Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Dragon Stirs: China's Role in the New World Order

James Corbett

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Hide Behind said...

Cute sidestep when questioned about US military in Asia and rolls the Phillipines Japan and South korea as proxies amd not "Doxies".
European nations including Australia,Canada and other Brit Colonies oncluding evrr single ex soviet nation and those in Balkans and yes Israel, receive far more investment potentials than do those financials soley basrd within US.
TheUS sends the military in and right behind them well right among yhem are the European And Japan S Korean investors.
The US and the New NATO AND UN SANCTIONED MILITARY PROGRSMS Africa have almost driven China out of markets they had fairly entered under international laws.
NOT content with Spanking China there we now have troops in Myanmar(Burma), Laos.
Cambodia, Vietnam,Phillipines,Malaysia,Thailand and now wanting the small islands off of Japan and S korea as readiness force centers.
The US hasjust about removed all sources to rare earth minerals from access by China.
There is no doubt that our P
LPG sales to them and oil as well and soon they will drive out Chinas LatinAmerican and S Ametican trade interest.
HELLvenezuela willend their trade by national interestand oligarrchs will sell to China.
Euro and US finsncials are seeing record investmeny opportunities by just following the blood signs left by U S Corporate Cammy wearing Warriors.
Be no war byChina thhey know US And Euros corruption will keep threatening but just as long as China plays their games and shares the wealth evrry bodu will smile and pretend.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are definitely good at propaganda and have been historically for several centuries, especially in the 1800's and early 1900's with lots of wealthy European associates to disseminate propaganda in Europe and the America's.

Just see Nanking where the Chinese claim the Japanese in WWII murdered 300,000 people, in a city with a registered population of under 200,000 prior to WWII, a figure still supported by virtually all the world's official history textbooks.

Note that many of those text-books come under the U.N's oversight with their global education initiatives, and the U.N Charter still says Japan is an "enemy state" of the U.N because of WWII and China's founding nation status.

From 1945 until 1949 the Kuomintang Nationalist Chinese government listed the official WWII casualty figures as - 1,320,000 dead, 1,760,000 wounded and 1,300,000 missing, for a total of 4,380,000 casualties.

When the Communist Party(CPC) took power in 1949 mainland China that figure changed to 10,000,000 casualties.

Then by 1985 it became 21,000,000, and then reaching 35,000,000 in 1993. I believe that is where it stands today.

China was seen as a greater resource by the powerful Western/European interests prior to WWII so most of the western money was invested in China, which also meant most of the English-language literature and propaganda "news" came from Chinese and European sources.

Japan until being occupied at the end of WWII had little connection or support in the western world or in English language news or general literature in the early 1900's.

Between rivalries with Britain, China and Russia it's easy to understand why western versions of history would be slanted a bit against them.

What they had for support was basically just small numbers of Japanese Americans, Canadians, Brits, etc. who could defend them somewhat, but not when they started being rounded up for the concentration camps and had their voices stifled.

Most of the world's modern "history" of Japan is distinctly westernized in view.

It's no surprise though when you consider modern Germany is forced to live with the shame of having a street in Rostock named after Ilya Ehrenberg, a Soviet propagandist most famous for telling Red Army soldiers to rape and murder German civilian women and children.

I believe his most famous such pamphlet started out "Have you killed a German today? If not you are not doing your job!"

And now the German government is making new laws to protect the street signs from the vandalization of them that occurs often, rather than get rid of them.

That pretty much tells you who runs Germany today, another "enemy state" of the United Nations.

Ilya Ehrenberg's spiels against Germans would easily qualify as hate speech, purposefully inciting rape and murder of women and children non-combatants - going well beyond the lines even German propagandists wouldn't cross.

That's not to say the German's were much better, but they understood that many under the thumb of Bolshevism at that time were not willing supporters of it and preferred to convert them rather than terrorize them.

The Bolsheviks were trying to break the wills of the people in preparation for a long-term occupation, so extreme measures were taken to make brutal examples of anyone who challenged their authority.

Anyways now I'm rambling, the point is that China has had a direct hand in the NWO from the very beginning.

Interesting random question - why was Nagasaki chosen as the target for the second atomic bomb strike? It's greatest asset was that it was the center of Christianity and especially Catholicism for Japan and most of Asia.

Between the Bolsheviks slaughtering and imprisoning Christians and destroying churches in Europe and the U.S nuking Christian centers in Asia it's hard to dispute those who claim WWII was chiefly directed against Christianity.


Anonymous said...

As an added note on the statement that WWII may have been against Christians there are some interesting statistics(which I admit are not 'solid' evidence) from the 'World Almanac and Book of Facts' -

In the 1934 Almanac the Christian population of the world is listed at 682,400,000.

In the 1949 Almanac the Christian population of the world is listed at 592,406,542.

So if those stats are accurate then approximately 89,993,458 Christians either died or converted away from Christianity during the period of 1934 through 1949.

Strangely while it seems 90 million Christians MAY have died during WWII the Jewish population, despite 'The Holocaust' and all it's persecutions somehow managed to increase from 15,315,000 in 1934 to 15,753,638 in 1949.

It's odd that 6 million Jews get hundreds of billions of dollars in funding for hundreds if not thousands of museums and monuments and memorials and movies and "educational programs" and such through the "Holocaust Industry", while 90 million Christians get "oh yeah those people died too, how sad".

When combined with the millions of Christians that were persecuted and killed under Soviet Bolshevism and the full-scale war on Christianity in the U.S.A, Canada, etc. by "liberalism" it really was not a good century for the Christian world.


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