Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cops With Drones: Technology Vs. Civil Liberties


For a long time, drones - unmanned aircraft - were used only by the military. Now local law enforcement wants them for police work such as surveillance and search-and-rescue missions. That in turn has sparked a fierce debate over the balance between cutting-edge law enforcement technology and the privacy rights of citizens.

In February, Reason TV covered an Alameda County, California public protection committee meeting in which Sheriff Gregory Ahern announced that he planned on using a laptop-sized drone (he prefers to call it an "unmanned aerial system") for search and rescue. "It's mission specific to search areas for lost children or elderly or Alzheimer's patients to search an area that it would be very difficult for our personnel to get to," said Sheriff Ahern.

Residents and civil liberties advocates are skeptical that drone use would remain so narrowly defined for very long. At the meeting, Linda Lye of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California took issue with the sheriff's submitted draft of a privacy policy. She said it's not specific enough about what the sheriff can and cannot do with drones.

Full text continues at the YouTube post. For additional information visit Reason TV.

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Hide Behind said...

So tired of people playing damned head games: You know what they want, and what the damn things will be used for.
Does it take 4 years or possibly 5 of college and a few more years of cross pollination with weedheads or were your parents geneticly challenged before they had to hand deliver you aftera prolonged oxygen denial birth that you cannot see the fn obviousness of your worthless ass within the forthcoming police state.
Your damned pretending that your pin head is going to out maneuver their "Determined Efforts" to make this a police state with no possible way to hide and where if the state wants to take you down for any fn reason they will do it.
You are talking to predatory minds. You gutless wonders against alpha males and alpha females in jump boots and your smiling faces behind fn desk. Will not make you innocent of letting them commit their power trips on others while you cower in later years.
Give them what the hell ever they want for surveilance and policeing needs of a nation of ass kissers.
GOOD lord your carcasses already stink up any humanity you get near.
IF. You can join them and be rewarded all the more power to you us lets quit playing stink finger and on yoyr knees games so that we who have backbines can figure out ways to survive in spiteof them and you.

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