Sunday, April 7, 2013

Feds Identify 300,000 Americans as Terrorists

Joe Wright
Activist Post

Do you hate paying taxes? Are you fighting foreclosure? Do you feel like no one should be allowed to commit violence against you and don't always blindly follow the commands of the authorities? Do you film encounters with police or believe gold makes better currency than Federal Reserve Notes? Well you might be part of a domestic terrorism movement and not even know it.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Times posted an article attempting to define a domestic terrorist movement consisting of as many as 300,000 Americans. Some are even labeled as non-violent "paper terrorists".

Is there a more Orwellian term than "non-violent terrorist"?  If you can think of one please share it in the comments below.

They refer to this so-called terror group as "sovereigns, zealots who refuse to recognize government authority in virtually any form."

When attempting to further define and identify individuals in this movement, some very broad and dangerous stereotypes appear.

"Sovereigns believe U.S. currency has no value but recognize precious metals as valid currency," wrote the LA Times, much like the US Constitution does.

"A central tenet of the sovereigns movement is that its adherents believe they owe no income taxes," also much like the Constitution forbids.

What's more, federal and state law enforcement are being trained that anyone who disobeys their commands falls into this terrorist movement and may pose a violent threat to them.

"Sovereign citizens are more likely not to obey their commands and more likely to commit violence during a traffic stop," said Detective Rob Finch who's made a cottage industry of anti-sovereigns police training.

"They refuse to recognize your authority, and that creates a dangerous situation," Finch emphasized.

The LA Times piece points to a handful of colorful examples of people who defended themselves against police aggression, or who were plain crazy, as to why the movement should be considered violent.

But they don't stop there. The FBI has even invented a new form of terrorism committed by nonviolent sovereigns called "paper terrorism".
Even nonviolent sovereigns can cause headaches through what Finch calls "paper terrorism." Some squat in foreclosed homes and file phony deeds claiming ownership, "paying" with photos of silver dollars.
Who knew fighting foreclosure was a form of terrorism? Paying taxes and mortgages with hand-written notes and photos is just funny, not really a threat to anyone.

However, self-described "sovereign citizen" James Turner faces "a potential maximum prison term of 164 years, a maximum potential fine of $2,350,000, and mandatory restitution" to the state for the nonviolent act of paper terrorism.

A blog for law officers,, also tries to help cops identify sovereign citizens, saying they'll "likely to be argumentative with police authorities...may attempt to videotape your encounter...may refuse to give you their name or documents..."

To his credit, the article's author states that the "Sovereign Citizen movement is not an organized civil or criminal enterprise. It’s a fractured series of loosely affiliated individuals who adhere to anti-government ideologies."

It should be noted that the Feds and local law enforcement all received these characteristics and tactics from one original source: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC has been on a publicly-funded partisan crusade to demonize so-called rightwing or patriotic extremists.

In 2010, SPLC put together a short documentary about "sovereign citizens" and the threat they supposedly pose. To help identify potential sovereigns, they warn about certain bumper stickers and challenges to authority in a professionally produced propaganda video.

Significantly, the video below has three times as many down-votes on YouTube as up-votes.  Watch it below:

Many believe that SPLC gets paid to make mountains out of mole hills to keep the terror-industrial complex thriving. After all, when are bumper stickers and paperwork a threat to anyone? And only an extreme minority react defensively when they are threatened by men in costumes they don't worship as authority.

What's confusing is that those who would try to either lump people with these characteristics into a collective group are either operating out of ignorance or with an agenda, or a little of both. The adjective "sovereign" when referring to a citizen or a state is defined as "enjoying autonomy, or independence".

The most extreme sovereigns would certainly not adhere to the authority of any collective that aims to define them as a group. And just because one person who adopts this philosophy ends up shooting a cop, doesn't mean all people who hate taxes or fight foreclosure are violent threats. To think otherwise smacks of a demonization agenda, nothing more.

The few examples of "terrorists" who committed violence are used as examples in every single article about Sovereign Citizens clearly aiming to smear the entire ideology as inherently violent. Yet, in every case, who initiated force against whom?

Some may argue that if an armed stranger forced you to pull over your car, or demanded entry into your home at the threat of shooting you or putting you in a cage, it could be considered an act of aggression or violence against you as a free and sovereign human no matter what assumed authority the aggressors think they possess. Strip away labels and you are defined by your actions.  What does that say about actions of the cops or the feds?

Is that really too complicated to add to these articles? The problem with doing that of course is that too many people may then sympathize with these people and the label of terrorist may not stick very well. In fact, it may expose the entire war on terror as a complete fraud, looking under cracks for perceived threats against people who just want to be left alone.

It's unclear where the Feds came up with number 300,000 for potential terrorists wrapped in this label, but the number may not even be half of it.  Now, anyone who protests the government can be considered anti-government which is also now considered domestic terrorism. And, apparently, everyone fighting the banks in foreclosure with creative paperwork are also terrorists.

This begs the question, who isn't a terrorist?

If the fraudulent banks and the guys with the badges, guns, armored vehicles, drones, surveillance equipment, and torture cages are the good guys in this plot, while foreclosure victims and advocates of individual liberty are terrorists, our society is in very big trouble.

1984 is here.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a more Orwellian term than "non-violent terrorist" For me it is "lawful order".

Usage: I'm giving you a "lawful order" to stand in the free speech zone that we've setup around the block.

Obey my "lawful orders" citizen! Or, we will gun you down like a rabid dog!

I cringe every time I hear someone in authority say those words. They seem to have the mentality that if they say it, it becomes law that very instance! And in most cases when they are saying it, they are in direct violation of the Constitution, and their oaths!

Anonymous said...

