Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Government-Media Complex Sneaks New Buzz Word on American Public: “LOCKDOWN” - aka Martial Law

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon government false flag, a new phrase has gained strength in the global government dictionary; a term used commonly in prisons is now being used in the United States to be imposed on Americans. ‘Lockdown’ is the new catch phrase the government-mainstream media complex has created to catch criminals that are ‘REALLY’ dangerous.

We all heard them announce the city of Boston was in ‘lockdown’ mode. No one seems to care that ‘lockdown’ is a full violation of the Constitution, the fundamental principles of freedom and America.

The underlying (subliminal) message being conveyed is that since there is a lock-down then this suspect must be really dangerous, and catching this suspect must be more important than the rights of the people. We are to think that suspects' ‘danger-meter’ determines your degree of rights. We are to believe that the same government that has killed millions globally is so concerned for your personal physical safety that it feels obligated to violate all your God-given and Constitutional rights to catch one suspect.

Dissecting the Deception:

First let us consider the duties of a police officer. Police have a job to do and that is to fight crime and enforce the law by handing out tickets (I suppose) and arresting people that commit crimes. They carry guns in the rare case they need to defend themselves in the process. A police officer’s basic job description would also involve investigating cases and looking for people. So when you hear that police are “looking for” someone, that (by definition) is an ordinary job task. Police have been looking for suspects since the beginning of time. This is what they do. There has never been a time period when police have not been looking for suspects. This is the most ordinary thing that police can ever do.

So then why are the police using the new phrase ‘lockdown’ when they are looking for a special suspect? And why is the Police-Media-Government Complex using this phrase? Because it is martial law in disguise. Martial law has officially arrived in America. As long as the American public allow them to toss this term so easily, the Police-Government-Media complex have set up the stage for martial law. Now they need only create a story in order to ‘lockdown’ the next city of their choice.

Some basic questions:
  • Is anyone asking or wondering what constitutes a lockdown?
  • What is the official ‘lockdown’ threshold or criteria for locking down a city?
  • How can Americans protect themselves from ‘lockdown’ mode?
  • Who makes the decision for locking down a city?
  • What is the success rate of ‘lockdowns’?
  • How do lockdowns of entire cities benefit Americans, especially when government knows the suspect?
  • Who monitors and polices the police during these lockdown states to ensure they keep their oath to the Constitution?
  • How does the lockdown process respect the Constitution?
What is the punishment for average American citizens who realize they are not the property of government and choose to exercise their constitutional rights during the global government’s lockdown?

If we accept ‘lockdown’ what is left of our rights?

It’s time to face it. While we were sleeping the corrupt politicians and their masters declared martial law on us. We don’t want to face this possibility so we replace reality with buzz words like: the Boston Bombing suspect is being “announced dead” instead of “has been murdered”. Has any empire throughout history colored up murder more than this current empire? Here’s another question few have considered. What if there is a claimed need to lockdown every major city or a section of the United States, will they move forward with such a plan?

Will America accept this lunacy or will America then wake up to the reality that martial law is being imposed on us? I get the feeling that a great American wake-up call is very close. I very recently had an opportunity to discuss the content of this article with three Sheriff Department officers and all three agreed there is cause for concern.

Lockdown is here and this is a serious warning to America. Let’s say no to the notion of lockdown, which is just another way of saying ‘we will use false-flags to bring in martial law’. The globalist mafia thinks they now have an open ticket to create martial law in America, let’s fight back by making others aware of this agenda. The establishment (Government-Media complex) is caught lying about the accused bombers of the Boston Marathon and the relationship they had with the FBI. What more will it take for Americans to wake up and take action?

Share this information with someone you know and reach out to power figures of society. Remember that many police, military and government workers at all levels are well-meaning people. We must find ways of sharing these concerns in an effective, interesting, engaging, humble and firm manner. Stay strong, don’t give up, but be cautiously optimistic because we don’t know which version of history will repeat itself in our lifetime. We do know that one person can change the world; are you that person?

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Anonymous said...

bow down and prepare to get owned !
you are way past the time of 'redress of grievances'
its only going to get worse from now on, no comming back.

Unknown said...

Hmmm, two dudes, an exploding pot, and the whole town on lock-down? It sounds like the (lock-down) is in people's minds!

Bostonians should of told the military to get off somewhere! What do they do, they stand there cheering, as if that was a great victory for them. I guess americans will make it real easy for the military, and put the cuffs on themselves!

Anonymous said...

I do believe the new term for martial law should be 'shelter in place'
Sounds rather innouous compared to TBTB instilling 'martial law'
I am sure the kool aid drinking masses will no doubt conform.

Anonymous said...

I agree on a lock down... a lock down of the corrupt political system.

Anonymous said...

See, here's the flaw with the military(oops. I meant POLICE) logic: there are all sorts of illegal activities going on in that city. What would happen if every single time there was a murder the city was 'locked down?'

There would be riots and mayhem and all sorts of intelligent things going on. People would wake up and start beating the shit out of the people who really need it who are infringing our our right to freely move about in our lives.

With all the surveillance, why can't they do their job like they normally do?!!

If they cared this much about the atrocities that happen every day as they do that ham-acting-plot going on in the Marathon there WOULDN'T BE ANY CRIME! But then again, they'd be out of jobs, right? So it's a self perpetuating thing. They have to keep their jobs somehow so they keep everyone riled up and scared.

Keep poking and prodding at the sleeping American public. See what happens. Come on. Do it.

It only takes two or three people to jump on one officer, take all their weapons and then... oh my. Whatever will they do?

I offer this bit of positive thinking to everyone today:

SMILE! Take back our positive human nature. Spit in the face of pessimism. Everyone you cross paths with, smile at them. Encourage their positive mood and it will do the same for you. That is one of the smallest things you can do to combat the 'war on terror.'

Don't just blindly walk past people. Smile at them. Acknowledge their sentience and worth. Be a person who doesn't just walk around in a daze not caring about others. Smile and make contact with people. Happiness is just as contagious as the truth. So much pessimism will eat us alive. We need to make sure that we're also taking the time to nurture the good not just by being an activist in law or writing but by every day actions like making real contact with people.

Shake their hands. Smile. Engage. Remind people they're alive.

dan said...

...must be the lead in the pipes...why else would the cradle of the republic
bow to tyranny
(come to think of it,they speculated that this is what led to the downfall of Rome)

Dr Bonnie said...

Lead in the pipes, fluoride in the water, mercury in our teeth and vaccines, all dumbing us down (not to mention aluminum in the chemtrails.)

Richard said...

It is Martial Law, pure and simple

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