Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 Tips to Make Sure Your Activist Group Isn't Set Up by the Feds

Jason Charles
Activist Post

The FBI and federal government have been caught red-handed setting up groups, staging terrorists attacks, staging drills, creating patsies, and infiltrating activist groups. Here are 10 good tips to avoid the embarrassment of your group ending up in the headlines as another excuse to further the police state agenda. No matter if you are a 9/11 group, anti-GMO, anti-war, Christian, Muslim or whatever the cause may be. If you run a group these tips are for you.

#1 Make everybody introduce themselves each meeting

When meeting as an activist group always have new people stand up and introduce themselves at the start of each meeting. This is a huge deterrent to would-be federal operatives who have to go to great lengths to create back stories in order to appear harmless and friendly to the cause of the group.

#2 Assign trusted group members to check on every new member

Assign a trusted individual to meet with the new people after the group or before if possible. Take down their names, email addresses, phone numbers and then have that person go home and research the new person, email them a welcome letter with the group rules, find their Facebook profiles and just do your due diligence to make sure that individual is exactly who they say they are.

#3 Always ask a ton of questions to new people

Ask new members many questions such as, do they have a family? Do they live in town? Where or what part? How did you hear about the group? Have they participated in other activist networks, etc., etc. The more questions you can fire at them in rapid succession gives you more opportunity to check their back story, motives, intent and sincerity toward the cause.

#4 Every meeting and rally give a 'non-violent disclaimer' at the very start

Make sure you state at the beginning of each group that this is a non-violent group, that you never condone illegal or violent actions, and if anyone makes suggestions of violent acts or anything illegal that they will be immediately warned and no longer welcome.

#5 Look out for more vulnerable members

One thing federal agents are always doing is trying to find the weak person in the group, the dumb one who has great intentions but is not as smart as the rest. These are the ones that agents will cozy up to and start to gradually radicalize towards violence. As leadership, you must recognize not everyone is hip to the fact that there are wolves in their midst, so always be on the lookout for people who make it their business to friend your friends and fellow activists both inside and outside the group.

#6 Make friends with local politicians, judges, police and sheriffs whenever possible

Don't be afraid to develop relationships with your local law enforcement and public servants. You are not a violent group so make sure the officials in your town know it. This means schedule sit-downs with a sheriff, talk to your politicians as much as you can, befriend police officers at every rally you hold; and, most of all, be polite and respectful at all times. These people will be your greatest allies if the feds through DHS, the FBI, ATF or any other federal agency moving in on their jurisdiction are looking to set you up.

#7 Familiarize yourself with the federal Fusion Centers

Every region in America is under the control of federalized Threat Fusion Centers now and they are charged specifically with the task of gathering information on what they perceive as dissident groups. They are constantly being fed propaganda demonizing groups in America. They try to get local law enforcement to take federal money, equipment, training, and information to instill a sense of fear about your group. Identify your local fusion center, go to their websites, anonymously call them, ask questions, look for alerts, drills, and anything they are being fed or are feeding your local township about your group. Beware when dealing with them; it does no good to put yourself on their radar, so try to gather this information as covertly as possible.

#8 Step up security
Have people designated as official security representatives of your group. This means they don't participate; they are charged with watching doors, backpacks, cars, trucks, cell phones, bulges under clothes anything and everything that could be deemed a threat to the safety of the group. These people should regularly meet together and discuss security procedures. Every new setting, whether a meeting hall or rally, should be probed early and often for security holes and lapses. They also should have the means to protect the group -- meaning a legal, permitted, concealed handgun that nobody knows about except the top group leadership.

#9 Run your own safety drills

Have evacuation plans that every once in a while you go over with group members. Check fire exits, have first aid kits, fire extinguishers handy, and rendezvous points in case any federal informant or patsy decides to harm you or others in the group. Prepare for these situations; as unlikely as it may be, always err on the side of caution. The more high profile and impacting your group becomes in the community the more it becomes a potential target for a staged provocateured action. You are responsible for your members lives; take this very seriously, it will go a long way towards instilling confidence in the membership base.

#10 Never work with informants or do anything illegal

Do not be naive, never take things from random strangers like drugs, never talk about explosives, illegal firearms, etc, etc. Familiarize yourself with the laws in your state, even obscure ones. Anything can be used to set you up and demonize your group these days and it is best that you stay outside of the grey zone. When traveling as a group to locations or events, only allow trusted individuals to carpool group members. The ability for death squad operatives to pick you up, drug you, and leave you somewhere with a bomb, a gun, or in the middle of a school shooting spree is a very very real possibility.


The tactics being leveled against genuine, honest, activist groups these days are especially nasty. It is your duty to keep informed and on high alert continuously to avoid a bad situation. Know that any mistake you make can be instantly turned into a media frenzy by the powers-that-be in order to step up the security state. This cannot be over emphasized and must be on the radar as a very real possibility for anyone who is looking to right the evils we are now facing in our country. Keep these rules in mind, never lose hope, and know that there are many out there who are fighting for a better future in the hope that America can recover from the tyranny and oppression we face. God speed!