Then, my fellow Americans.....this means that WE are all considered as possible terrorists in their eyes. Well, that is just great! I never thought that I would be lumped in with the "enemy" of the United States government and also be an American at the same time. How is this happening in the land of the free? Because, if no one stands up to speak against this obvious threat to freedom (peacefully) and that is when all the peoples of America will eventually suffer. We are all "non-violent" Patriots in this new Amerika if we want to be serious about what we are giving up in our near future if we all stay silent and give in to the idiotic wishes of the ruling elite. So, go ahead, I say.....voice your opinions. Become one of the 300,000 "Sovereign citizens" of this great nation and peacefully tell your side of the story. If you do anything at not lie down, obey, or give up on your knees. What are we.....people or sheep? Sometimes I do wonder!

Anonymous said...

Washington is an absurdity! Government is far to big, and there are far to many of them. And, they apparently don't have much to do other than spy on us. Spy on us! How American!

People in government, at all levels, consider themselves to be the most patriotic of Americans ("the best and the brightest"). But since they ignore and/or (more likely) don't know the Constitution, and violate their oaths every day, they are the least patriotic of Americans.

Given all the things we've seen since the 90s, isn't it fair to say that they are traitors? I think so!

iamlightagain said...

The fact is that there is no government in the US, only a board of directors of the corporation called United States.


Anonymous said...

So this includes the Amish and Mennonites, right?

Anonymous said...

apparently when your not liking how things are your a terrorist threat or if you complain and try to make others see that our government isn't being run as it should be your a terrorist threat my belief is were threatening because were changing how things are going and they are scared their losing power they don't like change that could actually benefit everyone they want it to be as it is where the constitution is obsolete and everyone is in cells living with no emotion zombie like states in which your forced into labor camps theres no difference between the masses everyone is limited to how many children are allowed to be borne population control no one is allowed creativity in anyway because it may cause a ruckus we truly are being run by a bunch of geezers quiet down you young ions slow down your gonna kill us all

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is 'SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER' and what does this organization have to do with so called domestic terrorism?

This video was posted a month ago on the SPLC channel. Talk about fear mongering!!! They are building the case for all out civil war.

'SPLC Extremism Report 2013'


Anonymous said...

Income tax is illegal ,this administration , if not many that preceded, are illegal!! Treason is the game and if we are the ones that are considered to be that , I say we the people show them how its played!!! If love of god , country,family is considered terrorism, then I m an extremist. I will not be stopped or silenced, I have just begun to fight!!!! And you assholes think legislation and laws will stop we the people you are sadly mistaken, for it is and was we the people that have and will fight tyranny to the death!!! It has been shown the military does nt do well in guerilla warfare and thats what they are about to step into!!! The real terrorists are washington and anybody who sympathize with their ideolgies. Even if I have to go it alone I will I m that passionate

John said...

The problem is not the size of government, its the fascists attracted to government in the past 20 years or so.

Unknown said...

I'd like a bumper sticker that simply reads ASPLC, as in anti splc.

Anonymous said...

Is the image of Napolitano holding the flag with terrorists on it real or is it photoshopped?

Unknown said...

Super, that means we are doing it right! "Come and get it"!

Anonymous said...

I vote for "humanitarian war of aggression."

Anonymous said...

May Almighty God deliever us 4rm unitesd stste of asenal

WarningtoaPatriot said...

Yes, the generalizations go too far, but no, Sovereign citizens are not friends. They take to their belief that our system is unfixable with a vengeance.

Often, that vengeance turns deadly.

When a man feels there is no other way, that's when he turns to violence. The entire philosophy of the Sovereign movement leads a person down that road.

How do I know? I almost became one. It would have been one of the most dangerous mistakes of my life. As a sovereign, you are told:

There is no such thing as the "United States," it is now a corporation run by private entities.
All courts are under admiralty law, and use secret codes to communicate with lawyers and imprison you.
You don't have to obey any laws you disagree with.
By writing certain statements in boxes, triangles, 45-degree angles, etc. you can keep from paying any bill resented to you.
You are, in effect, a corporation owned by the state. You must gain your independence by filing a UCC-3 (which makes you a corporation, according to tax code.).
Since most, if not all, lawyers would be able to prove these misconceptions are wrong, lawyers are demonized as agents of the British Queen.

When someone believes there is no other way, they turn to violence. One a Sovereign realizes none of the above things actually work, and will land him in prison or worse, he often turns violent.

The man who crashed his small plane into an IRS building? He was a sovereign writing those "silly" letters, and believing wholeheartedly in them.

As the definition of "terrorist" from this government changes daily, I have no doubt this will one day include all lovers of liberty, Constitutionalists, and anyone who believes the federal government needs to be restrained.

For anyone looking into the sovereign movement however, take this as a warning from someone who was almost as deep in it as you could go. It's dangerous.

Finally, remember who the "sovereigns" were in medieval times. Kings. Royalty. Monarchs.

Our Founding Fathers did not design this as a nation of kings, who ignored any rule they liked. They designed a Cosntitutional Republic, where the wishes of the majority and the rights of the minority are both protected.

"We the People" are sovereign, not "I the Person." Our framers wanted us to get involved in politics, to convince other people of our views in order to effect change.

Imagine if Serial Killers were allowed to make and follow whatever law they personally wanted? That's where the sovereign citizen movement will lead, if it is adopted by our nation.

I'm not saying sovereigns are killers, but when they are told there is no way to fix the system, the odds are stacked so far against you you must resort to code and trickery, and the only way to bring about liberty is through violence, death, and self-preservation.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

-Edmund Burke

You will not fix this country through secret codes, fighting false corporations, and killing authorities who get in your way. Only a few will ever take it, but you must take the step with your fellow man and dive into your local governments.

Change the system, don't destroy it. Remember, the Sovereign movement is already dangerous, and will turn more and more deadly the longer people look into it.

The final pillar of Marxism is bloody, violent revolution. Don't lead us down that road.

Anonymous said...

"Non-violent terrorist!" An oxymoron coined by morons attempting to validate their invalidity. The LA Times is so full of crap that you not only have to disinfect your hands after reading it but you really ought to have a mental douche as well.

Janet Phelan said...

