Monday, April 15, 2013

UPDATES: Terror on Patriots' Day: Explosions Rock Boston, Dozens Injured, Authorities Announced “Drill”

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Note: CNN hack Wolf Blitzer has speculated live on air that an anti-tax group was behind the attack.

Two explosions have rocked the Boston Marathon, injuring numerous people and causing at least 12 deaths.

The official Boston Marathon website has confirmed, through their official Facebook, that two bombs were detonated near the finish line.
There were two bombs that exploded near the finish line in today's Boston Marathon. We are working with law enforcement to understand what exactly has happened.
More updates are rolling in, see below:

A report from the Chicago Tribune revealed that police have confirmed that two explosions hit near the end of the marathon.
Pictures from the scene showed blood stains on the ground and several people knocked down. Massachusetts General Hospital was treating four victims of the explosion in its emergency room but information about their condition was not immediately available, a spokeswoman said. 
To make matters worse, Fox News is reporting that at least 10 injuries include amputations:
At least three people are dead and dozens injured - including up to 10 with amputated limbs - after two explosions rocked the area near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. 
Reports of deaths and a possible third bomb are coming in by the minute. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

Update: Fox News is reporting that a suspect has been confirmed and is being guarded in a Boston area hospital. 2 known dead, at least 24 injured.

Officials have told NBC News that a small homemade bomb was the cause of at least one of the explosions. (Via Tweet)

Update 2: The Boston Globe has tweeted that a controlled explosion was set by the bomb squad.

From the NY Post: “Authorities have a identified a suspect, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds.”

Update 3: From Fox News:
The simultaneous explosions, and reports of two other unexploded devices found near the scene raised suspicions that the blasts, just before 3 p.m., could be part of a terrorist attack. 
Authorities shut down cellular service in the area in order to prevent remote detonations. Intelligence officials told The Associated Press two unexploded devices were being dismantled, and a third explosion near the JFK Library in the Columbia Point section of Dorchester. Competitors and race organizers were crying as they fled the bloody chaos, while some witnesses reported seeing victims with lost limbs.
Update 4: A report from a Boston area NBC affiliate quoted an eyewitness who claimed that officials kept making announcements on a loud speaker that it was just a drill.
“They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15. 
“It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.” 
Update 5: All Boston police have been called to active duty. Multiple reports indicate police guarding a Saudi National at a local area hospital. CNN Analyst Peter Bergen has stated that it could be right wing extremists.

Warning: Traumatic video and images below:

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Anonymous said...

When NATO met in Chicago last year a concerted effort was made to inspect garbage cans for suspicious activity. Why would Boston not do this?

Anonymous said...

Today is tax day and patriot's day (Patriot's Day is a special Massachusetts State holiday commemorating the opening battle of the American Revolutionary War)

This will all be traced back to "domestic terrorists".

Can anyone say false flag?

Anonymous said...

Whoever is responsible and whatever their agenda is, one thing is for sure. We're going to be losing some more rights.

Anonymous said...

Where is the bomb debrie?

Anonymous said...

Another false flag event to demonize a group of their choice. Glad to see so many are more aware of this then before 9-11.

Anonymous said...

When will the US goverment stop atacking its own people?

false flag.

angrycockroach said...

Amazing how they can shut down cell-phone service to an area. Does that mean that people's phones also won't record what is around them?

On TV one speaker was saying how there were people dropping packages off all along the marathon route - maybe that's why they shut down the cell service? Who were the people and what were the packages? Thinking how innocents could be roped into this saying it was part of some performance art event or something.

Anonymous said...

I think the first 10 minutes I turned on the news I hear them say Patriots Day about 20 times. They brought up Waco and the OK bombings that happened on 4/15 with we're also false flags. Then the media had to throw the Clomibine high school and Virginia Tech shootings as well. I have not researche these to events so I do not know if these were false flags but I do know the media was associating the word patriot wih crazy gunmen

Anonymous said...

Yea, what a sick joke on the Sheeple! If you were a real "terrorist", don't you think you could manage a bigger event than this? Of course, it is very sad for the lost and injured lives, but OUR DRONES & other state-sponsored TERRORIST activities are doing thousands/millions time more destruction to the rest of the world.

The true psycho-terrorists are in the White House, Congress, DOD, Homeland Insecurity, MSM, and their "allies." Of course they will blame this on "domestic terrorism" because it was planned that way. They will keep chipping away at your freedom incrementally until you "get the message." Fascists, Neo-Cons, Zionists, Commies, Left/Right all want you dis-armed. They want your children as well... after all, they "belong" to the HIVE community, don't they!?

It's time to give up people. Turn in your guns and your kids, accept the state-issued pink shirts, and bend over, because the USA is Owned by FREAKS & PERVERTS. Kicked out of the Schools, Churches and Synagogues, so now they need to find another pool of fresh victims for "recruiting" (Boy Scouts, same-sex adoptions, coaches, mentors, etc.).

Resistance in America, HA! What resistance? Imagine seeing this carnage on a mass-scale DAILY, like in Palestine, Syria, etc.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This will go one of 4 ways: 1.) it might be blamed on the gun advocates here in the US, 2.) blamed on an M.K. Ultra mind controlled individual or even an M.K. mind controlled group, 3.) blamed on a single Arab or group of Arabs, or 4.)possibly blamed on the North Koreans, who are currently getting paid to rattle the saber as it were, to further distract us from the financial crunch. Part the bottom line here is that this is a distraction from the world-wide financial situation that's causing the power structure to run out of money and the law suits that are piling up against them. The other part here is about the negative, occult, ritual energy that these entities feed on, in an effort to hold on to their power that this event was created for. To murder innocent people is horrible. Instead of building bombs we need to build hearts, minds, peace, and ultimately LOVE on a continuous basis~~!

Anonymous said...

From now on Americans will lose their right to possess homemade bombs. Idiot talk on Radio that the right to bear arms 'brigade' behind bombings? Gun grabbing is going to accelerate as Sandy Hook actors had a grandstand view of the expected and anticipated of the next 'false flag' operation. The exact location of this 'terrorist' attack was not known, but was well chosen by the bombers.As expected TV footage would be prominent, not secretive as S Hook & Pentagon 9/11 confiscation of CCTV material.

Anonymous said...

if one would really want to create terror in the states all he or she has to do is to go to the hardware store, buy (or do as gov do, steal) 2 boxes of roofing nails, then wait till rush hour and drop it down a highway, preferably one leading to urban centre of commerce and banking.
it would probably not be too much bloody but at least that would be a ton of money not circulating for a day or two. that is the real terror theses bastards fear.
now, what good is your 2nd amendment if you dont have the balls and morals to go get the morons in the white house and wall street and bring them to the level of the rest of humanity before they destroy it all ???
you really think someone making a bomb to hurt peoples would not put some ball bearings, nails, bolts to make the most of it....pfttt, the govt should hire better pawns.
peoples should reflect how THEY would do a terror act and they will realise that this was orchestrated by morons with a crucial lack of imagination.

Anonymous said...

A tragic diversion from reality.

Michael Moulds said...

Someone involved in the "bomb drill" knows who did this. Horrible act of cowardice; regardless of their affiliation. Those are runners; not combatants.

Anonymous said...

They had bomb sniffing dogs at the marathon - why did they not alert?

Why did 1000 cops search the area and not find the guy in the boat?

Funny how 1 snot nosed kid can shut down a whole city.

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