Friday, April 19, 2013

ALERT: Victim of Family Court, Katerina Jeleva, Seeks to Uncover Utah Gov't Child Kidnapping

Activist Post

Brandon Turbeville has been documenting the harrowing case of Katerina Jeleva who was separated from her son through the Utah family court system.

Through the tenacity of Katerina and the support of Brandon and activists everywhere, she has survived her lengthy custody battle and is waiting to be reunited with her son any day now.

Her battle is far from over, however. As she awaits the final outcome of her own case, she is asking others who have been victimized to come forward. Specifically, if you have your own case, or have any knowledge of cases involving sexual allegations prosecuted by or that otherwise involved attorney Jere Reneer of Reneer & Associates, Provo, Utah - Katerina would like to hear from you.

This is a full-scale investigation. Please contact Katerina at, so that she can assist other mothers and fathers who have been put through a similar ordeal to her own.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Windsor of Lawless America probably has a list a mile long of such cases across this country.

Anonymous said...

I heard about your case from Activist Post, I offer you my moral support to help you win your child back. I have also been victimized by family court. Once from 1992 to 1996 and another from 2005 to 2010. Both were about custody and support.

Family Court ripped apart my family, destroyed me and left desolate everything it touched. I have never done anything wrong, violated a rule or committed a crime. In cases that should have been decided fairly between me and the wife like a regular court normally would, Family Court did not even pretend to be fair.

Fairness is not what Family Court is about. It is a system that we copied from Soviet Russia that builds incentives for corruption right into it. Family Court has a lot of money that goes to encourage injustice, pain and misery. They pay everyone from Judges to Clerks, to social service workers money that is over and above salary. Not only is Family Court inherently evil, it adds components to the costs that are unbelievably expensive.

I doubt if even America's war costs would add up to as much by the time you include the matching federal funds, Title IV-D payments and expense and there is just too much to tell about in this small space.

Family Court needs to be defeated and may God Bless you to just that.

Anonymous said...

Utah has as much corruption in the family and Juvenile court system as any other state. Here, though, it's more profitable in some ways because our families are larger than most.

One solution is to fight them outside of their corrupt sandboxes-- meaning, these courtrooms where they conduct 'business as usual' and control the outcomes.

That means taking them 'to the fight' in federal court (civil rights violations), to a grand jury, to the FBI, to the media. Filing Bar complaints and malpractice lawsuits against them (attorneys and therapists/PhDs).

Changes will happen when enough parents fight back against the individual players. Doing this in a coordinated way has more of an impact than when one parent takes action.

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