Another great article, Joe! We should also know that our "lawful" order is imprisoning people for holding free seminars on sovereignty and the redemption process. Barton Buhtz was sentenced to three years in the federal penitentiary for holding seminars preaching a non violent approach to certain federal financial discrepancies. The Judge in Medford Federal court was so outraged at his allocution, in which Buhtz affirmed his belief and understanding of his situation vis a vis the "lawful" order, that the Judge gave him more time, stating Buhtz was "very dangerous." A number of us observing the trial saw what could only be termed "witness tampering" by the AG prosecuting Buhtz for exercising his freedom of speech and we came forward. The Judge didn't think that witness tampering presented a problem, however.

What is increasingly apparent in these legal issues is that "law" in our present day society is a hologram. We are to look out for it, abide by it when in fact it is only a phantasm, a construct to serve the interests of TPTB. Power flows from those who have seized it and is no longer defined by a level playing field

Anonymous said...

That is right the U.S. is a foreign corporation, owned by the Vatican. There is no real money, so how could there be any debt. The national deficit is a bunch b.s., that is the money they owe us, but a whole lot more. The whole evil system is fake, fiction. The devils that run the U.S. corporation are the real terrorists. The so called president takes his orders from, who they call the pope. Do not call yourself a U.S. citizen, that means a corporate slave, subject to the U.S. The constitution was for them to abide by, my natural dominion comes from the one who made me, and breathed life into my nostrils, his name is Yod Hah Uau Hah, not those pagan titles god or lord, or jesus which means zues, another pagan diety.

Old Uncle Dave said...

The Allies rescued Germany from their fascist rulers. Who will rescue us from ours?

Anonymous said...

Don't like taxes? You're a terrorist!

Don't like war and mass-murder? You're a terrorist!

Don't like corrupt and abusive police forces/agencies and Constitutional violations? You're a terrorist!

Don't like to have your home illegitimately foreclosed on? You're a terrorist!

Would asking questions about ridiculously absurd statements accepted as "historical facts" make me a terrorist under their current guidelines?

For example: if I ask how it was possible for a man named Moshe Peer to have been sent to the "homicidal gas chambers" at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp 6 times and have miraculously survived every time - am I a terrorist?

His story is (last I checked) still supported by the U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum, which is a government/tax-payer funded entity, so would it be consider "anti-government"?

But wait, according to the Jewish Chronicle(London) of Friday, November 6 1998 -

"So, it was the newsreels of the liberation of Belsen that brought home to the British public the existence of gas chambers and the Nazi extermination camps and the reality of Hitler's "Final Solution." ...

Belsen had no gas chambers and was not an extermination camp ...

If anything, it had been one of the less brutalised[sic] camps, since one of its purposes had been to hold some prominent Jews for exchange with interned Germans.

It was only as the flood of inmates from camps in Poland poured into Belsen in the last months of the war that it took on its familiar, hellish character ..."

Even the USHMM itself now says the same thing - there were no gas chambers at the camp.

And now Moshe Peer's statements make sense - when the gas chambers are imaginary it's entirely possible to survive them 6 times.

Does making sense out of such propaganda by asking legitimate questions count as "terrorism"?

I know it counts as "Holocaust denial", but is HC "denial" also terrorism now?


Anonymous said...

If the U.S. is a corporation, then what does a corporation mean, it means fiction; dead. So then, can a corporation called the U.S., tell living flesh and blood men, and women what to do. No I do not think so, this is why they had to create another fiction corporation, which is your name in all capital letters, this is the only way they can do business with flesh, and blood. Just look on your slave contracts: drivers license, anything that you (register) with your state, your name will be in all capital letters, they want you to be surety for this dead fiction corporation, and play in their corrupt game.

Anonymous said...

does that mean they can drone strike these "terrorists" under the laws enacted by the Obama administration?

Anonymous said...

300K are you kidding?

Maybe minimum 10 times that

They have no idea.....

Anonymous said...

@ Old Uncle Dave - you are joking right?

Fire-bombing entire cities into rubble and killing ten million + people(civilians) is "rescuing" them from a government they mostly supported?(right or wrong)

I sure as hell hope nobody decides to "rescue" America that way, that's how you destroy it.

Anyone who thinks they can mass-murder people to "rescue" them fits right in with the NWO ideology and should be supporting them rather than opposing them.

To be proportionally equal to "rescuing" Germany about 36 million Americans will have to be murdered to "rescue" U.S society...

I'm sure if you ask nicely maybe Russia or China will help you out with that... it seems to be the plan anyways.


Anonymous said...

I do agree that its 10x-20x that amount. Obviously, the Borg don't have a clue.

Its sad that you are guilty until proven innocent.

And, its double sad that EVERYONE that posts ANYTHING on a news article is added to the list.


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7:13 am - The SPLC was directly spawned from the the Establishment and has very close ties to U.S. intelligence agencies.

Clearly, a neurolinguistic programming effort is current being implemented in the MSM pairing the terms "anti-government" and "terrorism". For the U.S. population, this is a very awkward pairing and thus will not be difficult to unwind if we choose to target this nonsense for elimination.

Remember, the main group of Americans the globalists are targeting are pro-constitution, and pro-representative government, and pro-transparency. The only "anti" thing we are is anti-corruption - which includes under this term the notion of anti-tyranny since it has been the rampant corruption and treason that has fueled the growth of tyranny.

Don't let them control the language.

Also, we must pursue the larger debate on higher intellectual ground. That is, we must all get on the same page with an understanding that virtually no persons are for or against government as a simple yes or no paradigm. Centralization of power runs on a continuum. Only a very tiny minority actually seek the extremes of the continuum of zero autonomy under totalitarianism or the opposite of utter social chaos in full blown anarchy.

What most of here at Activist Post understand is that as power becomes more centralized it becomes more opaque (less transparent), less resilient, less responsive to the governed, and historically, more corrupt and oppressive.

We are seeking a balance. We espouse transparency and taxation with representation. None of this is anti-government by any stretch of the imagination. It is merely anti-government corruption and pro-humanitarian.

Don't let them control the language. Not ever.

Anonymous said...

They are preparing for the chaos that will break out when the US dollar dies.

If they don't succeed in disarming all americans that oppose the banksters, they risk an armed uprising defending the constitution.

