Friday, March 22, 2013

'The Constitution Did Not Guarantee Public Safety - It Guaranteed Liberty'


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Anonymous said...

The Constitution mandates that government promote and provide for the general welfare and common defense. That is the job of government: public safety and welfare.

There are no guarantees in the Constitution.

Which would you rather have: safe roads or roads where liberty rules?

Without basic safety, there is no freedom. A frightened man is not free. A frightened nation is not free. Freedom has conditions: one is the safety to about your life without fear. It is the fundamental job of government to create that safety, which necessarily requires rules and enforcement and thus, as a condition of political liberty, controls behavior. This is the social contract: you give up your "natural liberty (to do as you wish)" which you cannot enjoy in a "state of nature" in exchange for the civic freedom which is based not on lack of laws but on the existence and rule of law.

Wake up, preppers.

Anonymous said...

How can we marry up the idea that gutting the second amendment, which will affect citizens that follow the law, will restrict criminals, who don't follow the law?

Laws have never restricted criminals and never will, so these changes can only be aimed at honest, law-biding citizens trying to guarantee their safety.

Apparently, law-biding citizens trying to guarantee their safety is a BIG problem for our government.

Anonymous said...

I prefer liberty Dale. I didn't sign any contracts!

Paul Panza said...

Unfortunately "liberty" is not "freedom"; liberty requires permission freedom doe not.

Anonymous said...

They will override the constitution when it comes to public safety. Even criminals according to the constitution and quotes from founding fathers states once free everything is back to normal for them. So if they did it to them it'll happen for all. Its just a matter of time. Might not be in your life time but it will happen.

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