Saturday, April 13, 2013

California Liberty Preservation Act Passes Committee 6-0 to Nullify the NDAA

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Dozens of states and local jurisdictions continue to move toward nullifying the unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Yesterday we announced that Montana has taken the next step with Senate approval by a margin of 43-7 to protect its citizens from indefinite detention, and the measure is only awaiting signature from Governor Steve Bullock.

Now California has taken a much-needed step toward rebuking federal overreach. And, once again, the protections afforded by the Liberty Preservation Act are seeing support from a wide spectrum of political interest.

The 2012 NDAA applies broad detention power, using terms such as “associated forces” and "substantially supported," allowing the federal government to detain and even execute any person, including an American citizen, on U.S. soil without due process. Sections 1021 and 1022 are particularly onerous.

The author of the California bill, Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly stated:
The NDAA gives the executive branch—under not only President Obama, but also every future president — unprecedented power to detain US citizens without due process . . .   
This runs counter to the very principles that make America great, and violates our nation’s commitment to the rule of law. . . 
The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution authorizes the United States federal government to exercise only those powers specifically delegated to it in the United States Constitution."
The Daily Caller notes that even though the bill was introduced by a Republican, it received a unanimous vote across party lines
The bill passed the Democrat-controlled committee 6-0 with the support of a wide-ranging coalition that included the American Civil Liberties Union, Tenth Amendment Center, San Francisco 99% Coalition, San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the Libertarian Party of California.
Grassroots movements everywhere should be commended for the surge toward liberty, as well large activist centers such as People Against the National Defense Authorization Act, the Tenth Amendment Center, and the People's Blog For the Constitution. Please lend your support by clicking the links above and donating if possible. Is your community or state taking action? Please use the model legislation linked to beneath the image above to help restore liberty to where you live.

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Anonymous said...

How can anybody look at what the NDAA does and not laugh at the absurdity of it. Citizens, through their representatives in "government" want the "government" to be free to kill or indefinitely detain anyone they choose without giving the selected victims a chance to defend themselves.

Would the "government" give the citizens the right to do the same to them if the citizens felt the "government" was a threat to America? Of course not and they would be stupid fools if they permitted it.

Any legislator supporting the NDAA is a threat to America and needs to be replaced ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

And that, my friends, is one good reason why Mitt Romney lost: He was in favor of the NDAA. Conservative credentials notwithstanding.

HereAmI said...

What a strange comment. Obama introduced the NDAA, my friends, thus was even more in favour of it, and he "won". Romney lost because it was decided by the jews who control this once-great land that he would lose, not because there was any actual counting of votes. Anyone who imagines that the useless eaters decide anything of significance should go back to believing in Santa Claus.
However, I suggest notwithstanding, putting this whole issue to a national vote. The wise and sober American people will pass NDAA unanimously, just as they overturned the onerous and foolish provisions of Proposition 37. Nobody wants to be told what is in what they eat, and nobody wants to be told that widespread terrorism is a myth which does not need to be aggressively countered with the full force of the military-industrial complex and a complete demolition of any residual human rights.
Furthermore, nobody in their right mind wants to be overrun with Arab terrorists on every street corner, and in every WalMart, and on every plane. Far better to be groped ,raped, assaulted, stolen from, stopped and searched, and humiliated by those you know, rather than blown up by those you don't.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be laws to imprison the ones who come up with insanely radical ideas like NDAA. You know Ovomit stayed home on that New Years eve to sign this subversive, dictatorial POS law and was saying under the foul stench of his breath, "Happy New Year America."
It is totally unacceptable for one person to have this kind of power without rebuttal from any political arm or jurisdiction in the nation. There's is something terribly wrong when all the media and politicians allow this 1 person to run roughshod over our nation and constitution. For every single supposed good deed he has done for the people of this country, I can show you 10 despicable acts he's launched against us.

Anonymous said...

Contradicting yourself,,"friend". First saying counting votes doesn't happen then asking for a national vote.
Overrun by Arab terrorists? How little you actually know about this nation. ..need to back off on that red wine sport...

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said April 13, 2013 at 11:05 PM"
Not only was Romney pro NDAA, he is a Freemason and we know what that means. Glad to see California getting with the program and protecting it's citizens from this criminal government of ours.

Anonymous said...

Go Cali!

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