The plan is to have the chinese and/or russians to restore order. And they don't like the idea of having their soldiers die fighting local militias.

Anonymous said...

"When an invasion can bring a country it's freedom, then unconsciousness is true happiness"

Pat H. said...

What the US government and its lackies in some states don't seem to understand is that they're outnumbered by a huge number, and that an even like Waco will not be tolerated again.

We've been preparing to stop home invasions like Waco every since that horrible government massacre.

That said, everyone here must know what we will have to do, soon. If you don't know yet, best be thinking about it and quickly too.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the SPLC, in the Must Read From Around The Web Section, there is a link to a Washington Times article "Defense Department Classifies Catholics, Evangelicals as Extremists."

* * *

The Army Reserve report classified "Catholics and Evangelical Protestants as 'extremist' religious groups alongside al Qaeda and the Ku Klux Klan."

"[Retired Army Chaplain Col. Ron Crews] also criticized the presentation for citing the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center to support its findings.

"The SPLC has dubbed organizations “hate groups” for promoting Christian teachings on morality and sexuality."

Wow! A hate group for morality teaching? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

This is all a Psychological Warfare to label any Resistance or persons at forefront as "Terrorists " to prepare the masses of any move Against such group .
The Gov. knows who the Motivated Groups are that share like interests , Freedom , Anti -Oppression , Anti NWO ETC ETC .
They include well armed Biker Gangs , militias anti Globalism individuals and Constitutionalists , who ALL share same core beliefs of Freedom , hence the Demonetization . More Importantly they are motivated AND ARMED .

Anonymous said...

How many more times? The term 'Sovereign Citizen' is an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the millions of evangelicals, Roman Catholics and Mormons that have now been labeled as "extremists"and a threat to "national security".

Anonymous said...

yikes..!! that fellow who gets 164 years in jail & 2 million $ fine for 'paper terrorism'..what about all those Banksters and the mortgage insurers who created the bancruptcy of America..all total they should qualify for 2 million years in jail & 20 trillion $s in fines..why call zeolots /souvernists,patriots etc. instead of insurgents,radicals. or as in post Russia 'refusniks'..looney tunes times are here..

Anonymous said...

"The term 'Sovereign Citizen' is an oxymoron."

Technically that is true from a linguistic standpoint, but it's actual meaning is that you are a citizen of the world, not any particular state.

States are (supposed to be) "sovereign", therefore being a "sovereign citizen" yourself means you are like a 'state' unto yourself with no allegiance to any other sovereign entity/nation.

But the international system today doesn't allow a true "sovereign citizen" as you won't be able to leave or enter any nation on Earth without having a passport - meaning national citizenship is required somewhere.

I've heard some people may have found ways around that, but it's a precarious position as you have no protections either if something happens to you.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is if the government keeps on messing with the rights of everyone, there will be civil war again, because, no one wants to be a slave to the state or anyone else as far as that goes!!!!! If they don't realize the basics of that statement they are little brains!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE that was born after March 9, 1933, was/is an immediate 'Enemy of the State (United States)'. That means YOU!!! Don't believe me, then do some easy research on the "Emergency War Powers Act" of 1933, which was based upon the "Trading With The Enemy Act" of 1917. Dr. Eugene (Gene) Schroader is the author of a couple excelent books on the subject. Gee... am I an 'internet terrorist' just for posting this???

Anonymous said...

LOL! Gotta love that flag, man. Yellow: the color of cowardice with a wrapped turd in the middle with fork tongue. That should replace the star-spangled banner because it's more representative of what Americans truly are.

stevor said...

I'd suspect that o'bama's "terrorist list" would match Hitler's "terrorist list".

jw said...

WOW so I'm guessing all the Crooked Ass Banksters and Cheats on Wall Street that Looted The Hell Outta America THEY ARE ALL ON THAT LIST RIGHT ...... They Stole TRILLIONS ....
Think About It

OMO said...

I want to see that list.

Anonymous said...

"federal and state law enforcement are being trained that anyone who disobeys their commands falls into this terrorist movement and may pose a violent threat to them."
And the end to this training warning is "so go ahead and shoot him."
So just who is the "terrorist" here? And how can these gun-toting uniforms be considered law "enforcement"? Do all these obsessed officials check under their beds at night for "terrorists" as we were "trained" to do for "commies" back in the 1950's?

Angel Writer said...

Wonder how many of us commenting are on that list?

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that they are even violating the globalist U.N policy -

Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Charter explicitly states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

It doesn't say anything about having the "right" to be declared a "terrorist" for having opinions that a government doesn't like.


Anonymous said...

Considering all his lies and distortions it's no wonder that the author chose not to provide a link to the LAT article.

They are a lunatic fringe group responsible for numerous acts of violence including murder and are tied to other violent white supremacist groups. The federal, state and local law enforcement would negligent if they failed to keep tabs on these Nutzis.

'"A central tenet of the sovereigns movement is that its adherents believe they owe no income taxes," also much like the Constitution forbids."

FORBADE until the 16th Ammendment, ratified just over 100 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Uh, there is a link to the LA Times article dumb ass. It's in the second paragraph, the first link in the article, or did you not make it that far you troll.

Anonymous said...

When the "war" on "terrorism" began, who did you all think were the terrorists?

Tim Osman?

YOU are the terrorist. What needs to happen now is that the SPLC needs a MASSIVE DEFAMATION lawsuit filed against it.


Anonymous said...

@ Stevor - I'd suspect that o'bama's "terrorist list" would match Hitler's "terrorist list".


Are you serious? Do you know that little(even the propaganda) about National Socialism and Hitler?

Unless Obama starts viewing homosexuals and Jews as potential threats I think you are a bit confused.

Especially since Jews and homosexuals are among Obama's key supporters.

I didn't realize Obama was a blond haired, blue eyed pure-blooded "Aryan" - according to the propaganda isn't that required to be a "Nazi"?

But hey, what discussion of government abuse is complete without an "evil Nazi" comparison...

