Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Universal Background Check Bill Dies In Washington State Senate


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Anonymous said...

Whew! That's a relief. As an ex crack dealer now sitting in prison, due to be released next week, I need a gun when I get out.
Old enemies and friends.........and business, so many reasons to buy another gun.
I would like to thank the gun industry lobbyists for doing their usual fine work on our politicians and for killing this background check bill. Freedom, constitution, democracy, guns, ignorance! Long live America.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous: The comment above this is to you..
American people are not stupid. We know sarcasum
when we hear it.If you are a excrack dealer then you're really pretty stupid. However, We don't believe you are,and we got your point.

Anonymous said...

Perfect for the gun industry.

A big media (hello AP) driven panic about government taking all of our guns away drove gun sales way way up. More profit for the gun industry and no change to the laws.
The hype and fearmongering to drive up gun sales continues in other states as any business success must be repeated.
Too bad the gun nuts staunchly refuse to accept how close the gun industry owners are to the political pigs who run the country.
Like Banks, big pharma or big food, the gun industry works with government, not with you.
Wake up.

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