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8 Revisions to Canada's Anti-Terrorism Bill That You Need to Know About

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Joe Martino
Activist Post

The House of Commons passed the new anti-terrorism bill on April 24th 2013 and received royal assent on the 25th. The bill revived provisions from the Anti-terrorism Act passed just after the Sept. 11 attacks and adds some new ones that can very easily violate civil rights.

It is no secret that since 9/11 the increase in security and the sheer removal of civil rights and freedoms has been extensive. This of course comes under the guise of protection and safety, but still we fail to see any major terror attacks that have not been either 1. caused by the FBI themselves 2. have had government and other agency groups heavily involved or 3. have had a large number of factors suggesting the event was a staged attack. In fact, it was recently disclosed that of the 22 terror related attacks since 9/11, 14 of them have been created and caused by the FBI themselves. [1]

Some new provisions such as investigative hearings and preventive detentions have been added to the new act and are creating quite a controversial stir as many begin to question the real intention behind the passing of these bills. These came after an suspected terror plot was foiled where two men were allegedly plotting to derail a train in Toronto. Another shady accusation.

1. Investigative hearings are reinstated

An individual can be forced to appear at a secret hearing without any charges being laid if authorities believe he or she has knowledge of a terrorist activity. The individual must appear and answer questions or risk being jailed for up to 12 months.

2. Preventive detentions are reinstated

An individual can be held for up to three days on suspicion of being involved with terrorism. Upon release, he or she can be ordered to uphold probation-like conditions, such as not contacting certain people, for up to 12 months, without ever being charged with any offence.

3. Both provisions are ‘sunsetted’ again

Both investigative hearings and preventive detention are “sunsetted” to expire in five years, as they were under the original 2001 law, and which is what happened in 2007. Under the new law, the government must explain annually why it’s necessary to extend these measures.

4. New offences target foreign travel

An individual can be charged with leaving or attempting to leave the country with the intent of committing an act of terrorism. This provision could apply if someone travelled from Canada to attend a terrorist training camp overseas.

5. Acts committed outside Canada can be prosecuted

An individual can be prosecuted for hijacking an aircraft or endangering safety on a plane or at an airport in another country if that person is found in Canada.

6. Facilitating terrorism in another country is illegal

For instance, anyone who knowingly facilitates the communication of false information — such as by knowingly lending someone his or her cellphone, outside Canada, to make an emergency call about a false bomb threat against an aircraft — could, if found in Canada, face up to 14 years imprisonment.

7. Wiretapping provisions stay in place

In a terrorism case, authorities do not have to prove that electronic surveillance is a last resort. Wiretaps can stay in place for up to a year. People don’t have to be informed they’ve been wiretapped for up to three years after the surveillance took place.

8. Some penalties are toughened

The penalty for harbouring or concealing a person known to have committed a terrorist act has been extended from a maximum of 10 years to 14 years in prison.

As you can tell, the media and government continues to use fear as a means to remove more and more rights from citizens. We sometimes believe this is for our own safety, but very seldom does any real and legitimate event take place. I think as a people, it’s important to not allow the fear to take over and be such a factor in not being able to properly view the events taking place.

Fear is one very effective way the media has been able to use our emotions to cover up our intuition and logic when it comes to critically thinking about what is taking place. See past the fear, find the calm and neutrality that is within you. This is a great tool in navigating through the interesting times we are in.


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Anonymous said...

Seems that fear of one's own rogue, despotic, sanguinary government is the prevalent fear these days.

Anonymous said...

After 9-11, fake terror plots conveniently disrupted by the people who plotted them (the FBI, CIA), the Boston Marathon bombing, the shoe bomber, random drone strikes terrorizing everybody, I think we all realize by now our governments are responsible for "terrorism" because it furthers their agenda.

So without any REAL terrorist threat to prompt the revival of the provisions in the Anti-Terrorism Bill, we would certainly be within our rights to assume the Canadian Government is joining America on the dark side.

Gog help North America!

Anonymous said...

The government is passing laws so the government can protect the people from the government?

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! There are some pretty smugly arrogant Canucks who've been online spewing shit the past ten years about how much more freedom they have as compared to the US.

BEEYOTCHES! Who's yer daddy now?

Anonymous said...

The 5 year deadline in point 3 is due to a thing called "The Notwithstanding Clause" in the Canadian Constitution instigated by Pierre Trudeau.

It is a means by which government can suspend rights even though otherwise the action would be clearly unconstitutional. It has a provision that it must be renewed and justified every 5 year period it is in effect.

In Canada it's citizens do not have unalienable rights as in a constitutional republic, they have governmental permissions and as long as this fascist tyrannical clause exists politicians can do as they please under whichever guise they chose to camouflage their actions in.

Anonymous said...

The main problem with any political power given to government or especially police is that unlike the stated goals which on the surface appear reasonable the powers are ALWAYS abused to the detriment of the country's citizens.

Richard said...

At one time the only thing bad about living in Canada was the snow and cold winters, it is a whole different ball game now.

Dr. Goldstein said...

The Harper Regime with their 38% "majority government", and MADE IN THE USA" policies, will be toast in the next election.

Harper is the most hated man in Canada. Every person I meet is looking forward to booting him our.

Justin Trudeau - son of Pierre Trudeau - is winning by a landslide in all the polls.

Anonymous said...

trudea, obama lite. Very good. More hollywood actor leaders

Anonymous said...

What a self serving comment probably written by JT himself. Justin Trudeau hasn't ever had a job beside being a politician like his father before him. Canada is still paying off the debts his father burdened us with, now his son is groomed to finish us off. As for Harper or anyone else, I'll pass. Politicians and bureaucrats are nothing but parasites who are only paper pushers and would starve to death if they had to survive in the wild by their wits. I categorically reject any one being my leader. I am more than willing to lead myself. Just stop stealing my money and land you crummy parasites. The apostle Paul said, "Whoever doesn't like to work, let him not eat as well". Now there is a message for all the politicians, bureaucrats, cops, clergy, bankers, lawyers, judges, clerks and any other useless parasites.

Anonymous said...

I do not consent to be represented by any of these parasites from the corporation called CANADA.I do believe in the Dominion of Canada.File a Claim of Right and quit paying taxes to these thieves.

Anonymous said...

Well, we did have a pretty good country with world wide respect not too long ago. Let's hope we can get it back in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

Still blaming Trudeau for out debt that is just conservative talk.The Tories shut down the Avero Arrow which would have put us up there near the top of aero space technology,but the Tories shut it down.Then they cried about the cost of the pipeline from Alberta to supply gas to Ontario.Then Mulroney sold us out on NAFTA in which we lost 550,000 jobs the first five years and know are Auto industry is all gutted out and all those middle class jobs have now gone to Mexico.Now Harper is suppling imagrant workers to work the farms and mines while are youth are denied those jobs because Harper will not let UI spend the money training those to work those jobs when it is really all about getting people to work for less than minimum wage.

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