A more appropriate comparison would be to Joseph Stalin and the Bolsheviks - they considered religious people to be threats too(except their own Jewish supporters), supported the international bankers, and followed many other similar policies.

Seems Obama and the DHS are preparing for their own "purges".


Anonymous said...

"They refuse to recognize your authority, and that creates a dangerous situation," Finch emphasized"...
Well, the government is the one that isn't recognizing our authority!
By the way, the SPLC is a front for Jews run by Michael Cohen & the creepy Mark Potok designed to identify Christians as a threat (I'm an atheist, so I have no dog in this fight).
So whenever you see anything written by the SPLC, know that it is an attack by their Jewish leadership against anyone who presents an obstacle to the globalist agenda, open borders (cultural destruction of the US), sound currency & loss of our tools of defense (military pattern rifles) & freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to invest your frauds, (dollars, federal reserve notes of debt) INTO A Rope manufacturing company.

Anonymous said...

They are on our list too

Anonymous said...

I feel very very sorry for the American people with men like these in charge.

Anonymous said...

"Non-violent terrorist is the same as a non-commercial driver license.
If this isn't 1084 and beyond, then it's the Twilight Zone on Steroids.

Anonymous said...

This country lost it's war against the money changers in 1913, and ever since then it's been nothing less than a take over. They're coming for our guns, then they're going to strip us of our wealth. Bolshevik style. Nothing left to do but stand up and fight, and one of the only ways to do this is to SPREAD THE WORD! FAR AND WIDE! Time is running out.

Anonymous said...

That video had NOTHING to do with true Sovereigns, who respectfully use the right words. If a Sovereign used a gun, it would be in self-defense. This is a misnomer, and an attempt to demonize the name given to those who know and enact their Constitutional Rights.

SPLC, you are the best reason for more people to learn how to be Sovereign! It's what the Constitution instructs us to be!

Anonymous said...

So it has come down to go along with Obama or you are the enemy heh?

Hide Behind said...

Got one more point on sovereign individual.
Now today say( Imaginary 300.000 sovereigns) would defend US territoriall borders from all enemies domesticot foreign and say (just imaginary) they joined winning side amd enemy retreated or got killed off because 300.000 sovereigns would while not all armed at least partially would be. 50% say.
What would the sovereigns do
Majority would do like citizen solfiers from the boonies always did. Say good bye and goback to living their lives.
Of course the rest of I s would be lissinf each others butts and trying to figure outhow to reward each other and who was the newest boss scialist of course and like a pack of mangy curs on tv calling each other every slilut or slit name they could.
nah we got our killer cowboys left to brag and dragmre little boys and girls yp wars and medals to shine and ee'd still ne broke as a matipn and someone would be holleting taxthem dn sovereignpepple.

Anonymous said...

Yawns at the dumb humans.

Anonymous said...

The government is stating that any non- or decentralized, fragmented/fractured "group" voice is dangerous precisely because truth can only be issued from the opposite (a centralized voice).

Anonymous said...

I don't particularly like cops and I despise government overreach, but this article makes the worst possible case out of the govt response to people who do not think they have to obey the laws or police officers.
Since 2000, 6 cops have been killed by sovereign citizens. The article mentions 1.

The estimate of the size of this movement is not 300,000 but 100,000 to 300,000.

People who go beyond peaceful protest (trying to file a false claim on a property is not protest but theft, tho I agree it is not terrorism)
have broken or repudiated the social contract and this makes them outlaws.

If you believe and act like an outlaw, do not be surprised if you are considered a terrorist by those you have challenged.

A note a sympathetic poster has attacked the SPLC for having some Jewish leaders. In fact, progressive organizations, from the woman's movement to the civil rights movement, often has Jewish leaders, because Jews are, in general, a very progressive group.

Would you attack the civil rights movement because many Jews led and participated, including some who were murdered? This is anti-semitism and I would guess that many sovereign citizens harbor such sentiments, based on posts I have read.

I think Jews should be proud that they are in the leadership of so many progressive organizations. It is a tribute to their intelligence and humanity and compassion.

In my personal view, sovereign citizens are powder kegs ready to blow.

Anonymous said...

The SPLC has characterized the Jewish Defense League as a hate group. It is not pro "globalist agenda" but rather pro tolerance, pro-civil rights, and anti hate movements. Among it leaders are Jews, non-Jews, blacks, straights, gays, Indians, et al.

Those who denounce it with anti-semitic attacks should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys in the states are in big trouble. What's baffling to me is how most of your fellow Americans haven't a clue on what's happening and the kind of country they're living in. History is pretty clear on what's in store for you all. You're not going to be the exception. History but more importantly the present is screaming at you all but no one is listening. Weird, just weird. I don't get it. Good luck to you all and God Bless America, but frankly I think you're pretty much done.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch more than a few minutes into the video. And this article is BS. The liberty movement does not promote senseless violence nor does it promote not obeying laws. The libs are trying to brand a certain group with being extremist murderous hate groups, and that is not the case. Now is not the time to be picking up arms. We still have a system. The 2nd Amendment is only a last resort for when the system in its entirety has failed.

Anonymous said...

Back in the early 90s during a particularly protracted environmental struggle to protect the aquifer in central Texas, a very nasty intl polluting corporate CEO headquartered in Louisiana named "Jim Bob" started referring to Earth First policy wonks during City council meetings as "domestic terrorists"
Back then we laughed at how extreme and hypocritical they were ....but apparently those are the sorts of people running the govt these days.. now that is very scary. But there's more of us than there are of them....

Anonymous said...

Here we go again Labeling everyone who doesn't agree with what is going on...!!! This is Tryanny.

This article states: What's more, federal and state law enforcement are being trained that anyone who disobeys their commands falls into this terrorist movement and may pose a violent threat to them. -Doesn't anyone see how wrong this is?????? So they command me to give them my personal things, and all my money- If I disobey their commands, I am now a terrorist. That includes my Gun? NO, I am not the terrorist. THEY ARE !!!!!!!! Can't you all see what the Government and their paid Croney's are doing. We have got to STOP this now, it is just going to get worse.