This article first appeared at Truth Alliance Network

Hat tip: North West Liberty News


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Anonymous said...

Great article, great practical advice!

Paul Panza said...

My past experience has led me to the use of the leaderless format for meetings as well as public actions. Prepare inner circle members to act as facilitators and randomize who conducts meetings; also seek to act by consensus. Facilitators need to be fair and thick skinned so to speak to handle the variety of situations that can occur when working with the public. According to the CIA Blue Book groups larger than six are already infiltrated. Be aware of those who only offer advice but never seem to be available to participate in the groups actions. Have cell phones removed from meetings. Holding a meeting in local government buildings such as the county court house may be convenient but you are most likely bugged. If you are non-violent you don't need to be armed, I don't recall Ghandi packing concealed weapons. That pocket knife that many carry can be construed as a concealed weapon. Do not have members acting alone to represent or carry out fact finding; have witnesses, and record when possible meetings with people of authority. Develop a short form for all new comers to fill out with pertinent info for contact etc. and find out what they have to offer for working out the groups agenda.

Anonymous said...

Another good one is ask new members what they are willing to do for the cause.

Would they like to post flyers? Publicity is important but send a chaperone with them until you trust them.

Give them basic tasks and see how they perform. If they are lazy, you don't need them. If they are evil, tell them to get lost.

It bears repeating, if they offer you money to do something illegal or simply suggest that illegal activity is the way to go, they are nobody you need to associate with for any reason.

Anonymous said...

Good column and good comments, all valuable.

Unknown said...

Are you people dense? Those folks are pros at what they do. In the advent of intel on demand, the feds will know all about you anyway. The system is set up to know who you are, and what you are about. Your silly little to do list will be of no avail!
It's going to come down to this, either your for Yeshua, or your for the world system. There are no other choices. This is not about religion either. It's to whom your loyalties will be - period!

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, we'd pass a joint around and anyone who did not partake was automatically suspect. ;)

Hide Behind said...

Here is best bet, say to hell with joining any non professional or nonofficially sanctioned group meetings or events.
Attend only non controversial events, such as Nevada whore houses, your company picnic or yearly ass kissing partys and always say " I dunno what do you think" when asked a question while at work home or play.
Do not run from a controversial subject just plead ignorance; Better yet, be ignorant.
To avoid suspicion of your undivided loyalty to nation you should voluntarily monitor any and all people you come into contact with and if even the slightest doubts of their mental stability towars pacifism exist turn their names over to civil authority as quickly as you percieve their odd thoughts, words or actions.
Be fast as they may be quicker at turning you in and that will be bad for you.
It's fn over quit bs protesting unless you are officially told to.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paul P. Leaderless resistance, and no more than six or eight close knit friends and/ or family. Never attend public meetings, rallies, any group/crowd gatherings. Never join anything as no results were ever seen from these failed org. groups in last sixty years when patriot org. formed. Many of these org. are gov controlled. Meet in homes and keep it to no more than eight. Any one else interested can form their own cell group. Never tell anyone who is in your cell or where meetings are held. Never in public buildings either.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to be rude here, but I think the best option is just to move out of the US. I'm hoping to get out of here by next summer. I've grown fatigued with this place and I've had enough.

Hopefully the US will just collapse in a few years.

Anonymous said...

11. Don't trust all those alternative news and other somesuch websites. I mean, the NWO can easily take them down so if they are so against the NWO, then why is it that they are not down? I mean, something really fishy about that.

Bruce Hayden said...

I can tell by the absolute bullshit in this article and all but a few of the comments--the country is lost. You people couldn't sell Girl Scout cookies without screwing up. Either you all are very naive or terrible trolls.

Hide Behind said...

Do not talk to more than 6 people and none of you can talk about who you talk to about subjects you are afraid to talk about with people not in the group of 6.
SOUNDS like a circle jerk.

Anonymous said...

Question: What exactly would a group with only eight or less people DO?

Maybe it's just me but sheesh, people, what the hell is the point????

It sounds and looks like we're painting ourselves into a corner by following these rules. Nothing will get done and everyone will be too damn scared to do ANYTHING.

Maybe that's the whole point. Just to propagate fear.

Mark McCandlish said...

As a whistle blower who worked in the defense industry- (just look up my name and UFO's, advanced weapons systems, propulsion technology or chemtrails), I can tell you from my experience that it is very easy to become paranoid. And for a while I was. The USG has nearly unlimited resources to make your life a living hell-- if they want to. So it really boils down to your level of commitment, and what you truly believe in-- regardless of what the USG throws at you. Non-violence and advocating for non-violent solutions is the smartest and safest course of action. Because the minute you draw a weapon of any kind (even a sharpened pencil) you give them carte blanche to kill you. More than once, I have seen police and sheriff's department deputies lie on the witness stand with impunity. It is routine. You would be shocked to see just how pathological our court system has become if you step over the line. There is strength in numbers, so I don't buy the "no more than eight" idea at all. Look at the Tea Party. There are plenty of people in your communities that see and understand that our country and the Constitution are in jeopardy. People that are real patriots. Seek out these individuals. Invite them to lunch for a chat. If you establish a rapport with local law enforcement, try to find out what their true perspective is. Find common ground. Act civilly. And yes, pray for our country.

