed in the basement sub-structures which eliminates them as the culprit of a top-down "collapse".

Two low yield devices on the upper floors of the WTC(around the "plane" impact/explosion point) directing their explosive energy downwards would certainly provide the excess energy needed to counter the resistance of lower floors and allow "free fall" speeds to be attained - while blowing out debris in all directions quite forcefully(as documented on 9/11).

Or DEW could molecularly de-bond the physical structure itself("dusify") and thus mostly or completely eliminate resistance that way.

Anyways "gun type" as in my prior post is the term I use personally to describe a nuclear explosion focused in one direction but it may be confusing to others so I figured it best to clarify that.


Anonymous said...

"Conspiracy theory will decrease when conspiracies decrease and when journalists and historians increase their efforts to explain events rather than explain them away."

-Floyd Rudmin

Spread this like crazy "Rachael Maddow and the Absence of Sound Logic": billymuffin (dot) wordpress (dot) com

brad said...

DEW - How did they hook up or move the large Hadron collider to power/direct the weapon? Silly?

Friend worked on early laser technology and was told by govt (after literally writing the software to control/use the lasers for cutting things) that lasers couldn't cut things.

Then i go to a SOFA blacksmith convention on the old Studebaker farm in Ohio, where lo and behold, a machine shop making shuttle parts has a laser to cut out metal up to 3 or 4 inches thick.

We will not know what has been developed until the next gen is available and the old tech doesn't have significance anymore.

Anonymous said...

Please check out and support my Operation Paul Revere Entry "The Deadly Agenda".

Anonymous said...


Mark Cob said...

9/11 was a Mossad Job!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Judy Wood for the WIN. Steven Jones is a Dept. of Energy SHILL that worked on Directed Energy for DECADES and is now denying they exist? Hypocritical SHILL.

Dr. Judy Wood is the only one brave enough to take the gov to court for science fraud. If Shilly Jones believed in his cause, why doesn't he put his money where his mouth is?

Dr. Judy Wood = HERO

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