--This is like saying, every women who has had a kid, and wants to protect it - is a terrorist. People who believe in God, and want to protect their bible, are a terrorist.. Come on, their are labeling people, who are only acknowledging that something is wrong with the government and something needs to change, and because of that, they are targeting people and trying to get everyone else to believe it.
-- They don't have a problem with getting a ticket they deserve, or to pay fair taxes (but what is fair about taxes nowadays? We are double and Triple taxed, on everything. And the Government doesn't spend it back on the people and the US, they give it to their cronies, other countries, and buy HUGE bunkers for themselfs. Now what little they do give back to the people and the US, they are trying to take it away.
---- This government, is not your friend, and it's going to get worse.!!

Angel Writer said...

Anonymous wrote:

"Don't forget the millions of evangelicals, Roman Catholics and Mormons that have now been labeled as "extremists"and a threat to "national security".

Can anyone tell me if there is a legitimate movement against anyone who believes in God or follows a religion in this country? Is this another way of bringing people under control of the NWO? Personally, I get the feeling that there is a certain set of people that wish to eradicate religion/God from our society for all people; and, the freedom to worship freely will be illegal in the future.

What I see is the cessation of guns for the regular populace so we are defenseless. The push for Politically Correct speech so that we become indoctrinated in the way they wish us to view the world. The demonization of anyone who believes in a God(s) because the government must be the authority figure for the manipulated public. Spying on our fellow neighbor to report dubious activity in order to keep the peace for the good of the nation. We've been giving up our Freedoms for quite some time, like Frogs cooking in a slow burning pot of water, most of us, blithely unaware that we are slowly being cooked to death.

Anonymous said...

When last I checked...this nation belongs to the "sovereign people" of the Republic of America. The government belongs to the people, all bought and paid for by our blood, sweat, tears and our tax dollars. The people do not belong to the government...the government belongs to the people. Plain and simple. That being the matter of the facts...then just who are terrorist now?!

Anonymous said...

The U.S. is controlled by outside interests. They will kill the U.S. and everyone in it. Or at least try. JP Morgan Chase is the majority owner in the LA Times and JP is controlled by foreign banks. DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) is owned and operated by people who's main goal is to destroy the U.S.A. The reason most people don't see this is because God has let the anti-God U.S. go its own way, down that path to delusion.

Anonymous said...

We're toast.

Anonymous said...

OMG. I cannot believe I have lived to see america become what I read about in the history books. Many of our leaders were so right. our break with europe should have been permanent and complete, always remaining vigilant to the possibility that europeans never wanted america to succeed. they never wanted this country to be better than them. what happened? they assured that we became the worse. they stole everything from us. arm yourselves, cut off the tv and prepare for war. The SPLC is very deceptive. I always thought they were sincerely for the people. they are part of the conspiracy. so sad.

Anonymous said...

the country was destroyed from within and the russians and chinese will finish cleaning the carcus.

Anonymous said...

@ Dale - You seem to imply that generalizing Jews is bad, yet you then do it yourself saying they are a "progressive" people and such.

You are aware that about 64% of the Bolshevik movement was Jewish at the time they were slaughtering 10's of millions of people and violently attacking Christianity and other religions in Eastern Europe, right?

Or that Freemasonry is a Jewish mystical system originally founded by Jews and still containing vast numbers of Jews that led things like the ultra-violent/barbaric "French Revolution", right?

You're generalizing of the Jews in favor of them is no different than those who generalize that the Jews are all bad.

Some Jews are progressive, compassionate, honorable and so on as you say.

For me the likes of Noam Chomsky, David Cole, Norman Finkelstein, Paul Eisen and Joseph Burg are "bigger name" examples that come to mind, though I may not agree with them entirely on all issues(completely opposed on some actually).

Other Jews are regressive, violent and crude, and then some.

For me the likes of "Bibi" Netanyahu, Theodore Kaufman, numerous Bolsheviki leaders like Bela Kun(Hungary) and pretty much the whole of the House of Rothschild and large numbers of Zionist Jews(particularly the illegal settlers) come to mind.

The problem is that those good Jews and bad Jews all share the same "Jewish identity" and protect each other from punishment for crimes or even just criticism by taking any such actions as attacks on the whole Jewish identity.

Whenever a Jew does something bad everyone says "don't blame all the Jews, it's just one bad apple", but when one Jew does something good those same people say "the Jews are good people" as if every single one is the same.

You can't have it both ways - if they aren't all bad then they aren't all good, and generalized statements need to be ended in both cases.

But those who have studied the Talmud, studied Jewish history, studied Jewish mysticism, the foundations of Zionism and so on generally take the view that only opposing "the Jew" as a mythical entity will bring an end to these problems those bad Jews cause.

It is "the Jew" that used like a shield protects them from punishment, therefore that shield must be removed before certain people will be able to receive the punishment they deserve for their crimes.

I'm all for being objective and in the past I've defended the Jews against unfair criticism here myself(even the occultist "Illuminati" Jews that are some of the worst), but I was never an apologist for them as you seem to have taken to being.


Anonymous said...

As a former feminist who burned her bra in protest so women could attain high office, Janet Napolitano is an ugly, dangerous embarrassment to every thinking person in this country. She makes my stomach turn and my brain scream.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the only ones left considered not to be terrorists are illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Well tht pretty much somes up the Illegal Immagrents from Mexico. There Invading America enmass, trying to take over by shear force of numbers.

Anonymous said...

I am Spartacus!

Hide Behind said...

We free men been dn many long rds wit no 1 to bl us amd we now are not many in oregon from south to portlmd tjey hond one and he is gone.
In Wyo an od man die avcidnt detsay shot back head 300 yd away unarmed hr stoodwav bye gun old30 30 npbulltsin trnk he be 80 yr bad man no pay taxon his silver and gold.
IN nevada radio mannot nice he talk big about some jew and when one not freeman kill rafioman join military and turn n malitia no havedo with death jew that be the man of dreamland.
He found out gov move far away to hillipines.
SOVEREIGN MAN IN heaven car dro r of road so mant time now walkhike with friends across freelands.