Anonymous said...

You guys just gave people advice on spying on each other and doing checks! This is wrong! The Feds have scared you into doing the very things they are towards us everyday and are demanding being able to do increasingly! It's no one's business who my family or friends are or my personal history! WTF?

If you say it is, then stop complaining about the mass surveillance systems and masses of private information being gathered about each of you from social media sites, as well as other sources. If you can check up on us like detectives, the the government can watch us and monitor us.

I already have to worry about increasing surveillance and privacy issues from my government, and now I have to disclose my bloody private life to other activists?!?!?

Geez, this list seems very similar to what TPTB want to do to us in our everyday lives! Don't become like them to protect yourselves from them! Now they've got you cracking down on each other out of fear! Just like eroding the freedoms of our countries in the name of security.

I'm not part of a group right now, though I was part of Occupy Toronto for a short time. Looks like I'll stay on my own if that's what's going to be like in activist groups these days. I am person who believes in privacy rights and the thought of someone demanding information in order to play detective on me, investigating me to see if I am a criminal without any prior justification pisses me off! The government is doing this to all of you, and me too, without justification citing "national security" - why are you advocating doing it to each other?

Anonymous said...

I truly hope we never sink to the level suggested in this extremely negative, and thinly-vieled article. Please don't let TPTB determine how we treat each other. This is fear-mongering of the first degree. Throw this disgusting article in the bin where it belongs.

Laser Guided Loogie said...

Good points. Especially the part about friending local law enforcement and politicians.

As an addendum, I would make the point to those local law enforcement that you want to work within the law, and that you fear fed gov agents will try to frame you or set you up.

They might smile indulgently at you and assure you that this wont happen. That would be a good point to have some prepared (one page) info sheets documenting past occurrences of just such actions on the part of the government.

The biggest problem with local LEOs is that they think they are on "The Team," and know everything that is going on. Give them a reason to side with you, and not the feds.

Laser Guided Loogie

Anonymous said...

Things are too far gone now and this article makes things even more far gone than ever.

Somebody said allegiance to Yeshua, that would be Jesus Christ, the One Who is Truth and our only hope for our eternal souls, and that is the only real solution for anything.

I remember back in about 1959 the Kingston Trio had a song called The John Birch Society, a group that had just formed. One of the lines from the lyrics was "if mommie is a commie then 'ya gotta turn her in." The JBS was a controlled opposition group from the get go. Nelson Rockefeller bought the candy company owned by Robert Welch for more than the asking price. Welch was the guy set up to lead or mislead those patriots who were concerned about the direction of our country. The group carefully avoided ever taking any sustantive action whatsoever on any subject and they never accomplished anything, just like the Tea Party.

Pray and use your God given free will and ability to think and discern. Be not conformed to this world system and drop out and draw close to your Creator in heart, mind, body, soul and spirit.

God bless us each and every one in the Name of Jesus Christ Who is Truth.

Anonymous said...

I hate to but I must...HIDE BEHIND is right. How Do you win a battle you can't fight legally? An enemy that controls the "legitimate story"? That controls the state apparatus and the mone?. Answer? You don't, they won. It is a hollow victory though, it amounts to slow death for all life here. George Carlin saw it correctly. Don't expect it to change. Be happy with what you have. Not a "positive thinker".

Anonymous said...

There may be a far better way to do this. A while back someone posted to comments on this same website about a new theory/doctrine called "Sperryism". I don't remember the website but I'm sure it's on Google. It's about taking back this country by using simple tools (I think there were 10 or 12 of them). The tools begin with simple things but the one I thought would work best was called "supercompany". It was a way people could simply become venture capitalists by investing $10 a week in only those businesses that sold what a person used anyway. That is, people becomes their own best customers. With enough investors/customers he claimed the businesses would be failure proof. Each tool like this was designed to enpower people. Some of the tools sounded kind of high minded to me like "offshore colonies" and increased "intimacy" between people, but the rest seemed to have potential.

Anonymous said...

i disagree strongly with around 8 of the 10 things you said. clearly you have little experience with real spies. Try reading books like War at Home by Brian Glick, a great primar.

in solidarity,

Anonymous said...

Any talk of befriending government for any reason is a giant red flag waving in the breeze.

Anonymous said...

Hide Behind needs to make some suggestions for how to do it right if he is going to be a Negative Nancy about everything.

How do people get over their paranoia? (Just getting over it is not a solution.)

Are you trying to tell us all to do violence? Why should we sacrifice the moral high ground? You offer no analysis or insight at all. Choosing violence is a serious mistake that will directly aid the police state in taking Free Speech away. The state will say, "They're inciting violence. They have to be silenced, etc." Then they will come for the 2nd and 4th, then all the rest of them.

If you don't understand public perception and propaganda, you don't understand anything.

Why not educate people about what is going on and let them choose how to deal with it? You will have many more allies and your message will be understood clearly.

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