Anonymous said...

Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Charter explicitly states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

How cute, you didn't read the whole document...

Article 29:
(3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

The devil is in the details.

No, really, the devil!

Griz Bear said...

When Jesus Christ could be defined as a terrorist you know the satanist are in charge but not for long.

Anonymous said...

It's official... a bunch of JOKERS run Washington.

Anonymous said...

seems like an awful low estimate

i'm not saying racism isn't a factor for some people in certain groups whether its against blacks, homosexuals, etc...its there because i've actually heard these racial remarks from people i know

if it wasn't for this world government crap i probably wouldn't be siding with most of you

Hide Behind said...

To cut through the public body; to find where the heart resides in that public body; to ask what is its wants, needs, and fears; Those questions cannot and must not be decided by the financial system and those who manage it.
For make no mistake about it thay is exactly what the American political, fnancial and educational, scientific and military leadership is engaged in; They and they alone will, already are, become engaged in restructuring ypur employ. Where you work foer whom and how much.what child will receive schooling or training. Movement of whole population groups for universal mandatory volunteerism brigades on inner citys to increase density as required by U n laws.In Japan today they are moving 1 million middle ahed men from places of employ or if even employed and paying them 6OK USD. MINIMUM AND IF ALREADY PAID MORE WHERE EMPLOYED EMPLOYER STILL PAUS FOR HIGHER WAGE


IN JAPAN LAST YEAR ALONE JUNE TILL NOW GOVERNMENT HAS MOVED SOME 3 million people from one are to areas they deem better suited to national economy.
Ameericans too fn narcissist to see that no one loves them except themselves.
will you just bobble head as Japaneses do who still drink and breathe irradiated poisons. My money says you will as we aon west coast already drink and breathe the same as they without complaint.

Anonymous said...

"How cute, you didn't read the whole document...

Article 29:
(3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations."

Well thanks for the post, I have read the whole document and it's BS from start to finish and simply showing that BS was the point of my post.

How can voicing an opinion be against the U.N's principles and purposes when one part of that mission is (supposedly) to uphold universal human rights, such as free speech?

The answer of course is 'double speak' and 'legalese' and general BS politics.

Everything the U.N does is BS, the fact they are called "united nations" yet still hold a dozen or so countries to be "enemy states" is proof of that.

The devil is in the details, I completely agree on that. Always check the fine-print.


Constitution Lobby said...

There is no reasonable or sane way that the Department of Justice and Homeland Security can define a non violent protestor as a terrorist or label a supporter of the constitution 'anti-government' / yet they have taken upon themselves to label 300,000 Americans, many of them constitution supporters and non violent protestors as terrorists and anti-government. Since protecting the rights of the people are the basis and foundation of government (VA Constitution Preamble) trampling upon the rights of the People is not only 'anti-government' using force to intimidate the citizens of a free nation is terrorism. It is the Department of Justice and Homeland Security that are exposing themselves as anti-government and terrorists.

Anonymous said...

The diplomats CAN BE SOVEREIGN!
..but ordinary people CAN NOT be sovereign - they have to obey, follow and pay their takes!


Nobody can buy / sell / command A SOVEREIGN PERSON - no governement can exist when people are sovereign

That's why... we all have to proclaim our own PERSONAL sovereignty


Anonymous said...

This is more than scary folks! As a Christian who believes that WE THE PEOPLE have the right to pursue religion, liberty, and our freedom in the way that God and our Constitution states that we have the right.....the government and all these other agencies need to back off. WE THE PEOPLE are sovereign individuals who live in a great nation that was founded on God and we will not lie down and let these NWO tyrants take it from us. DHS and SPLC need to close their doors immediately and WE THE PEOPLE need to force them to do so. me a terrorist....I want one of those flags....where do I buy one? Want my guns? MO'LON LA'VE!!!!!!!! Janet Nepolifag, I want you to be the first one in line when they bust my door down to TRY and take them! 300,000? I think you have miscounted! Better triple that, quadtriple!

Anonymous said...

Check out out S.G.F "still walkin" on youtube if you wanna learn the truth.

Anonymous said...

The SPLC is a hate group in its own right. Anyone who does not openly support all Progressive political platforms is label a "hate group", and verifiable proof is not required.

How people refer to them as a legitimate source of information is beyond me, but it happens every day. many sheep in this country, and most who are PRETENDING to be asleep, so that we can't wake them up.

Anonymous said...

I would say that we are one of those groups that are very organized. Of course we would be considered terrorists by the government but we fight together and have become very strong. Join our collective here.

Anonymous said...

If believing in the Constitution makes me a terrorist, then Every single one of our prior Presidents were all terrorists! Fuck Obama! It's already been proven his Birth Certificate was faked! He wasn't born here! He's 900% in cohoots with the enemy! LOVES giving them money and weapons and HATES Christianity so much he wants to wipe it from the nation forever and become our Permanent Dictator! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! People like him are the reason Korea hates us!

Anonymous said...

Rather than get huffy and violent to these boneheads we need to counter them with cool psychological warfare the same way they do to us. I find this is really easy, to turn their own perverted arguments against them, to make them feel small. It works even when a cop pulls you over. I am the most hated man in my town, but they can't touch me because I can twist their pettifogging ideals to make them look like the fools they are without saying "I have rights, leave me alone". It's time we just attack in the public sphere, make them paranoid, make them neurotic, lie to them, spin their heads about and twist their tits for once. They don't listen to reasonable arguments, so why give them any? If you want to be soveriegn or just free then do it by stealth and manipulation; don't just be stubborn and give them a reason for a bloodbath.

Anonymous said...

This is why DHS has purchased 1.6 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo. To dispatch the terrorists with full prejudice.

philthyearthbag said...

Zealous? That takes action. I am far from zealous, in fact I am fucking lazy. I do not however recognize a logic behind an external governing body as a birthright. Still I don't feel the need for the term anarchist, hierarchical systems are all too familiar in nature and as a logically thinking individual of sound mind, that by default would set me into a system of governmental acceptance. But terror? No, not me. I am far too loving, though I may fit some paper criteria, to me, there is no logic in chancing the livelihood of my conscience by means of disagreements leading to hurt and harm. And if only for a self interested cock, the logic remains nil. If you propagate it, by even acknowledging the average view and accepting that, then you may just become a target by some other hateful group. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, good to know. We have already closed the Canadian border to all traffic North - we aren't even letting our own snowbirds back in. I mean, you never know right - they all fit the profile, LOL!!!

Your police state is making the US a laughing stock for the entire world. But we do worry about you...and ourselves...whatever the hell it is might be catching!

Anonymous said...

Piss-heads...they will cataclysm of their own demise and rebirth of life under their own boot.

Anonymous said...

well just lump me in there too. the government are the terrorist and its time to boot their a$$. i am so sick of these people buying up rounds? so are the people this crap will end badly for these idiots in dhs and these list makers i like most Americans are sick of their $h¡t!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

they wish! there's a hell of a lot more american patriots than that!

johann said...

"In fact, between the OKC Bombing (1995) and the West Memphis Shootings (2010), over 30 LEOs lost their lives to home-grown extremists." 30. Yes, that's 30 too many. But we're talking about 15 years. I'll go research an exact number if necessary, but I'm certain that there are at least 30 gang-related LEO deaths EVERY YEAR! So, how about the people that want to take Liberty away from law abiding citizens first take care of a much bigger problem?

Anonymous said...

Those who are stupidly saying the income tax is illegal need to read the 16th Amendment, which authorizes Congress to collect taxes on income from whatever source derived. If you don't like the income tax (and I don't know of many people who do like it), then fight to get the 16th Amendment repealed.

As for everything else in the article, well, it's all building up to a totalitarian global government that has the sheeple convinced they're actually free.

Anonymous said...

The government is rogue. It is just a matter of time before they decide when they are going to "feed" on you, your friends, or your family.

iaincarstairs said...

A more Orwellian term than "non violent terrorist".. how about "non-functioning government" or "violent peace keepers.." the police!

skip said...

What happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco was a total government over step by a bunch of very stupid so called law officers. Both of these situation where so badly handled by these so call train officers,like the Keystone cops, only real people died for nothing but stupid brute force. Every group has their wing nuts and that includes these officers with their badges and guns.

Weltgeist said...

Anonymous = Terrorist! O_o

Anonymous said...

Yes it does. Its called the national defense authorization act. Its sole purpose is to allow drones for surveillance and murder

Anonymous said...

Some are even labeled as non-violent "paper terrorists". = congress

Anonymous said...

Commies want to list us as potential terrorists? No problem. I have listed them, and all progs and all socialists and all communists, and all dictators and collectivists as potential terrorists for decades! And my prediction has come true, proof on this page - maybe theirs will too! LOL. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is superior firepower."

--The History of the World

Anonymous said...

let them keep labeling everyone terrorists. They will run out of groups to label. Then what? Arrest the whole country. PS The SPLC needs to go. Who listens to these jerk-offs anyway?

Anonymous said...

Just pray people. It works.

Not for any gov't, but pray for our fellow men.

Anonymous said...

Legal is not lawful. Legal follows the law, which has been set up to incriminate us. Lawful refers to the constitution, the real law.

Anonymous said...

As far as supporting America, you should. You should be trying to help prop up the dollor, and not support gold and silver. As far as traffic stops are concerned, why not pull over and keep your hands on the steering wheel and act like a decent person and help the officer feel at ease. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
If you dont love America, leave it.
Take Alex J. with you. PLEASE, dont forget to take him with you......

Anonymous said...

"What is Real Freedom" in a World with Governments, Man-made Laws, Constructed Religiousity, and afforded Privileges, has anyone ever truly known or seen and tasted True Freedom, hmm, just thinking out loud and seeking the freeing of my dome within this Matrixical quagmire of games and trickery"...We have ALL been had over and over and over, Physically and Spiritually for sure, well perhaps it is all really about the Metaphysical Truisms. :) (the changeling chameleon) :():

Anonymous said...

As long as you haven't done anything on these lists, you may not be considered a terrorist. No guarantees, though.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that the real terrorist is the one holding the placard!

Anonymous said...

I believe the "non-violent paper terrorists" are the millions of Americans that are "bombing" the government with petitions and other forms of written protest. That would automatically include the founding fathers with their, so called, "Declaration of Independence..."

Anonymous said...

This just shows me that the people who are starting to warn of "non-violent terrorism" are very afraid of something which isn't theirs to control.

Anonymous said...

ture Sovereign dont kill police we use courts whats worng with that if cop did nothing worng then he wins if he did hurt the sovereign than he goes to jail like anyone else darkness is at work in all governments of this world alien dark gods i say i am A SOVEREIGN LIGHT BEING FROM SOURCE HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Pure peace to all.

Anonymous said...

To quote V for Vendetta... "if you are looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror".

Don ald said...

If you are a Business who has 'value coming in' (income) then you may owe income tax.
Income is profit, it is value received.

However, the employee (or laborer) does not earn, does not gain nor receive "income" or wages, why?
Because the employee *creates* value, not receive value!
The employees paycheck does not pre exist, therefore, the employee must use their own energy and labor to *create* value...therefore, they have created and brought their paycheck into existence!
They do not have the luxery of an "income" where profits come rolling in from sales or investments.
"Income tax" is a "profit tax". The tax being collected *is* profit "coming in"--> for the irs. The tax payment is being collected for FED and STATE income....That is why its income- tax.

If the employee is not a business but must use his own energy and labor to create value for the currency, then mail that currency in for FED and STATE's income....why? well, if all CAPITAL name refers to a title and business, not the employee, that may explain how.
Burtons Legal Thesaurus:
Capitalize-> Utilize for Profit/manipulate/take advantage of.

Names are "Capitalized" to be Utilized/incorporated for income (profit).

Anonymous said...

I just hope those 300,000 have guns and know how to usethem.

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